Steve Horn Interviews Jill Stein: “The Party of our Discontent?”

Steve Horn is a researcher and writer at DeSmogBlog, and a freelance investigative journalist. Steve had a chance to interview Jill Stein when she was campaigning in Madison, Wisconsin last month, and that interview was posted today at truthout.

Read the entire interview at truthout, but here are some excerpts:

Jill Stein: “…You can see the Greens as weak and fringe or, on the other hand, you can see them as incredibly heroic survivors who’ve managed to withstand the barrage from corporate America, and the fear campaigns and the smear campaigns, and being kept off the ballot, and censored and away from the microphone and all of that…”

On hydro-fracking:

SH: Would you support a national ban on fracking?

JS: Absolutely. We should not be opening up new lines of carbon right now, like shale gas and shale oil, as well as tar sands oil, and we just cannot go there right now if we do not want to go over the climate cliff.

On ObamaCare:

SH: The big question here, though, is do you support ObamaCare?

JS: I don’t support ObamaCare and see it as a step backward that entrenches the power of the private health care industry.

On the Green New Deal:

JS: The Green New Deal is an emergency jobs creation plan that really addresses the crisis in our economy, in unemployment, and likewise, in the climate. And truth be told, it has enormous potential to address health issues, as well. It’s a win-win on all those fronts and is modeled after the New Deal that helped us get out of the Great Depression, and would help us through direct and indirect means, ways to create scores of new jobs and really attack this problem with all of the inspiration and force that it deserves, not just a little two million job creation hit that comes and goes, but to really tackle the crisis head on. In doing so, it would do away with the recession and put people back to work, jumpstarting the economy as a green economy, instead of going back and going back to the same old economy that isn’t going to work. It goes green and also relocalizes, and it jumpstarts, in particular, small businesses and co-operatives. And in so doing, it puts a stop to escalating climate change.

Read the entire interview here.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. Fantastic interview with an incredible candidate – I think Jill Stein is the one we’ve all been waiting for :)

    Here’s another great quote from the interview:

    “I ran for Governor in 2002, which at the time was a crazy thing to do. I had no idea what I was getting into, but it really turned into a really wonderful conversation that was begging to happen and I was continually shocked that things were not the way the media portrayed them to be, that it wasn’t like you had “Red,” “Blues” and “Greens.” No, you had people who were really bewildered and distraught at the system, and the lack of solutions and the lack of integrity and they could smell a rat on both sides of the aisle. You didn’t need sophisticated politics or ideology to get that the system was really screwed and screwing you. It was really exciting to be out there in the public domain having this conversation. I realized you don’t do this work in one race – you have to build a party and a following as you do the work – and that’s where it basically has continued from since then. “

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