Jill Stein Campaigns in Wisconsin, Indiana, Michigan

Jill Stein continues her campaigning through the Midwest after meeting with the Wisconsin Green Party on Saturday morning and launching her National Campaign Headquarters with a great party on Saturday night in Madison, Wisconsin across the street from the State Capital Building.

On Sunday, Jill Stein visited Indiana’s 2nd congressional district to support the Green U.S. House candidate Andrew Straw, holding a fund raiser in South Bend, Indiana, where she also supported the petition drive for ballot access in Indiana.

Today (Monday), Jill Stein campaigns in Michigan, first at a Meet & Greet in Ann Arbor, Michigan at Amer’s Delicatessen at 4:30, followed by a Detroit area Meet & Greet at AJ’s Music Cafe in Ferndale, Michigan.

On Tuesday, Jill Stein is on the ballot in her home state of Massachusetts’ Primary, along with Harley Mikkelson (MI) and Kent Mesplay (CA). Roseanne Barr had not qualified for the Massachusetts Primary due to State Board of Elections established deadlines, however Barr has been successful in securing significant numbers of write-in votes in Illinois and could repeat that in Massachusetts.

Ronald Hardy

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  1. It was an honor to have Jill visit my district. Greens are the thoughtful folks, and thoughtful folks came out for the fundraiser. Jill got wonderful media coverage, with mention of her in all 3 of the main newspapers, on TV news, and on the radio.

    After the event, I had some time to chat with Jill on a variety of topics, and time after time she showed how brilliant she is on real issues facing Greens and Americans generally. She understands that it takes a real national leader to build the party, and I can tell you that in so many ways she is the person for that job. We need someone who can handle those big, tough issues that take compassion in the heart and a keen mind: Jill Stein.

    Andrew Straw, Esq.
    Green Party candidate for U.S. House, IN-2

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