PA Democrat convicted of using state resources against Green Party for political purposes

Hat tip to Ballot Access News for this story:

On February 6, a Harrisburg, Pennsylvania jury convicted State Representative H. William DeWeese of using state resources to work on partisan political activity during the period 2000-2006. DeWeese was in the Democratic leadership in the House during those years. He directed staff to use government employees and government computers to help challenge the 2004 petition of Ralph Nader, and the 2006 statewide Green Party petition. See this story. DeWeese is currently in the legislature, and has been a state legislator since he was elected in a special election in May, 1976.

Dave Schwab


  1. Nader and Romanelli have waited years for this kind of justice. Greens were screwed by Democrats in Pennsylvania in 2004, 2006, and threatened with tens of thousands of dollars in legal fees just to defend their own petitions. In December the Pennsylvania candidate for US Senate for the Greens dropped out, citing the threat of legal fees by Democrats to run. Pennsylvania is among the least friendliest states in terms of allowing equal access to the ballot.

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