Illinois Green Party Will Use Online Primary Ballot

The Illinois Green Party, which lost statewide party status in 2010, is embracing online organizing by holding their Party Primary online. Although only Illinois Green Party members can vote in the Primary, the Illinois Greens have coupled their ballot with an online membership form, allowing voters to both join the party and cast a ballot at the same time. Voting is now open, and will remain open through February 19.

The state of Illinois does not have political party registration, unlike registration states such as California, New York and Arizona. Registration with the Illinois Green Party is based on dues-paying membership and limited to Illinois residents. Dues are $25 annually, but they do offer needs-based waivers of dues.

Kent Mesplay, Jill Stein, “Undecided” are options on the online ballot, along with a Write-in Option.

You can check out the ballot and membership form here.

Ronald Hardy

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