Arizona Primary on February 28 will include 6 Greens

Arizona’s current ballot access laws make it extremely easy to get on the Presidential Primary ballot – A notarized declaration of intent from the candidate. Consequently there are 23 Republicans on the Republican Primary ballot, and six Greens on the Green Party ballot.

The Primary will be held on February 28.

The six Greens include Kent Mesplay (CA), Jill Stein (MA), Gary Swing (CO), and three Arizonans: Gerald Davis, Michael Oatman, and Richard Grayson.

While Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein are running for the Presidential nomination nationally, Gary Swing is a candidate for the House of Representatives in Colorado’s first district.

Noticeably absent is a third National candidate, Harley Mikkelson of Michigan.

The Arizona primary results will determine the allocation of Delegates from Arizona to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention in Baltimore, MD in July. Arizona’s Delegates will be assigned proportional to each candidate’s results at the polls.

Ronald Hardy


  1. According to the latest Green Party Digest from the Pima [County] Greens (http://groups.yahoo.com/group/pimagreens/message/357):

    “These primaries are only being done for Republicans and Greens in 2012. Libertarians always eschew them, and Democrats are avoiding an AZ primary as well, since they already have their presidential candidate. But here’s the rub– Arizona politicians, being what they are, have set up a system where any voter can run for president, by just submitting a self-nominating affidavit. Among others, the Tucson Weekly promotes such self-nominations, and explains to their readers how to do it. The result is that a total of 23 Rs will be on the ballot, and 6 Greens.

    Well, Republicans control the legislature, so if they don’t like the competition, so be it. One enterprising Arizonan is being listed as Al “Dick” Perry, and that should interest the Texas candidate of a similar moniker. Will the voters know the difference?

    For Greens, it is a bit more of a challenge. We have two very serious candidates– Kent Mesplay of California, and Dr Jill Stein, MD, of Wisconsin. They are raising money and running campaigns throughout the country, and have met the qualifying criteria set by the Green Party of the United States. We urge you to support your preferred candidate both with your votes, and with donations that can be matched if the candidates also meet FEC minimums before the primary. You can find Jill Stein at (http://www.jillstein.org/. ) and Kent Mesplay at (http://www.mesplay.org)

    The winner, among qualified candidates, will receive votes apportioned by vote totals, at the 2012 GP-US convention in Baltimore, from July 12-15. Convention web site: http://www.gpconvention2012.com

    So non-qualified candidates like myself, Gary Swing, Michael Oatman and Gerald Davis will get no delegates regardless of our percentage of the vote.

    Hey, when I did win a Green Party primary for Congress in AZ-06 in 2010 (with six write-in votes), the Arizona Green Party sued me in federal court, claiming I was a “sham” Green: http://www.eastvalleytribune.com/arizona/politics/article_1513caa6-bc8c-11df-9a07-001cc4c03286.html

    So I’m just running for the exercise, to stay far in front of their process servers!

    • Thanks for chiming in, Richard! One small correction – Jill Stein is from Massachusetts, not Wisconsin.

    • Dear Richard,

      Congratulations on getting six Green Party members to agree on something. That’s an impressive accomplishment!

      Is the term “sham candidate” an abbreviation for “ShamWow! candidate?”

  2. I personally won’t vote for ANYONE who continues to make party particular comments such as “Well, Republicans control the legislature, so if they don’t like the competition, so be it.” Enough with the blame game, we are all Americans. Lets’s bring someone in that will see the value in more than one opinion, someone who will not further divide America but bring it close together.

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