NO results from Massachusetts Green Party Primary yet

With 95% of precincts reporting, boston.com and other Massachusetts media outlets have reported NO results yet of the Massachusetts Green-Rainbow Party Presidential Primary as of 11 p.m. Eastern.

Despite the fact that Obama was on the Democratic Party ballot uncontested, and Romney was declared the Republican victor with only 3 precincts (of 2,054) reporting, Massachusetts native Jill Stein has had zero coverage in the Massachusetts media, and Boston.com, which claims to be the leading news source for Massachusetts, is not including the GRP in their election night coverage.

The Massachusetts Secretary of State’s website does not report election results.

If any election results from Massachusetts become available we will post them here.

Massachusetts has been allotted 11 Delegates toward the Green Party’s Presidential Nominating Convention. Kent Mesplay, Harley Mikkelson, and Massachusetts resident Jill Stein are on the GRP ballot. Roseanne Barr had not declared her intent to seek the nomination in time to appear on the ballot.

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  1. In the past few months, a rigorous media blackout imposed on the Green-Rainbow Party and Jill Stein. The Boston Globe, the dominant newspaper in Massachusetts, has not mentioned the name “Jill Stein” since October. You’d think that any paper with any journalistic ethics would not hide from its readers the fact that someone from the state is running for president and may well be on the ballot in 45 or more states. The Globe has generally been very hostile to third parties. They pride themselves on determining the narrative of state elections. In public service announcements, the Secretary of State has at least acknowledged that there is a Green-Rainbow primary.

  2. I’ve been searching thru the Huffington Post, a site my liberal and so-called progressive friends practically lionize and I can find NO reports of the primary results, hell, even of the primary event itself!! Kucinich lost- that’s about as left as they get, I guess.
    I did find this though and wondered if someone in MA would poke at them about the primary too. I did. :
    HuffPost Citizen Reporting
    Calling all Super Tuesday state residents!
    Tell us about the robo-calls, campaign ads, rallies, fliers, and other political events of note in the area where you live. Tell us about it here or email us at offthebus@huffingtonpost.com, or by Twitter @off_the_bus, or tag your Tumblr post with the term offthebus.

  3. Here’s what I gathered from today’s Worcester Telegram and Gazette coverage. Super Tuesday primary election results for central Massachusetts (in order of total G-R votes cast):
    Town Kent Mesplay Harley Mikkelson Jill Stein
    Worcester 3 8 24
    Gardner 0 1 5
    Lancaster 0 0 6
    … Milford 1 0 5
    Orange 1 0 5
    Berlin 0 0 5
    Leominster 0 0 5
    Sturbridge 0 0 5
    Westminster 0 0 5
    Charlton 0 0 4
    Hardwick 0 0 4
    Oakham 1 0 3
    Webster 0 0 4
    Petersham 0 0 3
    Shrewsbury 0 0 3
    Spencer 0 0 3
    Sutton 0 1 2
    Wales 0 0 3
    all other towns 8 3 41
    TOTAL 14 13 135
    So in Central Massachusetts towns and cities, JIll Stein won with over 83% of the vote, Mikkelsen and Mesplay each got about 8%. If same pattern holds statewide, this would suggest that Stein deserves 9 of the state’s delegates, and the other two primary candidates would deserve one apiece.

  4. Boston results:

    Presidential Preference

    Jill Stein 87
    No preference 9
    Kent Mesplay 5
    Harley Mikkelson 5
    Write-in votes 7

    State Committee Man, Second Suffolk District

    Write-in votes 8

    State Committee Woman, Second Suffolk District

    Write-in votes 6

    Ward 3 Committee

    Write-in votes 1

    Ward 4 Committee

    Write-in votes 0

    Ward 5 Committee

    Write-in votes 1

    Ward 8 Committee

    Write-in votes 0

    Ward 9 Committee

    Write-in votes 0

    from http://southend.patch.com/articles/romney-cruises-in-boston-with-69-percent-of-vote-results

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  6. I don’t think those Worcester results are correct as they are missing “no preference.”

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