AZ Green Candidates Grayson and Swing trade zingers

The Tucson Weekly reports:

Green Party candidate Gary Swing is ready to rumble with his fellow Green candidates on Arizona’s Feb. 28 presidential primary ballot. When Richard Grayson, a Green Party rival, declared himself a “favorite son” is the race, Swing begged to differ, firing off the following press release:

Richard Grayson, a 2010 Arizona Green Party candidate for US Representative, recently announced that he has filed as a candidate for the Arizona Green Party’s Presidential Preference Election on February 28. In his campaign announcement, Grayson stated: “I am happy to be Arizona’s favorite son candidate in the Green Party presidential primary.”

Gary Swing, a cultural events promoter from Denver who ran as a Colorado Green Party candidate for US Representative, has also filed as a candidate for the Arizona Green Party’s Presidential Preference Election, and hopes to challenge Grayson for the position of favorite son candidate. According to an impartial and scientific survey that the Swing campaign conducted of Tucson resident Mary Swing, 100% of the respondent indicated that Gary Swing is her “favorite son” among the candidates in the Arizona Green Party’s presidential primary.

In addition to the “Favorite Son” vote, Gary Swing’s campaign is also planning to target the much cherished “Swing Vote” in the upcoming election for President of Arizona.

Swing’s tough truth-telling worked. Grayson backed off his claim, admitting: “My own mother’s favorite son is either my brother Marc or my brother Jonathan. Luckily they are not running.” Grayson candidly admitted that the loss of Swing voters would be “quite a blow” to his campaign.

The Tucson Weekly also gave equal time to Richard Grayson:

Green Party presidential candidate Richard Grayson has already scored one of great prizes of any political candidate: An interview with a local TV station. In an interview with Phoenix TV station ABC-15, Grayson was upfront about his motives in running for president:

“Like most presidential candidates, I am a megalomaniac who is greedy for power,” he said.

Grayson made his first bid for the Oval office in 1984 in an effort to beat Ronald Reagan as he ran for re-election. Grayson said he ended up with about 3-thousand votes.

He now lives at home with his mother in Apache Junction and said he’s standing up for the little guy and hopes to get people thinking.

“There are other reasons to run besides winning and that’s to broaden the things that can be discussed in a national debate,” he said.

However, he doesn’t realistically expect to win.

“I would demand a recount if I were elected president,” he said.

Read the full articles on Gary Swing and Richard Grayson at the Tucson Weekly.

Dave Schwab


  1. Thanks for the coverage!

    There will be six candidates on the ballot for the Arizona Green Party’s presidential primary on February 28. At least three of us are participating in a “political reality competition” called “Project White House” which is run by the Tucson Weekly. Last night, the Denver and Arapahoe County Greens also nominated me to run for US Representative again in Colorado’s First Congressional District (subject to ratification at our state nominating convention).

    Here is a more serious campaign announcement video that I recorded for the Arizona presidential primary: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ryv3bp5zXI0

    Gary Swing for President of Arizona Facebook Page:

    Gary Swing for Congress and/or President: http:/www.newmenu.org/swingvoter

    Vote for a New Political Reality!
    It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got That Swing.

    Social Justice
    Grassroots Democracy
    Cinnamon Rolls

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