Green Party Presidential Forum Dec 3: Kent Mesplay & Jill Stein

November 22, 2011 in Presidential Campaign

There will be a Green Party Presidential Forum in Los Angeles on December 3, featuring Dr. Kent Mesplay and Dr. Jill Stein, two candidates seeking the Presidential nomination. We have not been able to confirm whether the event will be livestreamed or not, but we will certainly cover it if it is.

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5 responses to Green Party Presidential Forum Dec 3: Kent Mesplay & Jill Stein

  1. I’m so glad to hear this news. I’ve been waiting and hoping it would come. Thank you.

  2. Hope Mesplay has it more together than ditzy Doctor Stein. Well maybe it is just her recycled Dem staff. Uninspiring!

  3. Say whaaaat???

  4. Last night, completely by accident, I ran into Jill Stein at Dewey Sq. in Boston (the site of the Occupy Boston camp). When I asked her what the Green Party’s solution to the unemployment problem was, she told me how the GP would create more jobs, especially green jobs (weatherizing houses, etc.).

    This is the same “grow the economy” story I hear from Republicans and Democrats. And I think it is the wrong answer. Given the 5 billion working age people on this planet and current productivity levels, an attempt to grow the global economy fast enough to create 40-hour/week job for anybody who needs one is a collective environmental suicide by our species. The planet would become a toxic waste dump.

    As far as I can tell, the only long-term, sustainable solution to unemployment is gradual, but drastic, reduction in working hours to 30 or even 24 hours per week. This should be done on global scale, starting in the so-called developed countries.

    When I suggested this to Jill, she told me this is too radical and that people are not ready for this. Maybe I should have asked the Occupy folks if reducing the supply of labor, thereby increasing the demand for it and the price of it (the hourly wage), was too radical.

    Does anyone know where Mr. Mesplay stands on this issue?

  5. James Ogle [Free Parliamentary] for president here, Go Ogle 2012, working with the Green, Green Libertarian, Green Tea, Green Bud, all parties, independents, voters and non voters…

    As a candidate for US president myself (I’m actually a candidate on Missouri’s ballot and I am trying to attain ballot access in all 50 states), my position on jobs is that through pure proportional representation (PR).

    The government will get more diverse representation and through ranked choice voting, and more ideas for solving the unemployment problems by adopting this for electing both representatives and decisions.

    For decisions on unemployment, all the multiple minutiae of ideas (the more the better) can be placed on a single parliamentary ballot and as quickly as the Congress and/or the Senate can nominate, debate and rank the choices #1, #2, #3, etc., then hundreds of innovative ideas can be adopted by majority choice voting where 50%, plus one vote, is considered the majority approving each item.

    My particular interest is passive solar heating, cooling and lighting in all federal buildings, both current and future.

    The twelve population super-state regions would also adopt a similar voting plan, and similar super-state parliaments (and mini-state and county micro-state parliaments too) would be given funding to replicate the national system.

    Direct democracy (DD) initiatives will be funded too.

    The total budgets for the Vote Counting and other needs could be easily calibrated down as needed in order to save money on the total funding, which must be reduced gradually.

    If like these ideas, or have some of your own, please sign up to the All Party System (and independents) Campaign ASAP by clicking on the web page below. We’re linking up with Green, Progressive, Environmentalist parties, etc., in every state.

    Time is short, we’re kicking off on 1/1/2012, and if you don’t self nominate and/or vote for your own name, chance are small that you’ll be on the team.

    Please feel free to contact us, the phone number and email addresses for coordinating are linked to the “Contact Us” tab, at the 8th USA Parliament’s web site:

    Hope you like it, and we hope your name will join the team!

    Very Truly Yours,
    –James Ogle [Free Parliamentary]