Green Party vs. Tea Party in Marin County Forum

In San Rafael, CA yesterday, representatives from the Tea Party and the Green Party shared a forum to exchange views on the Nation’s economic problems. From the Marin Independent Journal:

About 50 people turned out to hear Sally Zelikovsky of San Rafael, founder of the Bay Area Patriots and coordinator of the San Francisco Tea Party, and Larry Bragman, a Fairfax councilman and active Green Party member, present their alternative versions of economic reality during a luncheon meeting of the Marin Coalition at Chalet Basque.


“Look in your homes,” Zelikovsky said. “There is not one aspect of your lives that isn’t regulated — from lightbulbs, to energy output, from the kind of car you drive, the smart meter slapped on your house, to what your children do or don’t learn in this school — this is just the tip of the big government iceberg.”

But Bragman said more, not less, regulation is needed if the nation is to avoid another banking crisis in the near future. He said it was repeal of the Glass-Steagall Act, which mandated separation of investment and commercial banking, that caused the economic crisis.

“For anyone to say that what we need to cure the illness is more of the poison that got us sick, I think that point of view is ignoring what brought us here,” Bragman said. “We need to re-regulate banking. The full faith and credit of the United States should not be insuring a casino economy on Wall Street, and that’s exactly what it’s doing now.”

Bragman said international free-trade policies such as the North American Free Trade Agreement have also contributed to the nation’s economic problems.

“Free trade has hollowed out our economy. NAFTA is and was a disaster,” Bragman said. In addition to undercutting the wages of U.S. workers, he said NAFTA has wrecked Mexico’s agricultural economy, leaving many destitute farmers little choice but to emigrate north.

Bragman said federal health care reform hasn’t gone far enough. “I think we need to embrace single-payer, universal health care,” he said.

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Ronald Hardy

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  1. The 8th USA Parliament is working with both Green and Tea Parties, using ranked choice consensus voting. It’s time to stop fighting and to find alternatives on which people can agree.

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