Belarus Green Party achieves party status

From the European Green Party:

On 5 January the good news arrived that the Greens of Belarus, Bielaruskaja Partyja “Zialonye”, have been accepted as a legally recognised party by the state Ministry of Justice, after the Ministry accepted the outcomes of the congress of the party in November 2011. Now that the party is recognised, it can participate in the upcoming elections this April. Aleh Novikau will lead the party into the election after he was re-elected as the party’s Chairman for the next 4 years.

Belarus is often referred to as Europe’s last dictatorship, as under the leadership of President Lukashenko political freedoms and free elections have been severely curtailed. As we brought to you in November, the government recently passed a law forbidding any foreign involvements for national political movements, and opposition figures have been jailed and held for political reasons.

The Greens of Belarus look forward to putting forward their democratic, fair and green vision for a freer Belarus in the election later in the spring.

Dave Schwab

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