Green Haavisto Advances to Finland’s Presidential Runoff

January 23, 2012 in International Greens

The Huffington Post reports:

HELSINKI — The conservative favorite easily won the first round of Finland’s presidential election Sunday, setting up a runoff against an environmentalist leader who is the first openly gay candidate to run for head of state in the Nordic country…

With all votes counted, Pekka Haavisto, of the Greens party, was second with 18.8 percent, securing his place in the Feb. 5 runoff.

The result means Finns will have two pro-European candidates to choose from in the second round, contrasting with the surge in euroskeptic sentiment in last year’s parliamentary election.

“Pro-Europe policies and supporting the euro have received strong support from the people,” Niinisto said.

The president has a largely ceremonial role and is not involved in daily politics, but is considered an important shaper of public opinion in the small Nordic country.

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  1. Here’s an interesting article about Pekka Haavisto. Sounds like a great guy!