Jill Stein: Lawbreaking Wisconsin-style

From Ben Manski at Jill Stein for President:

Jill Stein broke the law. Literally.

On Friday, Dr. Stein and her supporters joined hundreds of Wisconsinites at their State Capitol building. Together, they raised their voices in song. And broke the law.

They literally broke the law. Faced with yet another act of collective defiance, the Scott Walker administration folded, and failed to enforce its new policy banning unpermitted rallies at the State Capitol. On paper, as of Friday, any outdoor public gathering of more than 100 people required a permit, 72 hours notice, and payment of police costs. In practice, the freedom of assembly still rules in Wisconsin. Jill Stein went to Madison to support the First Amendment rights of Wisconsinites. But her visit was not limited to singing labor songs, and addressing the crowd at the State Capitol.In one day, Dr. Stein conducted eleven interviews with national and local media. And she joined Matt Rothschild, editor of The Progressive magazine, in a public conversation about her campaign.

  • You can see video footage from that discussion on Livestream or on this edited video provided by former Madison Alder Brenda Konkel (click here).
  • You should also tune in to Jill Stein’s radio interview on “Sly in the Morning.” As the campaign grows, the media requests keep coming in, and Dr. Stein is now conducting dozens of interviews weekly. But this radio interview was something special. To listen in, click here.

There will be more to come from Jill Stein’s visit to Wisconsin. And she will continue to tour the country, building our insurgent campaign, and speaking out like no other political figure for the freedom of assembly and the interests of the 99%.

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Let’s continue to build our momentum, to grow this campaign, and to bring the demand for genuine democracy to the polling place in the new year.

Dave Schwab

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