Ohio Green Party fields 2 US Senate candidates

From the Toledo Free Press:

Running for any seat in the Green Party is more like an obstacle course than a race.

First, you need to gather signatures to appear on the ballot. That number depends on what the desired seat is, but for the U.S. Senate election you’d need at least 500. (Major parties need at least 1,000.) If anyone signed a petition in a county where they are not registered, they don’t count. Current and previous addresses rule others out. And if some print their names rather than signing it, their names are disqualified, too.

“What most people don’t realize when you’re a minor party is that every election cycle,  you’re under a threat because the two major parties don’t want us to participate,” said Anita Rios, co-chair of the Green Party of Ohio and one of the candidates for U.S. Senate. She and Bowling Green resident Joe DeMare know this all too well.

Read the full article at the Toledo Free Press.

Dave Schwab


  1. Green Party Primaries are always good! Brings more supporters together. We need as many Congressional Candidates as possible this year (House and Senate). This is great news!!!

  2. What makes this hilarious is the news story I saw sometime back. Can’t remember the news outlet. Basically, some elementary schools are no longer teaching cursive handwriting! Big ol’ petition drive about it too, so that it’ll no longer be required instruction at any elementary schools! First folks stopped learning their multiplication tables, then this, then that, then this, then that ’cause of supposedly everybody using electronics now, and NOW we’re inching EVEN CLOSER to illiteracy, likely thanks to the good ol’ Republicans that don’t want to pay for anything, so schools are having to make totally ignorant decisions to make every penny count! Guess we need a few more questions on those tests that are required for graduation so that we can get rid of reading classes too!! That way, “all hail the mighty Republicans” with an unchallenged thousand year dynasty of rulership over the United States!!

  3. Here’s what OH Green David Ellison wrote on facebook:

    “It’s important that the OHGP has a statewide candidate that gets 50,000 votes in November in order to maintain its minor party status. The only way one of the two Senate candidates will be on the ballot is if either one gets 500 or more people to write-in his or her name on their Green Party primary ballot this coming Tuesday. Rios is not campaigning, she is co-chair of the state party.”

    From this and from the article, it seems that all OH Greens, including Anita Rios, are urging people to write in Joseph DeMare for US Senate in Tuesday’s primary.

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