Roseanne Barr at 6% in national presidential poll, behind Romney by only 5% among 18 to 29 year old voters

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

Roseanne Barr’s presidential bid has penetrated the veil of media silence so deeply that North Carolina based national polling firm Public Policy Polling has included her in a head to head to head comparison with Mitt Romney and Barack Obama.

Obama wins with 47%, while Romney draws 42% and Barr stands at 6%, with 5% undecided. In a press release issued today, PPP included the following question and answers:

If the candidates for President this year were Democrat Barack Obama, Republican Mitt
Romney, and Green Party candidate Roseanne Barr, who would you vote for?
Barack Obama………………………………………… 47%
Mitt Romney……………………………………………. 42%
Roseanne Barr………………………………………… 6%
Undecided………………………………………………. 5%

Under current election finance laws, that result would bring the Green Party and it’s presidential nominee millions in funding in the following election cycle, and access to a number of state ballot lines may be secured as well.

Further details of the poll results, are below the fold.

The results also show that Barr picks up a higher percentage at this point amongst men than women, winning 8% of men overall and 5% of women. It further shows that her draw is approximately equal across membership in the two corporate party’s supporters, with 6% or Democratic Party voters choosing Barr over Obama, and 5% of Republicans choosing Barr over Romney.

Barr’s favorability ratings are highest amongst Black, Hispanic and “Other” voters. That support translates into higher support, especially in the Hispanic voting population. Barr garners 7% of those voters, and even reaches into double digits, with 11% of the “other” vote, those who self-identify as something other than Black, White or Hispanic.

Perhaps the most important statistic is to be found deeper into the press release data, with the age break down. The survey showed that 19% of voters between 18 and 29 years of age would vote for Barr, while only 24% would choose Romney.

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  1. Another key finding:

    Q8 Do you have a favorable or unfavorable opinion
    of Roseanne Barr?
    Favorable……………………………………………….. 14%
    Unfavorable ……………………………………………. 63%
    Not sure …………………………………………………. 24%

    • I saw that too Ben. I think that’s the reality. Her high unfavorable ratings are part of being who she is. I suspect you would see similar negatives for any pro-gay rights feminist who bucked the system to demand that workers and the environment not be screwed at every turn. I suspect that the negatives would be very high, for example, if this were Rosie O’Donnell or Sandra Bernhardt or Jane Fonda or Susan Sarandon. Yes, all celebrities, but most are women many of us identify with while many, many others don’t. The negatives come with being a high profile woman who stands up for herself and the things she believes in. Barr’s negatives are higher because her show got abrasive and aggressive from time to time, and I have personal friends who share my basic political philosophy, but can’t stand Barr at all. The same is true for Nader.

    • To be fair, the ‘unfavorable’ ratings were pretty high for ALL of the candidates. Romney’s was 57%, and Gingrich’s 62%, for example. Plus it’s still pretty early…

  2. I Love Roseanne, but she won’t be able to get on the ballot in MI, NV, VA or Florida and probably a hand full of other states. No true worker bees and no money. Fun while it lasted.

    • Perhaps no “corporate” money, but hard-earned money donated in 10’s and $20’s by the people who have listened to her. In many states there are more Greens,Indy’s, and Undecideds than Dems or Repubs. Time to unify and make a loud voice.

      • The problem for the Greens is are any of those blocks going to unite with? Particularly when a lot of voters leaning more naturally to either the Rep or Dems and the Reps and Dems have the money, volunteers and infrastructure to reach them in mass and the Greens dont.

  3. PLEASE…let’s not have a replay of elections past, when the Greens kept the Democrats from winning the presidential election. This is not a game, folks! Stay local, please.

    • Joan Lester, If you want to know what a Gore Presidency would have looked like just look at Obama. If the Greens cost Gore the election we did a public service.

  4. Joan Lester…do you support the Greens where you live? Do you give to local Greens when they run for local office? Do you volunteer for Greens when they run for city council, state legislature, school board?

    You see, it never seems to matter how small the office…we Greens are expected to stand aside and let our votes sit and rot…so we don’t keep “good Democrats” from being elected…even when these “good Democrats” are demonstrably bad political leaders who lie, cheat and steal for money, power and influence.

    • So you think the Green Party in Arizona should have a candidate in our special election to fill Gabby Giffords’ seat in Congress? Even though it is a “swing” district? Even though, in 2010, the 3.93% of the vote for the Libertarian candidate was twice the size of Giffords’ 1.46% margin of victory (so that the Libertarian candidate’s presence on the ballot allowed her to win re-election)? (The Greens never ran a candidate against Giffords.)

      • Is there a Libertarian running?

        I’d say run. Always run when you can. Bring up the issues. See if you can put forward a candidate that can campaign and win.

    • I agree with you Gregg. I wish people would stop dragging out the Gore thing over and over again. It’s 2012 already, let it go. If the Greens are going to reach their full potential as a party they need to campaign everywhere. Look at what happened to Eugene Debs. He may not have won, but the ideas survived and made it into the national consciousness. The Greens need to do the same. People in my age group (20s) are tired of the same crap. We need something different.

      • . . . One of the things Greens should promote (that the duopoly party won’t) is some form of “IRV” such as Preference Voting or Range Voting. They should promote it as “saving taxpayers’ money” because Instant Runoff Voting (already in use in some states and internationally) obviously negates the need for expensive runoff elections as well as making it fairer for challengers to incumbents. By “ranking” multiple candidates in each race, if your first or second-best choice for the position doesn’t rank as a top vote-getter, your vote still counts for your second or third-best pick. No such thing as a “spoiler” candidate, and voters can vote for who they really want, not just who they think can win. For example, today for U.S. President I might vote (write-in for some candidates) 1. Harry Braun http://Braun2012.US … 2. Jill Stein http://JillStein.org …. 3. Kent Mesplay http://mesplay.org … 4. Roseanne Barr http:/RoseanneForPresident.org … 5. Barack H. Obama http://barackobama.com If it came down to a 2000-style near tie between the traditional duopoly parties, and my first four choices were eliminated as having too few votes, then nobody could say I was a “spoiler” vote taking votes away from the lesser of two evils, because my 5th-choice vote would still count against the Greedy Oligarchical Plutocrats (G.O.P.) candidate.
        . . . Harry Braun is a scientist with WORKABLE solutions to get the U.S. off oil and needed resource-control wars and onto a Solar-Hydrogen Economy, with 21st-Century U.S. Constitutional amendments that We The People need to initiate (not Congress). Please read http://Braun2012.US/ and spread the word!

  5. Maybe PPP will do a poll that includes the *likely* Green Party nominee who is getting landslide votes in state after state. Innovative!

  6. intresting that someone turns up to tell greens this is not a game? yes its real and we should take it very seriously? even with winner takes all elections the uk and canada have both managed to create multi-party systems the usa could do the same. and a game is exactle how supporters of the republicans and democrats treat elections with very few exceptions.

  7. @BenS – A Green Party candidate’s “unfavorable” rating only matters if the goal (and expectation) is to win the race. So, maybe there are some folks who believe that the Green Party will win this year. Then, maybe, for them high unfavorable ratings would be a problem.

    But, I think most green strategizers are trying to get a message out, and build for future campaigns. In which case, it matters more the level of a candidate’s positive attention. It doesn’t matter how many negatives there are, if you can get millions of new people to vote for the candidate and vote Green Party.

    Even still, if the goal is to win the US Presidency this year, there is plenty of time to change people’s negative perceptions of Roseanne Barr. A lot of people probably confuse her with her character. And, a whole campaign worth of outreach and publicity could awaken people to her better points and true intentions for good.

    • Roseanne’s negative rating matters either way even if there is no chance she is going to win, which honestly there isn’t. If she the Green party nominee for a lot of people she is going to be the race of the party and who they associate with it. Particularly since most people only have a passing awareness at best of what the Green party is. So from some people, probably many, their view of Roseanne may well become their view of the Green party. So if they view Roseanne as unfavorable they may view the Green party as whole unfavorably. Honestly since the Green party does not have near the place in the American mindset that the Dems or The GOP has it is far more vulnerable to being negatively associated with a bad candidate or one that is disliked by the public.
      Sure opinions of candidates can change but Roseanne would be starting even father back in terms of the public view and the Green party would have to spend their much more limited resource not only prompting the party but trying to improve the favorable/unfavorablity rating of Roseanne.

  8. I am supporting Roseanne Barr for the Green Party presidential nomination even though I — and Roseanne herself, by her own statements — fully expect Jill Stein to be the nominee. I think Greens should be grateful that a celebrity has put herself forward to garner publicity for the party that it otherwise would have not have received.

    The Arizona Green Party presidential preference primary (called an “election” officially in the state, not a primary, because our primaries are open to non-party members not affiliated with a political party) is on February 28. Six candidates are on the ballot: Jill Stein, Kent Mesplay (I am unsure currently how the GPUS is treating his candidacy: is he “qualified” under its rules?), Gary Swing (running again for Congress in CO-2) and three Arizona Green Party members: Gerard Davis of Phoenix, Rev. Michael Oatman of Tucson, and myself.

    I have asked that any percentage of the vote I get (admittedly, it will probably be a fraction, but who knows, given the size of the electorate and the lack of any polling or media coverage so far) be attributed to Roseanne Barr — who entered the race too late to get on the ballot — so that at least some of our delegates to the presidential nominating convention will be committed to voting for one of the two (three?) “official” candidates. I call myself a “stand-in” for Roseanne, something that’s been done before in major party primaries by “favorite son” or “favorite daughter” candidates.

    The Arizona Green Party, with its expressed hostility to outsider candidates (they sued me, and others, after write-in victories in 2010 Green Party primaries: see http://grayson-green.blogspot.com/2010/11/some-reflections-on-election-of-2010.html) needs to learn that it cannot ignore Roseanne Barr’s candidacy.

    Here, for example, is Claudia Ellquist writing in the Feb. 6 Pima Greens Digest:

    As we said in the last DIGEST, the presidential primary date in Arizona is Feb 28, but early ballots, for those signed up to receive them, have already been mailed. Here is an update on who is a qualified candidate, according to the Presidential Support committee of the GP-US.

    Dr Jill Stein, MD, of Wisconsin, has clearly qualified, surpassing both the signature and the donor minimums. Thus, all votes tallied for Dr Stein will be cast, proportionally, by AzGP delegates to the GP-US convention, in Baltimore, in July. More information about Jill Stein, and how to further support her candidacy, may be found at http://www.jillstein.org/.

    However, Kent Mesplay of California, while meeting the signature minimum, is appealing a decision regarding his donor minimum. Mr Mesplay is relying on donations made, but not spent, in previous runs for president, as well as this one, to meet, and surpass the minimum, and the committee has ruled that contributions must be from this election cycle only. We will keep you posted about the status of this race. If Mr Mesplay subsequently qualifies, then votes tallied for him will also be cast proportionally, by AzGP delegates to the convention in Baltimore, in July. If you would like to help candidate Mesplay qualify, donations can be made at http://www.mesplay.org.

    Votes cast for persons on the ballot who do not qualify, and have made no attempt to gather signatures or to file with FEC showing that they have met the minimum requirement for donations, will be tallied, but will not be cast at the convention.

    In breaking news, actress RoseAnne [sic] Barr, of California has announced that she will also seek the Green Party nomination for president. She appears to have met the minimum qualifying criteria, very rapidly, but she did not file in time to be on the ballots in several states, including Arizona and California.

    The winners, among qualified candidates on the AZ ballot, will receive votes apportioned by vote totals, at the 2012 GP-US convention in Baltimore, from July 12-15. Convention web site: http://www.gpconvention2012.com

    I’d like to see Roseanne get better treatment from the Arizona Green Party than to simply ignore her supporters in the state.

    • Just to make clear: I’m aware (if some are not) that Roseanne’s candidacy is really a way of raising public awareness of the Green Party and Jill Stein. (See Huffington Post’s Sheri and Allan Rivlin: “Roseanne’s plan is to use her celebrity to gain attention for the Green Party, before throwing her support to Jill Stein, the candidate she actually supports for the Green Party nomination which will be decided at the Green Party Convention in Baltimore in July.”)

      I still want Roseanne to be recognized by the Arizona Green Party if I (and any other on-the-ballot candidates who throw their support to Roseanne) get enough of a percentage of the vote to account for at least one Arizona delegate to the Baltimore convention.

    • The AZGP didn’t ignore Roseanne, they acknowledged that she had declared, and that she did so too late to get on the ballot. Party officers put in a lot of hard work for little to no reward, so they appreciate when people respect the process. The Stein campaign is taking care of the nitty-gritty details and hasn’t missed a ballot access deadline yet, so it’s not unreasonable to expect other candidates to do the same.

  9. Interesting but likes this including third party candidates this far are out not worth all that much. Also I am not sure if really says all that much about Roseanne Bar being a remotely strong candidate, when in the same Poll Gary Johnson, who is far less well known, is doing President Obama and Mitt Romney

    • ‎. . . Because of the antiquated “Electoral College” system, Obama wasn’t getting votes in TX anyway, so I voted my preference, Green ticket in 2008 (write-in back then; we’re on the ballot now). There is an independent Presidential candidate w/o the big corporate-bribery bucks to buy major-media ads (they just want $ and could care less about candidates’ ideas), who needs individual networking and support. Harry Braun is a scientist with WORKABLE plans to get the U.S. off oil and needed resource-control wars and onto a Solar-Hydrogen Economy, with 21st-Century U.S. Constitutional amendments that We The People need to initiate (not Congress). Please read http://Braun2012.US/ and spread the word!

  10. i thank roseanne would be an awasom president i luv her an her spunk an she tells it like it is an we need that these days if bush could do it i know she can to go rosie

  11. roseanne we luv you to death an have been watching you for ever i luv the attention you bring to every one you tell it like it is an aint afraid to speak up an thats what we need these days people are just to dam afraid to admit it i thank you would an could do this country proud you need comercials on tv an you need to talk on talk shows you can do it i know you can

  12. It is amazing to me how few people can do anything but talk about what cannot or will not happen instead of stand up to make something happen. We need change, the 2 part system works for no one outside the 2 party system.

    Read up on Roseanne’s platform before you count her out, she has done more for the working and middle class than likely any of you, or most people in Congress today.

  13. Roseanne has first name recognition, think Cher, Sting, while Jill remains largely unknown to most voters. We must have significant crossovers from the dems and young GOP to have a REAL chance. With the youth vote, some women, the cannabis friendly, LGBT community, some democrats, greens, who else? Roseanne can do this, ESPECIALLY if she makes known good choices for vp, sec of state and cabinet posts during the campaign.

  14. I love Rosanne! She would be great for president! Obviously Democrats and Republicans dont know what their doing or we would be getting out of debt somewhat and produceing jobs.
    However, i dont believe Rosanne will not stand a chace if she dont become more public. I have been looking for her and i only see Oboma,Romney,Santorum and, Gingrich. If she REALLY WANTS TO WIN I BELIEVE SHE CAN, SHE GOT MY VOTE, BUT SHE NEEDS ALOT MORE EXPOSURE TO WIN. LETS GO ROSIE!! TEAM Rosanne will ALL THE WAY!!!! I WISH I COULD BUY A SHIRT THAT SAID TEAM Rosanne :)

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