Kent Mesplay featured in Bloomington Alternative

Kent Mesplay, one of four candidates seeking the Green Party nomination for President in 2012, is featured in an article at the Bloomington Alternative.

In his position as an enforcement officer with San Diego County’s Air Pollution Control District, the 49-year-old Mesplay helps ensure businesses comply with local, state and federal air quality standards through education and regulation, his website says. “He is exposed, daily, to the effects of our current economic climate on small and large businesses.”

He ranks climate instability as his top presidential priority.

“Climate change is the gravest environmental, social and economic peril that humanity has ever met,” he says on the website. “Across the world, it is causing vanishing polar ice, melting glaciers, growing deserts, stronger storms, rising oceans, less biodiversity, deepening droughts, as well as more disease, hunger, strife and human misery.”

Calling global warming a “tragedy unfolding in slow motion,” Mesplay says greenhouse gas emissions must be reduced by at least 40 percent over 1990 levels by 2020, 95 percent by 2050.

Much of the heat trapped by greenhouse gases in the atmosphere is initially absorbed by the ocean, which creates roughly a 30-year delay in the impact of that heat at the surface of the planet, he says.

“Practically speaking, that means that the melting glaciers and expanding deserts of 2009 were the result of greenhouse gases dumped into the atmosphere in the late 1970s, when the level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere was below 350 parts per million (ppm),” he says.

Returning to safe greenhouse gas levels in the atmosphere requires they be reduced as quickly as possible to pre-1980 levels, to 350 ppm carbon dioxide, he says.

In his capacity as an emergency shelter manager for San Diego County, Mesplay experienced first-hand the human misery and strife wrought by climate change when he helped manage the evacuation shelter in Del Mar during the last fire-storm in San Diego.

A civil libertarian, Mesplay says on his website that he believes each individual should be allowed, by government and society, to determine how to live their lives as long as their decisions do not negatively affect others. He supports the right to choose, same-sex marriage, reparations for African Americans and wants to end all racial discrimination and the “war” on drugs.

Read the entire article here.

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