Mad Scramble in Ohio for Ballot Access; Greens in Arkansas File 14,000 Sigs

A last minute change in Ohio Election Law has Greens scrambling to meet a December 30 deadline for candidate petitions, a deadline that was in March until a state law changed that deadline last week.

According to WTOV:

Ohio’s county boards of election will be under a tight deadline to get ballots to overseas members of the military after the new filing deadline for some candidates.

The state’s elections chief directed the boards that the deadline for presidential and U.S. House candidates to file to get on the ballot is Dec. 30 under a law signed by Gov. John Kasich (KAY’-sik) on Thursday. Boards then have 22 days to put together military ballots to mail them out 45 days in advance of the March 6 primary, as required by Ohio law.

For Green Party candidates for President who want to be on the Ohio Primary Ballot in March, that means they now have 8 days to collect and submit 1,000 signatures in Ohio. Jill Stein’s campaign put out an urgent call for support:

We have just learned that we have eight days to stop political dirty tricks.

Ohio’s political establishment cut a deal last week. They changed the deadline for submitting signatures to get on the presidential primary ballot from March of next year to December 30th. This means that Ohio Greens have only eight days to get Jill Stein’s on the presidential primary ballot.

The Stein campaign is asking for donations so they can hire petition circulators in Ohio to work over the holidays, no easy task.


Meanwhile, Ballot Access News is reporting that the Arkansas Green Party has submitted 14,000 signatures this week for Full Ballot Access in 2012:

On December 20, the Arkansas Green Party submitted approximately 14,000 signatures, to gain a place on the 2012 ballot for all partisan office. 10,000 valid signatures are required. This is the fourth election year in a row in which the party has petitioned.

If the signatures clear challenges, the Green Party will be on the ballot in Arkansas yet again.

Ronald Hardy


  1. I just donated to Jill Stein at https://jillstein.nationbuilder.com/donate and I hope others will too. This is a really dirty trick to stifle independent parties like us. I hope Greens rise to the challenge and send in enough donations, large and small, to put her on the ballot in Ohio and slap the democracy-haters. Judging by the website, there’s already a decent flow of support – let’s keep it coming!

  2. I enjoy seeing Greens in action in the US. Keep up the Green work! It´s a tough challenge, but it pays off! In Sweden we have 12% now, and we started with nothing but our enthusiasm 30 years ago.
    Go, go, go!

    Gert Franzen

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