Dr. Jill Stein Livestream Friday 12/16/11 5:30 Central

Jill Stein is campaigning  for President today in Madison, Wisconsin. Tonight at 5:30 Central she will be doing a public conversation with journalist Matt Rochschild, which will be Livestreamed by the Green Party.

I have embedded the Livestream here, below the fold.

PS, if you are in Wisconsin, you can meet Jill Stein later at Hawk’s Bar and Grill, 525 State Street, Madison, WI at 8 PM tonight.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. Re posted from Roseanne Barr for President Facebook page:

    The great thing about the pure proportional representation (PR) Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, is that it is a mathematical system based on stacks of paper ballots. With single winner districts and plurality elections on the other hand, road blocks are placed, and there is only one winner and often the majority loses when votes are split among many choices. With the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system, any name that garners 1/1001ths (or .999%) plus one vote is elected with a total satisfaction level of 99.9% plus 1000 votes guaranteed. Most US-style single winner districts and and plurality elections don’t do that, and this creates disharmony and dysfunction. We must build on the better system, because when we use another tool to organize, (no offense meant, Hon Pickens), we get one person elected to a district such as the Libertarian Nor Cal Vice Chair, and not a team of 100 or 1000 equal units. Votes may seem abstract, but ranked numbers on paper are concrete. Yes, it is difficult to communicate via Facebook, but the rankings can be displayed and items that receive 50% plus one of the tics can be easily demonstrated. I apologize to Hon Pickens for implying that he deleted my posts from his Facebook page, perhaps that’s my misunderstanding of the program? My issue here is that everyone can be represented under ranked choice voting to an exact degreel of 99.9% plus 1000 votes. That can’t be be disputed, and mathematicians agree. Other systems such as the Israeli parliament, the D’Hondt parliament seat distribution, attains a level of 50% minus 60 votes because they have a threshold limit minimum of 2% to win one of 120 seats. Should they switch to the Sainte-Lauge, the total satisfaction level would be increased to 99.12% plus 120 votes, and the minimum threshold for each name would be .826% per candidate, thus Israeli Libertarians, independents, anarcho-syndacalists, arabs, etc., (i.e. splinter groups) would have better representation. I know majority rule does not sound good to some people, but this is the basis for democracy, 50% plus one is a majority. As far as “uneducated” people being elected, I have to disagree with Hon Adam G. Kirchmann [Anarcho-syndacalist]. There’s a saying: “Three farmers are smarter than one scientist”. I agree. One who may appear less educated, still has rights to an equal vote to the more educated, and all sides are welcomed and needed. In response to “mean Libertarians”, I am tired of people trying to put up road blocks and being mean to others. This may not be the fault of individuals within the Libertarian Party, and I apologize to Hon Pickens for such a sweeping generalization, but all political parties’ rule must be fixed to take down road blocks. Of all the parties, the Libertarians have the highest percentage of cool people. I’ve been physically thrown out of other parties’ conventions, but the Libertarian Party attracts people opposed to the initiation force. They sometimes require that you sign an agreement to oppose the initiation of force. We still need to work with Ds, Rs, Ls, Gs, independents, voters and non voters, and the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system is the most mathematically perfect system for doing that within the Libertarian Party. We have many good Republicans and Democrats who are team players. Even Hon Obama [Democratic] needs to be courted to hear about this, and we need him on our team too. Though his name hasn’t been nominated, we’d still welcome him to the team, as one of 1000. But there are many high profile people that think by being mean, you’re going to win support. That’s “old style politics”, the new system encourages team play. And we need to be kind to all US voters and non voters. To count every person’s vote, right down to .999% of the total tics cast. That’s what our team does, all that, and we register voters too. BTW, You may be any party you wish on our team, and still register with a different party (or not at all). You have your reasons why you do what you do, and we respect that. A party name is a way to attract votes and every person’s free speech liberty to a party name/category/independent must be protected and respected. You may change anyday, your party/category is what you proclaim today. The word as a party name is a way to attract votes to your name when the voter is within the voting booth.

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