Audrey Clement Running in Special Election in Virginia

Audrey Clement is a co-chair of the Green Party (US) Steering Committee and a tireless petitioner – she has traveled around the country gathering signatures to get the Green Party on the ballot in states such as Arkansas, Virginia, and Maryland among others. She herself ran for County Board in Arliington, Virginia last fall. Now she is running in a special election to fill a vacancy on the County Board. From the Sun-Gazette:

Audrey Clement has made it official, formalizing a bid to run under the Green Party banner in the March 27 County Board special election.

Clement was busy collecting petition signatures at the Jan. 2 County Board organizational meeting. Virginia does not recognize the Green Party as an official political party for ballot purposes, so those running for office as a Green must submit paperwork as an independent to get onto the ballot.

Clement made her first bid for elected office in the November 2011 general election, trailing Democrats Walter Tejada and Mary Hynes.

“Arlington is a great place to live. But the Arlington County Board is out of touch with voters on key issues like development, escalating rents, high taxes and expensive projects that county residents don’t want or need,” Clement says in campaign literature. “The result: a bloated budget, deteriorating public services and lack of citizen input on decisions that affect us all.”

The March 27 special election was called to pick a successor to Barbara Favola, who was elected to the state Senate. Democrats will choose their nominee in a party caucus later in the month. Republicans continue to search for a candidate.

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