Jill Stein: Obama’s own Iran statements are “loose talk of war”

From Jill Stein for President:

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein said today she opposes the escalating efforts by President Obama and some members of Congress to push the United States toward war against Iran. Dr. Stein said that Obama is engaged in the same kind of “loose talk of war,” if not quite as extreme, as ultranationalist Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu.

“A hallmark of a Stein administration will be respect for international law and a rejection of the Bush doctrine of preemptive war that Obama and his party have come to embrace. The interests of the American people are not served by illegal attacks on other nations based on hypothetical future transgressions.  Yet President Obama is threatening  Iran with attack by saying that ‘all options are on the table’. It’s a terrible replay of Bush’s run-up to the invasion of Iraq over the mythical weapons of mass destruction,” noted Stein.

Thirty two members of the U.S. Senate have introduced a resolution encouraging military action against Iran for merely having the “capability” to produce a nuclear weapon.  Iran, however is in general compliance with the nuclear non-proliferation treaty, including the required inspections, and has not shown intentions of violating the treaty. And a recent NY Times story reported that the consensus view of America’s sixteen intelligence agencies is that “there is no hard evidence that Iran has decided to build a nuclear bomb.”

Instead of attacking Iran, Stein supports the call for  a regional agreement to ban weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East, including nuclear weapons. A WMD-free zone is  called for by a 1974 U.N. General Assembly resolution.

Stein noted that “A U.S. or Israeli airstrike on Iraq would have severe repercussions for the American people. It would produce  a global oil supply crisis that would send our entire economy into a tailspin.  And it could lead to retaliatory attacks on Israeli and American citizens.  We need to take a clear stand against nuclear proliferation in the Middle East, but preemptive attacks, especially for a problem that is not even in evidence, are counterproductive and must not be on the table. The mindset that every problem requires a military response has gotten us into trouble again and again, and its disappointing to see the Obama Administration going down that road yet again. ”

“A major cause of our  federal budget deficit  and our struggling economy has been the expense of a decade of senseless wars.  I am calling for us to go in a different direction and  use our tax dollars to rebuild the American economy and improve the quality of live for the average American.  Rebuilding America is an urgent need, and our dollars need to go there instead of being wasted on another needless war,” added Stein.

Dave Schwab


  1. Hmm… Tough call. While normally I agree with anything that can be done to avoid war, it’s hard to sit by while a country that consistently calls for the destruction of the Jews and of the West builds a nuclear bomb. Once they have the bomb or, worse, use the bomb, it will be a little too late to stop them.

  2. First of all, there is no evidence that Iran is building a nuclear bomb. Then again, that pre-emptive war with Iraq worked out pretty well, right? Only hundreds of thousands of lives lost, trillions of dollars wasted, and the reputation of our country destroyed… but Iraq sure isn’t building much of anything these days, right?

    Second of all, who is calling for the destruction of whom? Many powerful politicians in Israel and the United States are openly calling for the destruction of Iran, it’s true. Remember that time when the CIA overthrew democracy in Iran to protect oil company profits, or that time that the Reagan administration supported both sides of the Iran-Iraq war as they slaughtered each other? Maybe you don’t remember that, but the people of Iran certainly do. No wonder they are so terrified of the US.

    Remember the uprising against Ahmadinejad a few years ago, when we were ‘all Iranians’? Those are the very people who will be murdered if the bombs start to fall on Iran. Right-wing politicians from Bush to Netanyahu to Ahmadinejad thrive off this sort of conflict. It is up to the people in every country to protect the US, Israel and Iran from a bloody war, as unnecessary and foolish as every other war.

  3. As Gandhi said “there is no way TO peace. Peace IS they way.” President Obama does not realize this, and the Israeli leadership is still prone to accepting and committing violence. Violence is always the wrong choice, and leads to violent results.
    As to Iran, threatening a frightened person is not the way to calm them down. A thought: perhaps the United States should offer to enter into a mutual defense pact with Iran! That would not just surprise them, but perhaps relax them. Of course, this would require some convincing, one-on-one diplomacy, something which Obama seems reluctant to do in spite of his sometimes charismatic personality. He should request to be allowed to visit Iran and meet all the leaders personally. Boldly go where no president has gone before. I’m sure Jill would.

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