Stein for President news: Counterpunch article, website redesign

Jill Stein’s Green Party campaign for president has been covered by Counterpunch in an article entitled “A Green New Deal?”:

The centerpiece of Stein’s plan is a commitment to end unemployment through direct federal action to create the jobs needed to end the “Bush/Obama recession,” she said in her Oct. 24 announcement release. Calling President Barack Obama’s jobs plan a “Wall Street-first approach” and “fundamentally misconceived,” she said it is too small and gives more money to the financial elite in hopes that they will decide to create jobs.

Read the full article at Counterpunch.

In other news, the Stein campaign has asked supporters to make suggestions for an upcoming redesign of JillStein.org:

We are beginning the process of redesigning our current website. We expect to continue to use NationBuilder as our underlying technology. Yet we also expect to have some flexibility in terms of what the website looks like, what tools it has, where various things are located on the website, etc..

We’d like to see your ideas. Pretend we’re starting with a blank slate, so criticisms of the current website won’t help. Please tell us what we should have on the new website: http://www.jillstein.org/website_suggestions Continue Reading


More on Illinois Green Party’s Lawsuit for Ballot Access

As reported here in October, the Illinois Green Party has filed a lawsuit against the State Board of Elections over their interpretation of the “Established Party” statute. The Examiner (Chicago) has an excellent update on the status of the Illinois Green Party’s lawsuit for Ballot Access on behalf of Congressional Candidate Laurel Lambert Schmidt and others.

Some excerpts:

Laurel Lambert Schmidt will be traveling to Springfield (Illinois) on Tuesday, December 27th to file her 1315 petitions that she and about a dozen volunteers collected in the 3rd Congressional District to run again in the 2012 election in the same district, now redrawn. She only needed 600 petitions to be placed on the ballot as a member of the ILGP.

However, The Illinois Board of Election (ISBE) will likely not accept her petitions as an Illinois Green Party candidate this time, because the IBSE no longer recognizes the ILGP as an “established political party.” For Schmidt to gain ballot access for the 3rd Congressional district, she would now need 5000 signatures.

On the status of the lawsuit so far:

The ILGP had lost its first case in Cook County Circuit Court before Circuit Judge Edmund Ponce de Leon, who is also the Presiding Judge for the 4th Municipal District. The court cited the precedent of Vestrup v. DuPage County Election Commission, which was a 2002 case involving a Libertarian Party candidate.

The Illinois Green Party (ILGP) suffered another setback on Thursday in their bid to gain “ballot access” for several of its candidates statewide in Illinois. The First Judicial District Illinois Appellate Court (5th Division) ruled the Green Party cannot be on the March primary ballot in Illinois. The order to affirm an earlier lower court ruling was signed by Appellate Court Justices James R. Epstein, Joseph Gordon, Margaret Stanton McBride, and Nathaniel R. Howse Jr.

Bring it home, Andy Finko:

Andrew Finko is adamant about the cozy relationship between the court and the Democratic Party. “In Cook County, all the trial court and appellate court judges are Democrats and owe their jobs to the Democratic party that endorsed, promoted, and made it possible for them to be elected. Outsiders do not get elected to judge,” said Finko.

He added, “Regardless of the appearances, they all have an inherent, non-waivable conflict of interest when presiding over political cases. Whether directly and/or indirectly, they all want to help their team and keep their good relations with the party that gave them their jobs.”

I highly recommend reading the entire piece at The Examiner.



Mad Scramble in Ohio for Ballot Access; Greens in Arkansas File 14,000 Sigs

A last minute change in Ohio Election Law has Greens scrambling to meet a December 30 deadline for candidate petitions, a deadline that was in March until a state law changed that deadline last week.

According to WTOV:

Ohio’s county boards of election will be under a tight deadline to get ballots to overseas members of the military after the new filing deadline for some candidates.

The state’s elections chief directed the boards that the deadline for presidential and U.S. House candidates to file to get on the ballot is Dec. 30 under a law signed by Gov. John Kasich (KAY’-sik) on Thursday. Boards then have 22 days to put together military ballots to mail them out 45 days in advance of the March 6 primary, as required by Ohio law.

For Green Party candidates for President who want to be on the Ohio Primary Ballot in March, that means they now have 8 days to collect and submit 1,000 signatures in Ohio. Jill Stein’s campaign put out an urgent call for support:

We have just learned that we have eight days to stop political dirty tricks.

Ohio’s political establishment cut a deal last week. They changed the deadline for submitting signatures to get on the presidential primary ballot from March of next year to December 30th. This means that Ohio Greens have only eight days to get Jill Stein’s on the presidential primary ballot.

The Stein campaign is asking for donations so they can hire petition circulators in Ohio to work over the holidays, no easy task.


Meanwhile, Ballot Access News is reporting that the Arkansas Green Party has submitted 14,000 signatures this week for Full Ballot Access in 2012:

On December 20, the Arkansas Green Party submitted approximately 14,000 signatures, to gain a place on the 2012 ballot for all partisan office. 10,000 valid signatures are required. This is the fourth election year in a row in which the party has petitioned.

If the signatures clear challenges, the Green Party will be on the ballot in Arkansas yet again.


Jill Stein: White House is a danger to women’s health

From Jill Stein for President:

Dr. Jill Stein, MD, the Green Party presidential candidate, has strongly criticized an action by Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius taking the unprecedented step of overruling the Food and Drug Administration’s decision to expand access to the Morning After Pill (MAP). “The Obama administration is clearly more concerned about political battle over access to contraceptives during an election year than the health of millions of women in the U.S.,” said Stein, a graduate of and former faculty member at Harvard Medical School.
“This decision should have been based on science and women’s right to health care, not appeasement of birth control opponents. Once again, the Obama Administration has shown its willingness to sacrifice principle for political expediency, and the result is a further restriction on the right of women to control our own bodies,” added Stein. Continue Reading

Jill Stein: Lawbreaking Wisconsin-style

From Ben Manski at Jill Stein for President:

Jill Stein broke the law. Literally.

On Friday, Dr. Stein and her supporters joined hundreds of Wisconsinites at their State Capitol building. Together, they raised their voices in song. And broke the law.

They literally broke the law. Faced with yet another act of collective defiance, the Scott Walker administration folded, and failed to enforce its new policy banning unpermitted rallies at the State Capitol. On paper, as of Friday, any outdoor public gathering of more than 100 people required a permit, 72 hours notice, and payment of police costs. In practice, the freedom of assembly still rules in Wisconsin. Continue Reading


Green Party Welcomes Troop Withdrawal from Iraq

WASHINGTON, DC — Green Party leaders welcomed the news of the withdrawal of US troops from Iraq by the end of December, calling the presidential order more than eight years overdue. Greens urged President Obama to let the troops come home to be with their families for the holiday, rather than stationed or redeployed elsewhere.

“We’re glad that President Obama is calling all US military personnel home from Iraq and has ignored Republican demands to prolong the occupation. The President is honoring a binding Status of Forces Agreement between the United States and Iraq that President Bush signed. The US must make every effort now to help US troops return to their civilian lives, especially those who’ve been wounded or have suffered psychological trauma because of the war. We owe the troops a great debt and an apology for sending them to fight in a war based on deception and cooked intelligence,” said Carl Romanelli, Pennsylvania Green and member of the party’s International Committee (http://www.gp.org/committees/intl).

Greens noted that the withdrawal is the result of the Iraqi government’s insistence and that the Obama Administration was initially reluctant to comply with the agreement (http://www.nationaljournal.com/u-s-troop-withdrawal-motivated-by-iraqi-insistence-not-u-s-choice-20111021).

The Green Party opposed the invasion of Iraq since its inception in March 2003 and demanded withdrawal afterwards. Greens blamed both Democrats and Republicans for transferring congressional war powers to the White House in Oct. 2002 despite uncertainty about WMD allegations (later revealed to have been the product of manipulated intelligence), forged evidence of nuclear weaponry, and implausible claims of cooperation between Saddam Hussein and Al-Qaeda.

Greens participated in protests throughout the US against the Iraq War, and — unlike many Democrats who claimed to oppose the war — continued to protest after President Obama’s election.
Continue Reading


Dr. Jill Stein Livestream Friday 12/16/11 5:30 Central

Jill Stein is campaigning  for President today in Madison, Wisconsin. Tonight at 5:30 Central she will be doing a public conversation with journalist Matt Rochschild, which will be Livestreamed by the Green Party.

I have embedded the Livestream here, below the fold.

PS, if you are in Wisconsin, you can meet Jill Stein later at Hawk’s Bar and Grill, 525 State Street, Madison, WI at 8 PM tonight.

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Los Angeles Green Party Annual Potluck & Celebration

LA Greens & Green Party County Council of LA invite you to our combined annual potluck and celebration:

When: Wednesday, December 21st.
Time: 7-10pm
3916 Sepulveda Blvd, Culver City 90230.

Please bring a vegetarian dish to share with others. We also ask that you bring your own re-usable utensils, glasses, plates, and serving containers instead of the single-use disposable kind.

Share in the cheer. Visit with new and old friends. Kids are always welcome.

Vote Green! Live Green! Register Green!

A facebook event page has been set up.