Green Party qualifies for Arkansas ballot

The Arkansas Times reports:

Secretary of State Mark Martin said the Green Party gathered sufficient signatures to qualify for a party slot on the Arkansas election ballot this year. The party must hold a nominating convention by May 22.

The Arkansas Greens’ Jim Lendall joined the discussion to offer details about the road ahead:

The Green Party of Arkansas just today qualified for the ballot after a difficult and expensive (time and money) petition effort [checks please?]. The filing period for candidates starts February 23 and goes to March 1.

Candidates chosen by the Green Party by convention have to file their papers of nomination by the time of the May 22 Preferential Primary (not the June 12 Primary). The big money parties have until 90 days before the GENERAL Election to file their papers of nomination. The law is unclear how the earlier deadlines affect new party Presidential candidates.

Dave Schwab

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