Hassig Running for Congress in NY-23

According to the Adirondack Daily Enterprise, Donald Hassig intends to run for the House of Representatives in New York’s 23rd District:

A St. Lawrence County man plans to run as a Green Party candidate in the race for New York’s 23rd Congressional District seat.

Donald Hassig lives in Colton and since 2000 has run an advocacy group called Cancer Action NY, dedicated to stopping the spread of chemical carcinogens. He believes he’s ready to challenge U.S. Rep. Bill Owens, a Democrat from Plattsburgh.


Hassig said he’ll address economic growth and job creation in his campaign, but the focus won’t just be on the economy.

“That’s what got us into this mess: only putting money as the top priority,” Hassig said. “It’s all about the money. And I’m saying we could create a whole new economy that’s based on caring for the important things – like protecting the environment first – and we would be producing all new products. There’d be this huge change in the amount of economic activity going on, because it wouldn’t be the oil companies and the petrol and chemical companies, and the pharmaceutical companies, and the agricultural giants. They wouldn’t be the ones doing the business. The people would be doing the business.”

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