Jill Stein for President launches new website

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein has rolled out a new website, complete with interactive organizing tools, videos, eye-catching graphics, ballot access and fundraising maps, and much more. Check it out at JillStein.org.

In upcoming events, Dr. Stein will be on the Thom Hartmann show tonight (2/23) at 9 PM EST, at the University of Virginia on Friday, and on the Daisy Deadhead Show in South Carolina on Saturday. Check out the events calendar on JillStein.org for more info.

Dave Schwab


  1. I am totally impressed with the sophistication of Jill’s campaign. I just sent another substantial contribution. GO JILL GO>

  2. Great looking site!!! Can’t wait to see the new flier.

    A clean website and an informative single-handout are the two key resources for a strong campaign. It is really that simple!

    Once those are accomplished, it is up to supporters to go out and talk to as many people face-to-face as possible. In some areas we need to work at raising awareness of the Green Party in general, Jill’s campaign will be a great way of doing that on a national level.

    • many South Carolinians can reach out across the state to push DR Jill Stein over the top with 5 thousand dollars or more in total donations to qualify for Federal Presidential Matching Funds. Perhaps 3 states are done with that goal? Donors funds will be matched up to 250 dollars each. But the minimum of $5,OOO.00 must be reached with a minimum of 20 donors. It is ok if it turns out 100 fifty dollar each average donors, the mix does not matter. Once 20 total states accomplish this goal, she can also qualify for Secret Service Protection. It is ok to give more than 250 dollars, but that is the matching fund limit. No tricks or games or shadow donors. Just honest patriots giving as they can for cleaning up our corrupt White House & government. 843-926-1750 Larry_Carter_Center@yahoo.com http://www.hireLarryFireBobby.com oust Speaker Harrell out of the Rethuglican dominated South Carolina legislature, Vote Larry2012

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