Feingold right, says Stein: Obama wrong to engage in “corrupt corporate politics”

From Jill Stein for President:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein praised former Senator Russ Feingold today for speaking plainly when he says that, “The President is wrong to have embraced the corrupt corporate politics of Citizens United and that’s what you’re doing when you start using and consorting with Super PACs.” Earlier this week, President Obama announced his support for unlimited spending by corporations and the very wealthy on via the formation of a Super PAC on behalf of the Obama campaign.

“Whomever Barack Obama may have once been, that man is not occupying the White House today,” said Dr. Stein, a medical doctor and advocate for health care and political reform. “If elected, I will deliver a Green New Deal that includes an end to corporate domination of our elections.”

Jill Stein’s campaign is funded by individuals, and does not accept special interest contributions with strings attached, namely from corporations, registered lobbyists on behalf of for-profit corporations, or the executives that employ them. Dr. Stein supports public financing of elections, the constitutional amendment championed by Move to Amend, and a series of voting rights reforms called the Voter Bill of Rights. She is the clear leader in the Green Party presidential primaries, having won the Ohio, Minnesota, and Maine caucuses so far, and scored 1223 votes, or 68%, in a national online poll that also featured Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, and Harley Mikkelson.

In a related statement, Dr. Stein criticized the Obama White House for undermining democracy abroad, “This week, as Obama was embracing corporate money, his State Department welcomed the military coup in the Maldives, which removed from office democratically-elected President Nasheed, one of world’s most vocal critics of climate change. Big oil is happy to see him gone. First Honduras, now the Maldives. So much for a foreign policy that promotes democracy and human rights.”

Dave Schwab

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  1. The National Libertarian Party is trying to destroy the campaigns of several
    Libertarian Party presidential candidates including the only known woman candidate and they should be held accountable.

    It’s no wonder they’re trying to stop the Go Ogle 2012 campaign, because we want all the voters to have one of the 1000 seats on a new national Libertarian Party committee and that’s not in their selfish plans.

    They want Ls to be segregated from all other citizens and they’re fighting our team who is made up of team players from all parties, independents, all voters and non voters who use the secret weapon which is ranked choice voting in multi-winner districts. We’ve got the bazookas but at current pace Battle of the Bulge is not expected for more than 175,000 years in the future.

    We’re too small, going too slow, being decimated and our numbers are being rapidly diminished by the national Libertarian Party who are in the concrete bunkers above the beach as they spray our team with hot lead and exploding shrapnel. Many of us are dead at the gate, dead in the water, shell-shocked, confused, blinded and deafened by the blasts.

    One year is like one minute, one month is like five seconds, one day is like 1/6th of a second and we’re currently losing more than 2500 units a day (every 1/6th of a second). We’re expecting more boots on the beach, but meanwhile we need to start coordinating and figure out how to get past these roadblocks that are all around our team, we’re the ones in green.




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