Jill Stein Campaigns for President in California

November 28, 2011 in Presidential Campaign

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party candidate for President, is currently campaigning in California. See the press release below for details. There will be campaign stops in Mountain View, Occupy Santa Cruz, Occupy San Francisco, Occupy Napa, Occupy Oakland, Green city Fairfax, Sacramento, Los Angeles, North Hollywood…

~ “The Candidate of the 99%” to cheer on Occupy Wall Street protests in 5+ cities ~

(Boston) — Green Party presidential candidate Dr. Jill Stein will tour the Golden State next week, with visits planned to Occupy Wall Street protests across California, as well as a presidential primary debate before the Green Party of California state convention in Los Angeles. The tour begins Monday, November 28th, and runs through Monday, December 5th (full schedule below).

“The American people are standing up in a way we haven’t seen in generations, and they are providing the leadership that isn’t coming from the political elite,” Jill Stein said. “The people have to take charge because the political parties that are serving the top 1 percent are not going to solve the problems that the rest of us face.”

Jill Stein announced her presidential campaign on Monday, October 24th, before a crowd of supporters at the Massachusetts Statehouse in Boston. Stein is a medical doctor and prominent health care advocate. Her California tour follows on a statewide tour of her childhood home of Illinois earlier this month.

Please see http://www.jillstein.org for any last-minute changes or updates. For more information or to RSVP, please contact Rich Zitola, California Tour Coordinator, at 617 543 2579, or Rich@ZeePrime.com

Donations to the campaign may be made at https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/donate



Meet and Greet with Bay Area Greens
Duperrault Clubhouse at Willow Park
500 West Middlefield Rd.
Mountain View, CA


Bike/walk the San Lorenzo River Trail to the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk
Meet at Gateway Plaza, east end by the riverwalk
Junction Hwy 1 and Hwy 9
Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Visit Occupy Santa Cruz

Meetup with OccupySF activists
front steps of the Federal Reserve Bldg.
101 Market Street
San Francisco, CA 94105

Occupy San Francisco General Assembly
Justin Herman Plaza
Market Street at The Embarcadero
San Francisco, CA 94102


Occupy Napa Kickoff
Napa Valley Community College
2277 Napa Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA 94558

Occupy Oakland Meetup

Oakland Fundraiser hosted by Kate and Aki Tanaka
Music by Eliza Rickman
1019 Harvard Rd.
Oakland, CA 94610
Please RSVP:



Speech and Discussion Group
Napa Valley Community College
2277 Napa Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA 94558

Fundraiser with Mayor Bragman and Vice Mayor Hartwell-Herrero
Music by Eliza Rickman
The Sleeping Lady
23 Broadway
Fairfax, CA 94903
Please RSVP:



Speech to Political Science Academy
Rio Americano High School
4540 American River Dr.
Sacramento, CA 95864


Green Party of California General Assembly
Vermont Square United Methodist Church
4410 South Budlong Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90051

GPCA Presidential Candidate Forum
Vermont Square United Methodist Church
4410 South Budlong Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90051
Please RSVP:



Green Party of California General Assembly
Vermont Square United Methodist Church
4410 South Budlong Avenue
Los Angeles, California


Fundraiser hosted by Michael McCue and Jeff Bacon
Mayflower Club
11110 Victory Blvd.
North Hollywood, CA 91606

9 responses to Jill Stein Campaigns for President in California

  1. Heads up

    Rocky Anderson, former Mayor of Salt Lake City in Utah has just announced.

    His campaign has already contacted me.

    Democracy and openness and transparency. Ain’t it a beautiful thing?

    Oh, by the way, I am sad to report that Farheen Hakeem missed getting on the ballot in Minnesota by five signatures. If I had have known, I would have helped her. I had not even known she was gatherinng signatures and did not even sign her petition.

  2. I’ve written an open letter to Rock Anderson and created a Draft Rocky Anderson To Run As A Green For President In 2012.

    I really want to impress on my fellow Greens just how big a deal this is. I don’t want to repeat what I wrote in my letter but Rocky Anderson really would be a PERFECT candidate for us AND the prospect of having essentially two Greens in the race would be disastrous. I hope everyone joins the page and puts pressure on him to join the Green Party.


  3. I’ve written an open letter to Rock Anderson and created a Draft Rocky Anderson To Run As A Green For President In 2012.

    I really want to impress on my fellow Greens just how big a deal this is. His “Justice Party Idea” is just terrible and I hope we can get him to reconsider.


  4. Crap! Feel free to delete to repeat.

    • Farheen was collecting signatures to run for Minnesota house seat 61B. She missed the needed 500 signatures by five. This is where I live and I could have signed it myself and gathered signatures if I had have known. I live three blocks from Farheen. I suppose that she was so burned out and receiving no help from those Greens who remain in Minnesota that she felt overwhelmed.

      Ben- Rocky is not going to run as a Green. He considers the Greens to be a damaged brand. Do not forget that this is Utah, where the Nader supporters were not allowed to be delegates and the anti-Nader faction was seated as delegates. Just one of the long list of shenanigans that the National Greens did to systematically disenfranchise many Nader supporters. Which was allowed by the Green Party. To which the response has been denial of this, what we view as a blatant violation of the Grassroots Democracy Pillar.

      This caused countless volunteers to vote with our feet.

      I warned the Green Party of this when myself and others left. To the cheers of those remaining Greens.

      All of which is water under the bridge. You folks made your bed, you can now lie in it.

      • More of Cavlan’s lies. Here’s what really happened in Utah in 2004:

        GPUT’s pre-convention poll of its membership favored Cobb. After the convention, the GPUT’s liaison to the state board of elections made a unilateral decision to put Nader on the ballot instead of the Green Party’s nominee. After protests by Cobb supporters, he changed his mind and simply blocked them from putting Cobb on the ballot.

        He and a handful of other GPUT members who supported this spiteful disenfranchisement of Utah voters (Nader was already on the ballot as an independent) were suspended from the state party for their misconduct. They could have saved the state party a great deal of trouble by allowing Cobb to be placed on the ballot, going off to work for Nader, and coming back after the election. However, they chose to violate their state party’s bylaws and their affiliation agreement with the national party instead so they could stick to the Cobbites.

        A lasting party split still could have been avoided if these individuals had taken their well-deserved punishment like grown men and women. Instead, they decided to lash out at those who had held them accountable. They started their own Green Party of Utah after the election, and showed up at the 2005 and 2006 Annual National Meetings and expected to be seated as delegates. They didn’t follow any procedures; they just showed up and managed to waste important time arguing over their status that we should have spent on state party fundraising. Should GPUS treat everyone who has been suspended from a state party (which is an internal disciplinary matter) as equal to the party that suspended them?

      • I didn’t know she was running last time until a week or so before the election.

        I’ve been writing about this on my website for sometime, we as a “community” or “Party” need to leverage the magnificent power of the Internet to do what “libertarian” activists have done for the Ron Paul campaign, without them asking and without their permission. People just set up forums and resources, printed materials and sent them out on the cheap. The contributed to it. They organized millions of dollars of fund raising.

        I dedicate as much effort with the Green Party as I do the Ron Paul campaign. I write pretty equally on both (Ron Paul articles getting bigger immediate traffic, the Green Party articles getting more long time growth of traffic). It’s time to take advantage of what works at that level and start doing it.

        Check out all of this:


        Then do a search for any area on http://meetup.com and the term “Ron Paul” and you’ll see where these people organize to work on other projects. Money Bombs, products (check this out, all grassroots created, not endorsed by the campaign: http://ronpaulproducts. This guy made a brochure that covered all the key positions of Ron Paul and gave links to resources and YouTube videos to search up and is mailing it out to “Super Voters” in early primary states (most likely the entire Primary season if Ron Paul continues to climb).

        The brochures are paid for by supporters, and the website pays for the shipping. They automated through grassroots supporters a Key Function of a Political Campaign.

        Here is what the Green Party has to use:


        Aside from that we can use http://progressive-independence.com to share information.

        Yes you can use facebook, and even meetup (I’d suggest that) but the point is that so can everyone else. It is base level organization (that is why I at least recommend getting onto http://meetup.com in addition to everything else.

        Basically, what I am saying, is that “Greens” need to get together outside of official Party Meetings, I’ve been to 6 Green Party meetings in 11 years, and 1 GOP meeting only as of recently. There seems to be a lot more action going on outside of the official party meeting and events in the libertarian movement than the progressive movement. That manifested in the Ron Paul campaign for the libertarians, and for the progressives…we are making progress, but we haven’t gotten behind a major candidate in a nationally unified manner. There is a good local movement, but we haven’t taken a state. Remember, it was the same movement that helped elect Rand Paul a couple years ago that is working on the Ron Paul campaign. We need to get behind a solid candidate for Congress and Win! Not the national party, but the supporter base on a national level. The “Grassroots” so to say.

        Let’s start by focusing our attention on some races around the country for Congress, or Governor, or Senate, or even State Legislation, and focus on it for a couple months. We can even simply pick a State Party to focus on. We’ll do a Money Bomb, create some products, do some canvasing and/or voter registration in that area. whatever you feel you can do to help.

        We also need to form an activist mentality that works constantly. How do you canvas when you don’t have a candidate? We need to learn to canvas for Green Party in general, to build the Party, and bring more people into the discussion.

        I’m working on getting some Meet-Up presence, I have some sticker ideas I can work on making available, and an activist out here in South Carolina just asked me for examples of the Ron Paul Super Brochure to get some ideas for a Green Party one. Either for the State out here or in general. How about this, we do a South Carolina Green Party Money Bloom to give them resources to run a few solid candidates for higher office? I’ll work on it.

  5. Enough thread hijacking by Cavlan. It’s good to see Jill out on the campaign trail already. I think that she’s smart to go to the Occupy rallies and show the 99% that they have a political party who supports them.