Green Party Watch Presidential Poll February 2012

There are four candidates currently seeking the Green Party nomination for the Presidential Election in 2012: Kent Mesplay (CA), Jill Stein (MA), Harley Mikkelson (MI), and Roseanne Barr (CA).

This poll will stay open until Sunday February 5. Thursday, Feb 2, at 6 P.M. Eastern. In this poll, you can vote for one of the four choices. Next week we will put up an Instant Runoff Voting (IRV) or Ranked Choice Poll.

For brief information about all four candidates and the nomination process, see this post.

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Ronald Hardy


    • Looks like over 1200 for Jill alone, Roy. Specifics aside, your point is extremely well-taken. Liberals with whom I have spoken are digging in for battle. They don’t care how many Obama kills overseas or here, now that he has worsened Bush-era unConstitutional legislation. They don’t care how many corporate orders he follows. Jill wants their votes because Obama has betrayed them, but they take their anger out on us for pointing out the betrayal. However, maybe she’s right in that the contradictions will become too deep [my wording], and people’s reaction to the end of the world will be to vote in the last presidential election. The old Irish blessing has taken hold: We live in interesting times!

    • To J Clifford:

      Unfortunately I think that would be premature, for the same reason I think this poll and others like it are not always helpful. Actual polls try to identify likely voters, and also try to identify party affiliation. I’d personally be much more interested in a poll of Green Party members for who they prefer. This one can easily be skewed on a moment’s notice by someone with Roseanne Barr’s public presence. With almost 100k followers on Twitter, it will only take a small effort on her part to direct people here and have them flood the poll results. Will that translate into support in the Green Party nomination process? Probably not. Will it translate into support in a resulting general election? Possibly, but many of those people may already be voting for Barack Obama.

      With all of that said, I think it’s nice that the Green Party Watch does polls like this, and I hope they do more in the future. I just think in this case it will be indicative of an upcoming divisive battle within the Green Party, between people that want a candidate that will work to build the party for the long-term, and people that want a candidate that will get a lot of free press and potentially attract a significant number of secondary votes for down-ticket candidates.

      • I’m from Minnesota, Jim. Jesse Ventura became our Governor, although months before people generally thought a win was highy improbable, and others thought it was a real joke.

        Jesse Ventura and Rosanne Barr share a strength in common. The power of their conviction comes with a muscle and the truth. People were disgusted with Minnesota Politics, but far less than the country is on a national level.

        In the quiet and privacy of the voting booth, no commercial ad or mastery in articulative speech is an influence if the voter isn’t pleased with the options. People will take a chance on the unknown, rather than to chose what they believe is wrong on a deeper level.

  1. I hope very strongly we can pull it off, but the other two parties have so much control over what type of access a third party candidate can have in the political process! It is wrong, but it is true!

    • Finally… Anyone who presents themself as a candidate for the majority who represent the victimized by the power of wealth and it’s corrupt practice which infuenced our entire judicial and government systems will gain the greatest number of votes in 2012.

      Rosanne Barr is the perfect candidate. It’s house cleaning time, and she will get the job done.

  2. This poll was first posted at 11 a.m. EST. As of 2:30 p.m. EST there have been 225 votes cast.

    “If Jill Stein continues to dominate this poll so overwhelmingly, will you bother with the instant runoff or ranked choice?”

    Good question! I don’t know.

  3. FYI:

    I am a member of the PCSC and harvey Mikkelson is not recognized by the PCSC committee. He did not fulfill the requirements to be considered as a candidate.

  4. The PCSC website http://www.gp.org/committees/pcsc/ only includes Kent Mesplay and Jill Stein and refers to November 11, 2011. Harley Mikkelson announced his candidacy after that point, as did Roseanne Barr. Both are Greens, both have candidate websites, both got signature support. The PCSC may not recognize Harley Mikkelson but he will be appearing on some Green Party ballots.

    Green Party Watch is an Independent website, not directly affiliated with GPUS, thus we can include whomever we feel is appropriate on polls. Some could argue that we should also include the four additional candidates that will be on the Arizona ballot even though that is the only ballot they will appear on. We made a judgement call, and went with these four.

    • Thanks, Ron. Keep up the good work, although if people CAN VOTE MORE THAN ONCE, this online poll has no validity. But let’s keep working on this Green project! Let’s talk soon!

    • Well, I have pledged any votes I get in the AZ primary to Roseanne Barr anyway, so I do not mind not being on the ballot. I’m just grateful that the state of Arizona let me on, and so far, unlike when I ran for Congress in 2010, the Arizona Green Party hasn’t sued me.

    • Bucky, NOTA is not a true voting reform, but a way where the party bosses can control the results. When NOTA wins, who is still in charge? The same old party bosses who want to manipulate the results so the outsiders don’t have a chance for peaceful revolution.

      Besides, if none of the choices are good enough for you, then why not elect your name, or write in a name that is a good choice?

      I am not opposed to a NOTA choice as long as the name advocating NOTA stands in as the name representing the word. But when you’re using ranked choice voting, there are always good names ready to be elected in the spot, and NOTA simply delays the decision and makes the mathematics difficult.

      For example, what about “all of the above”? What about a “mountain”? And don’t forget about Donald Duck and other imaginary objects and words.

      The key here, is to elect a real person, and to require that the name be a live person. NOTA does not meet that requirement.

      I am actually opposed to IRV myself, because IRV elects one person. What we need is two people working as a team, not one person who is better than all others.

      Simply by increasing the number of names being elected from one to two, you’re getting past single-winner elections and taking a step towards muti-winner elections.

      What we need is “all of the above”, where everybody wins, the more the better.

      If you like the idea, I’m helping the unity coalition, and we’re electing 1000 consecutively ranked names of all parties and independents. All you have to do is sign up your name to be elected to the team. We have no road blocks against any individual, and that we we are a team representing not just a small segregated sliver of society, but a large conglomeration of many diverse people with equally diverse points of view.


      • The choice is who to run for president. Some of those candidates that I would not want as a candidate under any circumstance.

  5. Jill Stein is a well meaning person, if a bit of a Malthusian.
    But she has never won an election despite trying multiple times, not even for state legislature and she has no name recognition. The pwogwessive media was kind to her because in part they recognized she was no threat to the establishment a trait shared by all goo-goo pols.
    Roseanne Bar has name recognition although I do not know what she stands for – and unlike the too kind Jill she will surely take the fight to the establishment.

    • Excellent points by John Walsh; especially the latter.

      Roseanne Barr WILL take the media debate to “the establishment.”

      The U.S. Green Party may not realize it, but through her powerful media messages, Ms. Barr’s been constructing a campaign platform for the past 30+ years. Cheers…

    • Stein was elected to the Town Meeting Seat, Precinct 2 (Lexington, Massachusetts) in March 2005 local elections, she finished first of 16 candidates running for 7 seats receiving 539 votes, for 20.6% of the total vote, Stein was re-elected in 2008 finishing second of thirteen vying for eight seats.

  6. We need to encourage Greens to run as a Clean Green Team (almost a rhyme) with a VP, and a pre-selected (that is before the general election) Cabinet of viable people*, including some who may now be running for president. As for now, let the friendly competition continue.

    * e.g. Nader for attorney general
    Ann Wright for sec. of state
    Cynthia McKinney for UN ambassador
    Catherine Austin Fitts for sec. of treasury
    Ray McGovern to head CIA
    Sibel Edmonds as head of FBI
    . Such an effort, with all campaigning on a unified platform, can help mitigate the obvious monetary disadvantage.

    Further, if they refuse to allow an honest debate with our nominee, duly qualified, then how many “votes” can we mobilize to OCCUPY the corporate media and the phony “presidential debate commission”?

    • Jon Olsen, the USA Parliament is electing a platform using an innovative “ranked choice consensus” voting system, and we’ll be announcing the results after 8/5/2012.

      Additionally, we have a team of 17 us presidential candidates who are already working as a team united under ranked choice voting. We welcome all presidential candidates who elect their own name, or any new names elected by them, to the team:


    • it is actually illegal for a US presidential candidate to offer a cabinet position to a specific person before he/she is elected.

  7. “Cynthia McKinney for UN ambassador”

    The USA Parliament’s Cabinet has Cynthia as the Cabinet’s elected Communications Minister.

    However, there have been complaints that since she doesn’t even know she was elected,
    that this could be some sort of a degradation of the significance.

    Additionally, she may have switched to Independent.

    If anyone knows the Hon Cynthia McKinney, can verify whether she wants off as Communication Minister or whether she prefers to be self-categorized as Green or Independent, please contact the 8th USA Parliament.


  8. I would like to say that I think highly of all the candidates, and would welcome an IRV version of this poll. I would like to add that Ms. Barr is one helluva speaker, and that kind of energy makes for effective campaigning. It’s the “fire” that Nader lacked, for the most part.

    Good luck to all!

  9. Given a choice, I am much more likely to vote for a Green Party candidate running for local, state or congressional office. I really wish the Party would focus on finding or supporting strong candidates for these races rather than focusing time and resources running for national office.

    • Greens *are* running for local and state offices, hundreds, we try to cover them here. Greens are Mayors in Fairfax, CA, Richmond, CA, and on city councils and school boards. I am running for County Board in April.

  10. Good to see Cynthia McKinney’s name above. McKinney was last seen publishing pieces with such rancid rot as “love live Khaddafi!” and calling the murderer a “true hero.” Rosanne Barr supported her. How’s THAT going to play in a general election? Get real.
    Meanwhile, Jill Stein received all of 1.4% of the vote whe she last ran for office here in MA.

    These polls are a joke when candidates urge their people to vote. Additionally, I was able to vote three times.

    • Good points about McKinney and Barr, Candlemass.

      While I supported our slate in ’08, I think she hurt us. And yes, she’s a strong Black woman with a lot of chutzpah and moxie and good values in many departments. I’ve already stated in more detail on FB a year ago where I differ with her. That’s old news, so I’ll leave it out here.

      In the summer of ’08 I failed in my efforts to just get a bumpersticker that clearly showed they were the GP candidates. Both from her campaign and party headquarters. Hopefully that latter problem will be rectified by this early summer.

      • “In the summer of ‘08 I failed in my efforts to just get a bumpersticker that clearly showed they were the GP candidates. Both from her campaign and party headquarters. Hopefully that latter problem will be rectified by this early summer.” —

        Important point, Miles. Let’s make sure this doesn’t happen for Election 2012. Where are you based? Will you be in Baltimore for the annual meeting? Best.

  11. I would like to make a suggestion here. Instead of plurality or IRV, please consider range voting or approval voting. These methods eliminate many of the problematic issues found with plurality and IRV.

  12. Three responses regarding previous posts about Libya, Range and Approval and the Sainte-Lague:


    The USA has not been promoting pure proportional representation which encourages teamwork for foreign governments (and the USA) including Libya, but the USA has been promoting plurality-style elections which encourage fighting and violent civil war. Barr supports the proportional representation system and has been a team player on our site for more than a year and has nominated 50 to 60 names, and therefore I think she would support a foreign policy which encourages a peaceful revolution in countries like Libya, over one of violent civil war.

    Range and Approval Voting

    Range voting and approval voting are no good, but the Sainte-Lague, like IRV, uses ranked choices with consecutive numbers. The problem with range voting, is that it does not require consecutively ranked numbers, and that creates chaos for vote counters. Approval voting is actually a plurality system, that allows the majority to win landslides, and minor groups don’t like that.

    The most mathematically advanced voting system is ranked choice Sante-Lague parliament seat distribution, and the Barr campaign is affiliated with the unity coalition which allows all voters to work together to find solutions. As you may know, we’re currently calling for nominations to the 1000-member national committee, and any name garnering 1/1001ths (or .999%) plus one vote of the total votes cast will be elected, and then each name gets a vote for the rules, the two secretaries and the three prime ministers.

    To learn more about the Sainte-Lague system, click on this page that was written to describe how it works:


  13. In all honesty I voted for Jill Stein because she is the one green candidate I am most familiar with. Mesplay seems like a good candidate too, but he has not done as much to promote himself, which will be important in the months to come.

  14. Barr should run for Congress in Hawaii’s 1st district or maybe U.S Senate. If she can prove she can stay on message and run a credible campaign then I’ll consider supporting her in 2016. She has to gain some experience and be tested before we let her be the face of our party.

    Till then, Jill Stein all the way.

    • At the rate todays’ politcians our defacing the core substance of earlier written law and the Constitution, the time of four years will likely close this door with a Supreme Court Decision or new legislation.

      I don’t believe that most people are living in this now ugly real world. Don’t assume anything at this point. Ask questions, and look for the answers. Imbalance of wealth is not the greatest problem this country is facing… Lack of moral authority is. All persuasions of authority are acting against the common good best interest. Peope are suffering. There is no time to wait for another variety of validation. We’ve waited to long to act, and I hope it’s not too late.

  15. My first choice is still CYNTHIA McKINNEY, but ROSANNE’s cool too!

    As a Doctor, I haven’t heard a word against vaccines from Stein, so I am not impressed. Perhaps she doesn’t get it (although a medical professional), so send her this: “LETHAL INJECTION: The Story of Vaccination” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7hITYIT02rA

  16. Damn Skippy ! I will support Roseanne and she has more hootspa than ANY of the Republicans right now. I would vote for Roseanne in a minute. You go Girl !!!

    • I’m with you Michael Gehret. Roseanne has more on the ball than anyone in politics today. We know who she is, as a less inhibited woman who states the truth as she acknowledges it very honestly. She has been a leader and voice of conscience over the last decades. As a candidate, she is the antithesis of everything despised and destructive in Washington.

      You cannot re-elect the same familiar faces and reasonably expect anything to improve. It doesn’t work that way. The time has long passed when the majority stood up and took control of their own future and destiny, The consequence of that negligence is inescapable as we look a t the present and hope for the future.

      The country is largely unprotected, insolvent and unsafe. It’s shameful when life itself loses dignity.

  17. You fame seeking idiot! You are making a mockery of the Green Party by trying to act on their behalf. You are small-minded and ignorant and don’t have a clue as to what Green party values and platforms are. Do not claim to speak for the Green Party!!!!

    DO NOT DO THIS!!! PLEASE!!!!! You idiot!!!

    Most sincerely,

    Jeremy Yunt

  18. Why did this get cut short? From Feb 5th to Feb 2nd? Does it have anything to do with the media announcement of a potential Rosanne Barr run? Well for the record, since I cannot poll this poll, I’ll vote for Rosanne any day. Maybe Jesse Ventura should run as VP. I’m absolutely serious.

    • before the poll was removed, Stein was ahead with an approx 65% of the vote. Barr had about 25%.

  19. Why should Barr run for Congress/Senate and Stein get the POTUS nod? With all due respect to our presumptive candidate, I say it should be the other way around.

    • …Because she is untested. Her success as an actor and comedian by no means guaranties that she would be a good candidate who can unify the party, stay on message and manage a campaign. I would really like to see her run in Hawaii or California and earn her stripes before we effectively make her leader of our party.

      • Hon Ben Schattenberg, Roseanne Barr has been tested. She responded swiftly to an invitation to work with all parties and independents, based on nominations. She is on our team because she wanted to be, while others who were invited over the past seventeen years (1995) did not accept the invitation.

        Read the names of the Cabinet of whom Roseanne nominated more than 30 names and then she asked her supporters to nominate more names, and together she and her supporters nominated about 50 to 90 names.

        What better test than that do you need? Is there anything else that can confirm that she’s a team player for all voters and independents, including for you and anyone else who may also nominate or self nominate to the team?

        What else are we waiting for as a test?

  20. I’d be thrilled if Rosanne became the President!!! The Dems and Repubs have become nightmares and are absolutely wiping out this country. I’m so disappointed in Obama and have felt despair that there’s no one decent to vote for but I love Rosanne and would be so happy if she won.

  21. I like what Dr. Mesplay has to say and he seems very humble and caring, which would be a different character for the American politicians. It would also nice to include a leader from the 1st people of America among our historic Presidents. So I would like to vote for Dr. Mesplay.

  22. I think that any body that will raise awareness about the Green Party is a good candidate!
    It remains to be seen weather or not America still has presidential elections.

    Roseanne has my vote

    • Here in South Carolina, we only have cyber voting unless people vote absentee by mail, there are no paper ballots to count and it is impossible to recount electronic “votes.” Accordingly, the election is already rigged for who ever has the money to hack enough Diebold faked voting computers. I don’t understand why Mayor Rocky was not in this poll with all the talk about him recently. Not that I endorse anyone who has not built up our party as have DR Mesplay & DR Stein. The imperative is to do as Abe Lincoln did, transform a corrupt party of Whigs to make his new Republican Party into a ruling party. The measure of Greens to lead the neighbors away from loyalties dating back to Jefferson & Jackson is the measure of success. Will this be 1948 again with “PROGRESSIVES” lead by a Vice President Wallace? We shall see in 50 states plus WDC for the Electoral College to function or to be violated again by an incompetent Vice President Gore who should have invalidated the illegal Florida electors & called a roll of the 50 States in JOINT SESSION OF CONGRESS per the Constitution he failed to read aloud & uphold. 843-926-1750 hire Larry FIRE BOBBY

  23. I am on the ballot in the AZ Green Party presidential primary as a stand-in candidate for Roseanne Barr. I have asked the AZ Green Party to count any votes I get as votes for Roseanne and that the state’s delegation be apportioned to the official candidates that way.

    Of the official candidates, only Jill Stein and Kent Mesplay are on the AZ ballot. The other four of us would not be eligible to have our votes counted toward the Baltimore convention, and so it was reasonable for Green Party Watch not to include us in this straw poll.

    However, in Arizona, I would like Roseanne Barr’s supporters among registered Green Party voters to have an option to make their voice heard in the primary. I got my ballot yesterday, and write-ins are not allowed. I would hope that even those supporting Jill and Kent would agree that any votes I got (along with any of the other AZ ballot-listed candidates who support Roseanne) would be counted for Roseanne Barr when delegates are allocated.

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