Jack Lindblad running hard for 39th Assembly District in CA

Jack LindbladJack Lindblad is planning to be in the Top Two in California’s primary in June of 2012. According to his Facebook campaign page, Lindblad has plans to use that expected victory to help push him into the state legislature.

An architect by education and profession, Jack Lindblad is running to win California’s 39th Assembly seat in 2012. His award-winning sustainable urban design & architecture practice has a healthcare focus. Campaigns for a 100% renewable energy carbon-neutral economy.

The People’s meme, or DNA of electing the Peoples’ voice of empathy to replace the voices of greed is building and spreading! Our campaign has a certain, undeniable win coming in 2012 to be seated in California’s Legislature – after tripling the vote in the 2010 one-on-one rematch against ‘the worst Legislator in California’ from the 8.1% showing in 2008!

Lindblad is poised to win in November 2012 by placing in the top two positions in the June 2012 Primary.

Jobs for everyone who needs one.
Restoration of the California Dream for all students.
Environmental Justice for all by insuring quality of life.

Vox Populi is coming to Sacramento! Cambio con Jack! Lindblad for Assembly 2012

For effectiveness, competence, time-proven community leadership in our Governance, we the People must throw off the insidious corruption, fraud, deceit and smear of the duopolist Machine politics at play – and deliver grass-roots Representation in Sacramento.

Lindblad campaigns on a Green-values platform for a carbon-neutral, relocalized, 100% renewable energy, stead- state economy, basing development on bio-regional determinism, not developers.

He will advance these moral imperatives in the Legislature to balance the budget, manage multiple collapses, mitigate and adapt to ecological collapse’s worst catastrophes, offset existing environmental problems, and alleviate economic disruptions.

Jack’s award-winning sustainable urban design and architecture practice has a healthcare facility emphasis. A member of Economic Alliance of the San Fernando Valley Livable Communities Council, he has supported community grass-root efforts, forming neighborhood councils, co-authoring a sustainable community plan to revitalize the Panorama City commercial area, advocating District-wide multimodal rapid transit, stopping gentrification, revitalizing the Tujunga-Pacoima Watershed, assisting in the ‘No on B’ win to provide unfettered solar power to stakeholders.

His current focus is sustainable urban morphologies and the inherent conservation technologies at work.

Jack joined over 1000 California State University at Northridge students in a walkout on March 2 demanding full education funding making real the Dream for all California students.

A green jobs New Deal version Steady-State economy focuses on rewilding, revitalization of watersheds, jobs in energy monitoring and conservation, mass transit, greenbelts of wildlife corridors – in which high tech plays a part.

Increasing the high tech job sector without a moral compass of frugality, sustainability and relocalization cannot not be a guidepost to a 100% renewable energy, net-zero energy, steady-state economy.

Our communities here in the East San Fernando Valley, lower Tujunga-Pacoima watershed can be a model for the state and beyond to refocus delivering excellent, efficient, and effective governance most productively on the local, bioregional level.

Our imperative is to Make Rehabilitation and Education the ‘penalties’ – not the warehousing punishment that incarceration amounts to.

Since felonies involve higher court costs and result in lengthier periods of incarceration, the cost savings from these reforms would be substantial. These savings would make implementation of the Governor’s realignment plan less costly, allowing local authorities to use the money saved to fund rehabilitation, drug treatment, and other proven strategies for reducing crime.

These sentencing reforms will help to preserve scarce dollars for schools and universities, health care and social services. And California will stop spending unnecessary millions to incarcerate people who pose no threat to public safety.

the mission, the vision and the plan.

Unfunded mandates are ineffectual. Ballot box voting is a quixotic and problematic game of blaming others with plausible deniability for continuing budgetary problems. Militarist us foreign adventures must be stopped to balance the states and federal budget.

Our Revolutionary Communities consensing by voting to office, those candidates reflecting empathy – will steer a course away from an isolated political class of self-absorbed careerists toward equity and social justice. This dynamic finds a resoundant chord in each of our runs for office.

Demonstrable progress and leaps in my vote totals – without corporate donations (we have never have accepted corporate donations and never will) shows this DNA is in the community to springboard our win and spreading – which we will represent the People’s Voice in Sacramento – real human beings over corporatists – transcending those political roadblocks of the politics of the moment and the ‘art of the deal’. Worker Rights are not to be compromised!

Of Greens in line to win partisan elected office after decades of building the wider constituent base driving that election – In our Heroic Working Class Communities – we are pitted against either the one democrat who allows no one to run against him, is under 22 indictments of voter fraud and perjury in our 39th California Assembly District or the other, a chief Legislative aide to the ‘most corrupt Legislator in California’ now termed out of the Assembly – where our electoral effort is building on 2010’s 22% (in a one-on-one rematch against that much younger corrupt democrat – we tripled our 2008 8.1%).

Jack Lindblad is a proven community leader who pledges, with a staff of community legislative deputies to “fight until every person in the district who needs a job can get one, recapture our position as a world-class public education system, and make our region sustainable: in water, energy and improving our air quality.”

watch for the roll-over from the 2010 to the 2012 electoral effort on these sites:

http://cambioconjack.com/ (change with Jack)


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  1. I just wrote up an article with a “Money Bloom” proposed for December 22 (The Winter Solstice).


    If anyone knows how to make a custom tally widget for the campaigns website please contact them and offer to help. I’ll try to put together a graphic for it (just realized I should have done that to publish along with the article…oh well).

    Let’s see if we can get Jill or Kent to mention this during the forum on Dec. 3rd. This could spur a conversation on how to promote Green Party candidates, win higher offices, and what the role of the Presidential Nominee is (aside from winning of course).

  2. Here are the facts about Jack Lindblad…

    Jack Lindblad has refused to comment about the criminal complaint that he signed against his fellow Green Party Council member, Nativo Lopez, a multiple-felony complaint that was proved without merit and that resulted in the waste of thousands of taxpayer dollars over a two year court trial that basically amounted to one misdemeanor charge proved and nothing else.

    Jack Lindblad was officially censured by the Green Party Los Angeles County Council in March 2010 for disrupting meetings and attacking his fellow Greens and fellow Green Party candidates.

    During the censure vote process, Lindbald willingly admitted that it was wrong of him to support a Republican candidate against a Green Party candidate while serving on the County Council.

    Jack Lindblad was kicked out of the San Fernando Valley Greens, the Green Party local in the Valley, for disrupting meetings, harrassing female members, and was banned from the homes of several SFV Greens who would rather cancel meetings than risk the safety of their guests by exposing them to Mr. Lindblad’s unwanted attentions in their homes.

    The SFV Greens, who refused to endorse Lindblad for Assembly in 2010, have also refused to endorse Lindblad for this election cycle.

    Lindblad was banned from the CBS Studios/Radford Lot after his vicious verbal assault on the CBS security team, while he was the guest of a fellow Green on the studio lot.

    In the past few months, we SFV Greens have witnessed Lindblad misinforming local Neighborhood Councils about his true status with the Green Party.

    We are highly aware that Lindblad violates the Green Party’s 10 Key Values on a regular basis and if this is an example of a solid Green Party candidate, then the Green Party is in big, big trouble.

    • Wow. That sounds like a lot of bad stuff.

      What was the misdemeanor charge that was proved against Lopez?

      I remember there were comments an this page about another Green running in New York recently which were pulled because they didn’t have any proof of their accusations.

      I was able to find this: http://www.cagreens.org/lacounty/2009-12/minutes_dec_13th.html

      Both motions against Lindbald were brought up by McCue. McCue was the candidate in a district in which Lindbald endorsed the Republican Candidate. One of the motions failed to receive popular vote.

      I have a lot of experience with unruly Greens. There is a member in San Francisco which I feel has gone far beyond what Lindbald has done. I never felt the need to censure him, as he is very passionate about his work and does care about the issues, he simply doesn’t know how to communicate and work with others. I have had mixed word with him, but in the end I see it as a challenge for myself to learn more about communicating and working with others, as I’ve helped trigger him on occasion and haven’t always approach our disagreements as best as I could.

      At the same time, there was a push in the SF Greens to endorse John Dennis, a Republican running against Nancy Pelosi. I’ve actually met Dennis a couple times and have promoted projects of his on the Ron Paul campaign. However, as a SF Green I helped promote and endorse Gloria La Riva the Peace and Freedom Candidate. This split in the SFGP never turned into a problem, no one made a big deal about possibly endorsing a Republican, because he was a solid candidate, I, and others, simply felt that it was best for us to maintain a Progressive Coalition with La Riva, and respect Cindy Sheehan’s work in the previous election (she endorsed both La Riva and Dennis).

      With that said, I do hope Lindbald works to remedy the situation and any ill feelings that exist with McCue and the SFV Greens. His campaign seems to have the energy and momentum to win that seat, and he does seem passionate about the cause of the Green Party.


      How we communicate and treat each other is a fundamental problem in human society. I see it in the Ron Paul movement, in the Green Party movement, in the Occupy Movement, in Christian homes and Hindu homes, amongst the Rich and the Poor. I see it in myself and others. I work on it everyday. I hope we can put aside difference, call each other out when we are truly in the wrong, and continue to move forward and build.

    • Correction:

      Both motions were presented by Mike Chamness, I meant to say that both involved McCue.

      The one that passed did so with 4 Abstains and 1 No vote by Lindbald.

      I think the most valid complaint is that Lindbald interrupted McCue. It is not unheard of though for deadlines to be bent in order to include other potential candidates to endorsement proceedings.

  3. Jack Lindblad appears to be – at best – a marginal Green and a poor representative of the Green Party in the 39th Assembly District.

    Until he stops his inappropriate behavior – perhaps he already has – and completely reestablishes an open relationship of complete trust, especially with the San Fernando Valley Greens, I believe that thoughtful, reflective Greens will have great difficulty supporting him.

    Mr. Lindblad should openly and fully address all of the issues and allegations that make him a questionable candidate and rebuild his relationship with the Greens he represents – not just the GPLACC – BEFORE he runs for office in ANY capacity.

  4. Okay, so, I just talked to Eugene on the phone. He is no longer running for State Assembly and has dedicated himself to helping Mike Powelson run for Congress.


    It appears as if the accusations against Lindblad’s conduct are valid. I’m taking down my article proposing a fund raiser for his campaign. It is unfortunate. I like to give people the benefit of the doubt, but after having two members of the SFV GP post on here, and after having talked to Eugene, it seems that without further proof, Lindblad has not made an effort to redeem his mistakes.

    • There seems to be a “good old boy” system at work in the GPLACC, which is unfortunate because it has stifled growth of the party. There are some wonderful Greens here who would run for office, but don’t want to incur the wrath of the status quo.

      We’re working to resolve the problem and have hopes for the future. I really appreciate your coverage of LA county and anticipate that we’ll have much more going on. Thanks!

  5. Hello, many of you all might know me on Facebook but I also endorse Eugene Hernandez for State Assembly and not Lindblad. I too have seen first hand Lindblad’s eccentrical behavior when I had helped him collect signatures.

    I live in the 39th state assembly district and I always have to tell people who know Lindblad to be very careful of his behavior.

    And Eugene Hernandez is still in the race!!

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