Jill Stein Over Roseanne Barr in Green Party Watch Poll

Our Feb. 1-2 Presidential Poll closed earlier tonight, and of the 1,792 votes cast, Jill Stein received 1,223 of them, or 68%. Roseanne Barr, who had just entered the race in the last week, picked up 526 votes, or 29%. There were 35 votes for Kent Mesplay, and 8 votes for Harley Mikkelson.

Word of Roseanne Barr’s declaration of candidacy for the Green Party Presidential Nomination just went national tonight with an Associated Press piece that is getting picked up by all the major media outlets. For example, see CBS News, or see the post in the Huffington Post and browse the comments. Roseanne Barr seems to have something in common with 2008 Green Party Presidential nominee Cynthia McKinney – people either love her or hate her. You can put me in the “love her” category, by the way. “Long time fan, first time caller!”

Roseanne Barr is very active on Twitter, and had tweeted a challenge to Bill Maher, Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert to have both herself and Jill Stein on their programs. Barr, who supported the Cynthia McKinney / Rosa Clemente Power to the People campaign in 2008 and Cindy Sheehan’s Independent campaign against Democrat Nancy Pelosi in 2010, has been promoting the Green Party via Twitter and her websites.

Nonetheless, there is clearly a very significant amount of support in the Green Party for Jill Stein, who has been a Green Party organizer since 2000, a Green Party candidate for State Office since 2002, a medical physician and advocate for single payer universal health care, and who has been building a network of support for her campaign since November of 2011. The Jill Stein Campaign is actively fundraising, has hired at least 3 staff onto the campaign, and has campaigned so far in California, Colorado, Delaware, DC, Illinois, Maryland, Massachusetts, New York, Virginia, Wisconsin, and other additional states as well. Jill Stein has been speaking at Occupy Wall Street encampments from Boston to Sacramento.

The Green Party will select their Presidential nominee at the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention July 12-15 in Baltimore, Maryland. Between now and then, state Green Party chapters and caucuses will be meeting and voting and selecting Delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention. Local caucuses in Minnesota are meeting next week, and Arizona holds their state primary on February 28.

Green Party Watch will continue to provide updates to the Green Party Presidential Race, including more polls, through the July Convention.

Ronald Hardy


  1. Stein has been a figure in our party for a long time and has seen some success. She makes a lot more sense as a candidate than Barr, who has an intense public persona and remains untested. I’m afraid if we nominate her she will turn out to be a loose cannon that will embarrasses the party.

    However, I would like to see Barr run for Congress in Hawaii’s 1st district or maybe U.S Senate. If she can prove she can stay on message and run a credible campaign then I’ll consider supporting her in 2016. She should gain experience and be tested before she represents the Green Party nationally.

  2. Shame on the Green Party Watch blog site for their divisive plurality election poll, that served more to be a divisive horse race than a tool for cooperation. Single winner elections are a failure, and the continual promotions of such first-past-the-post (FPTP) winner-takes-all elections, simply expose the selfish, ego-centric, power grabbing greed-head dictators that promote such plurality activities.

    When will the Green Party Watch ever promote advanced all inclusive elections that build teamwork with all parties, independents, voters and non-voters?

    • Green Party Watch intends to post an IRV poll next week.

      The “shame” you dish can be distributed to the hundreds of other media websites that also offer “vote for one” online polls to gauge voter interest in candidates.

      • IRV is no good, because it is a single winner district election. The best elections system for building teamwork, of two or more candidates (the more the better), is the Sainte-Lague Parliament seat distribution system.

        Under IRV, the largest party wins year after year, and when they mess up, what’s the choice? The other largest party.

        The Green and Libertarian Parties have been on a ten year campaign for IRV which actually supports the two-party system, and which often results in the repeal of ranked choice voting (the single transferable vote or STV).

        If you’d like to read about the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system which creates teamwork by building large assemblies of voters (the bigger the better), then click on this link here:


    • Regardless of what you think of first past the post it is the system in place and it is likely to be the one the Green party will face for a long time to come, so it makes sense to use it.

      For the point of view of a non-Green, I dont think running Roseanne Barr will do any favors for the Green party. Most of the attention it will bring is probably going to be negative, ie the but of jokes for the late comedian, the Daily Show ect. Roseanne is not Ralph Nader, who at the very least had a fair amount of the public that respected.

  3. I think that Barr, although not experienced in politics, will help the Green Party.Even negative attention can be good, since it will draw attention to the Party, something that we are in need of. On top of that, Barr seems to be in it for that purpose, so I have faith that she will bring more positive attention to the party than negative, and support the Green Candidate, whoever it may be. However, as a president, I do think Stein is a preferable choice because of her experience in campaigning and in Health Care.

    Finally, I’d like to ask readers to sign this petition that I created, asking Jon Stewart to invite Green Party guests on his show.


  4. All Party System, I think you need to think a bit before engaging your fingers on the keyboard. This site is run by only a very few people. You, and all of us, owe them the respect that comes from undertaking, at their own expense and with their own time and intellect, the best source of news about the Green Party out there. I believe firmly that GPW will give all candidates their due.

    I also expect that any poll done online is going to suffer the same sort of outcome. Because each of us can opt to ask our friends to vote in an online poll, it’s going to be skewed. For example, I got an email message from two prominent Greens asking me to vote for Stein in this poll. I suspect they were hoping to get what they got, a solid “win over” Barr.

    But I really think we ALL need to step back from the Roseanne Barr bashing. I personally have read All Party System’s ideas at several websites, and I think the author of those ideas is not a good fit for the Green Party. Bringing the Green Party into some sort of debate about a parliamentary system in the USA is not going to grow our party nor elect local Greens.

    Here’s what I think is happening with Roseanne Barr getting into the race. Some of us are offended…the same people who were offended because McKinney and Nader were not “Green enough.” I personally really think that some opposition comes from hyper-educated Greens who don’t want to be associated with an honest to God working class, feminist, union promoting, self-described white trash getting the nomination of our party. Better Cornel West than Jill Stein, sure, but Roseanne Barr? I mean, really! Did you hear my fake Harvard accent there? I am THRILLED that Jill Stein wants to be our nominee. We all should be. I am equally thrilled to have Roseanne Barr, for who she is and what she has stood for and demanded…and gotten, in a 98% White Straight Male dominated world we call Hollywood. OK, I made up the percentage, but let’s face it, she got a LOT done on Roseanne despite the network. Do you *really* believe they wanted Roseanne to kiss another woman? For a gay couple to marry? Really? You don’t see how radical she has been? She gave $2300 to the McKinney Presidential bid, and not a single dime to ANY Democrat or Republican at the FEC level. She IS a registered Green. What would it take to make it OK for her to run? What special thing must she do to have us take a deep breath and consider how we can benefit as a party, and assist ALL our candidates, including assisting all our presidential candidates.

    Finally, as Tricia and others have noted, just her making it official has resulted in an avalanche of media coverage. A search for the words “Roseanne Barr” in Google News turned up 646 results. A search for the words “Jill Stein” resulted in 90 hits. A search for the words “Kent Mesplay” resulted in 16 hits. The words “Jill Stein” AND “Roseanne Barr” got 34 hits. All three names together were 4.

    My point is, her getting into the race has resulted in Jill Stein’s name being presented, perhaps for the first time, to tens of thousands of potential voters, perhaps many times that number. I think we all should consider the advantages of someone with access we don’t have, who shares our values, is a member of our party, and who has supported our nominee in the past.

    Think about it this way. What do you think the poll results would have been if Cynthia McKinney had asked HER email list to vote for Roseanne?

  5. in case any readers are nt aware both jill stein and roseane bar have been mentioned in the british media as a result of roseannes bidd and given roseanne has said she would back jil if she was the nominne l i think this is amazing publicity. i really dont see how this can be bad if roseanne doesnt get the nomination as we assume then a run for another office would be a good idea.
    also i dont think debates on the voting system are that pertinant in the us the big problems seem to be ballot acess laws, voting registration and the counting system there will be no demand for a new voting system untill a third party has seats in congress.

  6. …”i dont think debates on the voting system are that pertinant”…

    Voting systems are indeed in every aspect of every election, including political, corporate, religious, etc. Any election (pretty much all us-style elections using click the dot, raise the hand, check the box, punch the hole, nod the head, veto the legislation, yes/no, etc. etc., and pretty much all elections the Green and Libertarian Parties use, including single winner district IRV elections, will result in dysfunction, self-destruction, unwanted fights, down-sizing, and just plain inferior results all the time.

    Someone needs to be picky and needs to draw a line in the sand. Anything less that pure proportional representation and the removal of all roadblocks that are continuously being erected in every possible place, are simply unacceptable.

    Join the Frees,
    Opposite gender #1!
    (and consecutively alternating genders thereafter)


    PS I not with all you pluralists, thank goodness! But I certainly do welcome you to my way of doing things, I welcome you join me on counting votes correctly, and we have literally thousands of posts awaiting you, even if it’s one at a time. You want to wallow in plurality elections year after year? Fine. Leave me out of that failed plan.

    • Hon Rhett Smith [Green] is a very good candidate for US president with the Green Party of Texas. Unfortunately, plurality election systems do not encourage Green Party status quo party bosses to encourage multiple candidates, and they are trying to down size the number of presidential candidates to as few as possible which is causing the down sizing of the Green Party every year.

      If you’re for unlimited growth with no roadblocks, you might want to consider coordinating with our team ASAP. Hon Rhett Smith is a Secretary, and so he can elect your name as full cabinet minister, rank the planks of the platform and elect the parliament’s royalty and royalty staff under our current rules as approved by the ruling coalition.


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