2012 Green Party Candidates

Following is a list of Green Party candidates running in the 2012 US elections. More candidates will be added as we become aware of them. Jump to your state to connect with your local Green Party and candidates:

Alabama Georgia Maryland New Jersey South Carolina
Alaska Hawaii Massachusetts New Mexico South Dakota
Arizona Idaho Michigan New York Tennessee
Arkansas Illinois Minnesota North Carolina Texas
California Indiana Mississippi North Dakota Utah
Colorado Iowa Missouri Ohio Vermont
Connecticut Kansas Montana Oklahoma Virginia
Delaware Kentucky Nebraska Oregon Washington
District of Columbia Louisiana Nevada Pennsylvania West Virginia
Florida Maine New Hampshire Rhode Island Wisconsin

United States President


US House of Representatives:


US House of Representatives:

  • Anthony Vieyra (CA-35)

State Assembly:

  • Karahan Mete – District 9


Bay County:


US House of Representatives:


State Senate:


US House of Representatives:

  • George Gluck (MD-8)


State Representative:


State Representative:

  • Cary Neuville-Justice – District 51 (special election Feb. 28th)


State Representative:

New York

US Senate:

US House of Representatives:

State Assembly:

  • Carl Lundgren – District 82
  • Trevor Archer – District 83


US Senate:

US House of Representatives:

Mahoning County:

  • Howard Markert – County Commissioner

South Carolina

State House:

  • Larry Carter Center – District 114


Arlington County:

Dave Schwab


  1. Though I recently joined the Green Party, I am not running for Congress in the 36th District.
    Perhaps there’s confusion because I ran previously, when I challenged Jane Harman (then later when she quit, triggering a Special Election).

    I’m excited to work with the Greens and look forward to learning about the candidates who are running. Peace, Marcy

  2. Once again, I’d like to state that in the first Green Party primary, on Feb. 28 in Arizona, I am on the ballot but only as a stand-in for Roseanne Barr. Since any votes I got would not be counted for the presidential nomination at the convention, I am asking that Roseanne Barr supporters vote for me (or any of the other candidates on the ballot who choose to be Roseanne Barr stand-ins) and that any votes I get be attributed to Roseanne Barr so as not to disenfranchise the Arizona Green Party supporters of a qualified candidate for President.

  3. It’s time for the Green Party to choose someone who can reach beyond the intellectual community; they are a minority in this country. Rosanne Barr for president.

  4. i have declared officially for election to the South Carolina House District #114 to replace Speaker Bobby Harrell. My coalition is of progressives, environmentalists, labor, civil rights and feminists for social justice. Hire Larry FIRE BOBBY 843-926-1750

  5. I am running for the Maine House of Representatives, District 118: http://thomasmacmillan.org/about.html

    Also from Maine:

    Nathan Shea: District 22
    Carolyn Rae: District 39
    Fred Horch, District 66
    George Johnson Hamilton: District 69
    Seth Berner: District 115
    Brandon McKenna: District 117
    Tom Kelley, District 120

    and more to come

  6. Also:
    * Brandon McKenna for District 116, not 117
    * Antono Blasi, Hancock County Commissioner
    * David Marshall, Portland City Council District 2
    * Kevin Donoghue, Portland City Council District 1
    * Holly Seeliger, Portland School Board District 2

  7. Well, after reading about the candidates running for president, I personally think that Jill Stein is probably the best choice.

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