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  1. I was able to speak at the California convention at the end of the three days for the seven minutes. I’m actually campaigning against the methods they’re using, but Hon Joy Waymire is helping me stay on the positive side.

    The way the teamwork is created, is by electing names using ranked choice voting in districts of two or more, instead of plurality elections in single-winner districts.

    It was my first presentation of the All Party System to the L convention since 2007 when I ran against the current chair Hon Kevin Takenaga, and the entire state L structure is set up under plurality elections, mostly single-winner districts.

    While Joy was pleased that we tied at third, I’m a bit disappointed that we weren’t able to to add more names/nominations to the All Party (and independents) team.

    The good news is that Johnson, Still and Keller did join our communication link with 20 presidential candidates of all parties. In addition, both Johnson and Wrights did not ask to have their names removed as elected members and they seemed open to the operation – the “PDC” or presidential debate committee. We also had another 3 to 6 people sign up or self-nominate at the convention.

    Click on the USA Parliament’s sign up tab to self nominate or learn more at There are many levels and regions on which to participate. I am a volunteer vote counter, and we’d like work with more people who’d like to either learn about ranked choice voting as a vote counter or in any capacity in which they’re interested.

    See the link below to view the six presidential candidates who spoke at the California Libertarian Party state convention for about seven minutes each:

    • The 8th USA Parliament is calling for nominations to planks on the platform, and all nominated items will be up for a vote in the 2nd direct democracy (DD) election between 4/20 and 8/5 2012.

      If anyone wants to nominate new planks or improve the writing of existing proposals, please post your item on the USA Parliament’s Platform Ministry Open Forum and your item will be added to the ballot. Thanks, we look forward to working with you, and all voters are welcomed to participate.

      Platform Minister J.R. Myers [Constitution]

      ___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
      ___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
      ___ Write in new ideas _____________________________________
      ___ IMPEACHMENT: The House of Representatives should impeach President Barack Obama for; a) The use of force in Libya without approval from Congress. b) Signing into law the National Defense Authorization Act that allows the President the power to indefinitely detain without charges or trial via the custody of U.S. Military armed forces any person on U.S. soil who is suspected of associating with or aiding any terrorist organization which is a clear violation of the 6th Amendment and of Article I, Section 9, clause 2, of the Constitution. c) For the assassination US citizens in foreign lands for suspicion of terrorist activity.
      ___ VOTING SYSTEMS: Abolish the electoral college.
      ___ VOTING SYSTEMS: Adopt the Sainte-Lague parliament seat distribution system.
      ___ PORC: People Organizing to Reform Corruption.
      ___ CORPORATE LAW: Implement a state or federal law that encourages corporate bylaws to use ranked choice voting in electing their board of directors and that requires 50% of the BoD to be workers and 50% to be shareholders with the CEO holding the additional vote.
      ___ CORPORATE LAW: Eliminate “person-hood” status for corporations.
      ___ CORPORATE LAW: Clarify corporate rights and responsibilities. Restrict corporate person-hood to legitimate activities. Prohibit equation of corporations to people with inherit rights.
      ___ CORPORATE LAW: Overturn the citizen’s united ruling that 80% of America is opposed to. Add a constitutional amendment that says corporations are not people and that corporations are forbidden to lobby or give money DIRECTLY to political campaigns. And are specifically limited in the amounts Corporations can give per year to any PAC, or Candidate for office, and such non-tax deductible donations must all be publicly disclosed for all to see.
      ___ FREE SPEECH: Re-establish the Fairness doctrine.
      ___ FREE SPEECH: Remove restrictions on the free flow of information.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL PEACE: Build a foreign policy around requiring decisions based on whether proportional representation is used in foreign governments.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL PEACE: Build a foreign policy around requiring decisions based on whether proportional representation is used in foreign governments.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL PEACE: Only enter into constitutionally declared wars.
      ___ TAXES: Consumption tax replacing all other federal taxes (without a prebate, but with constitutional amendments prohibiting all other taxes).
      ___ TAXES: Increase taxes on high income earners.
      ___ ECONOMY: Real investigations for the many white collar criminals that crashed the US economy.
      ___ ECONOMY: Bona fide criminal investigations into white collar crimes with full prosecution and severe sentencing of those convicted of wrongdoing.
      ___ DRUG WAR: End the drug war at the federal level, (by restoring the amendment process and putting forth amendments to LEGALIZE AND OR CRIMINALIZE DRUGS.) and let states decide to legalize (/ CRIMINALIZE) marijuana and regulate (ANY) hard drugs, WHICH IS NOT SPECIFICALLY ADDRESSED IN THE u.s. CONSTITUTION, AND MADE CLEAR BY AMENDMENT.)
      ___ DRUG WAR: Restrict federal enforcement of so-called drug laws to existing constitutional limits. Return prerogative of drug policy to the several states.”
      ___ DRUG WAR: End federal involvement in marijuana.
      ___ HEALTH CARE: Remove the federal government from the provision of health care.
      ___ HEALTH CARE: 1) A tax based expansion of medicare taxation on all workers, to the point of offering that national insurance plan for all the people under the age of 65, but limited to true emergencies and yearly checkups and otherwise tests which doctors insist are needed. (meaning free healthcare.. but not cushy everything you want once a week healthcare which some (some) often do.. but honest and everything YOU ACTUALLY NEED healthcare.)
      2) The existing HMO systems.. can remain.. as supplementary… faster.. better service care systems, which offer faster more convenient services, as the result of paying into said HMO systems. Meaning, for profit care can remain, if it actually provides extra services to its members, while all rational and reasonable real needed care for the masses would be provided as by the national system.
      3) The payment scale for this national plan would be set to what medicare is now, and adjusted as is reasonable over time.
      4) As part of this national plan, a form of nationalized cheaper testing for all biological samples (blood tests), is needed to provide the affordable means to encourage testing by doctors, and doing everything to motivate doctors to investigate their patients problems to the utmost, and do to this, requires cheap and efficient and trustworthy testing. Yet again, still allow private testing to service HMO’s and other systems, who service private clients for profit.
      ___ CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Restore the only legal system mentioned in the U.S. constitution and most state Constitutions, which is the Common Law legal system. It is the legal system our nation enjoyed since its beginning up until `1933, when FDR began to use emergency war powers to do unconstitutional things, AND WE DEMAND TO REPEAL AND REVERSE THE CHANGING OF THE LEGAL SYSTEM IN 1938, and thereby end the implementation of statute laws over the people, as under the Common Law the government is prevented from ever writing laws to control the free people. That is what the Common Law legal system did, AND WAS FOR, TO PROTECT US FROM THE GOVERNMENT ABUSE OF THE PEOPLE BY ENDLESS LAW MAKING.
      ___ CONSTITUTIONAL LAW: Return to constitutional precepts and governance.
      ___ PRIVACY: We support upholding the fourth Amendment 4 – Search and Seizure. Ratified 12/15/1791. The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by Oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.
      ___ PRIVACY: Restore constitutional rights of privacy and freedom from self-incrimination.”
      ___ ENERGY: Pro-alternative energy, passive solar lighting, heating and cooling in all government building designs.
      ___ ENERGY: Remove government restrictions from safe alternative energy exploration and development.
      ___ ENERGY: Encourage investment in sustainable and renewable industries.
      ___ GOLD, SILVER AND NATURAL RESOURCE WEALTH: Adopt a new deal plan which links the USA’s natural resources to paying off the national debt.
      ___ GOLD, SILVER AND NATURAL RESOURCE WEALTH: End the printing fiat currency.
      ___ PERSONAL FREEDOM: Reinforcing the understanding of our unalienable rights endowed by our Creator by eliminating the use of statutes and the Statute court system, and restoring the freedom we once new by restoring the protection of the Common Law legal system, which is meant to respect our free people status.
      ___ PERSONAL FREEDOM: Remove the idea of government privilege from statutes and regulations.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Seek favorable trade agreements with other nations.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Restore Tariffs and protect our markets.
      ___ INTERNATIONAL TRADE: Restore constitutional trade mechanisms, including tariffs to protect our domestic markets.
      ___ PRO-ORGANIC FOODS AND PURE WATER: Incentives for implementing Pro-organic foods & pure water.
      ___ PRO-ORGANIC FOODS AND PURE WATER: Remove laws and regulations restricting organic foods and pure water
      ___ EDUCATION: Make legal terms every day common language instead of Latin or other specially designed terms.
      ___ EDUCATION: Require statutes and regulations to be written in everyday common language.
      ___ SECRECY IN GOVERNMENT: All ballots cast for the USA Parliament’s elections will be counted, viewable, verifiable and validated to the satisfaction of all voters.
      ___ SECRECY IN GOVERNMENT: Foster open and transparent government.
      ___ MILITIAS AND ARMS: The right of individuals and of citizen militias to keep and bear arms, including legally concealed weapons; and the freedom to manufacture, purchase, trade and train in the use of such weapons and their constituent parts including the unfettered acquisition of ammunition.
      ___ MILITIAS AND ARMS: Restore constitutional limits on government arms restrictions.
      ___ RESTORE GLASS-STEGAL ACT: Bring back Glass-Stegal. It’s painfully Ironic that a bill who’s purpose was to prevent another great depression was repealed and we have the worst economy since the depression. Bring it back word for word and if there’s anything that honestly needs to be modified due to technology, etc. let those specific points be debated.
      ___ RESTORE GLASS-STEGAL ACT: Restore Glass Stegal act.
      ___ MILITARY: End the military industrial complex (that WWII General and president Dwight D Eisenhower talked about) End our foreign policy of being global police, cut our bloated military spending to help balance our budget, withdraw US troops from most foreign nations. Investigate military contractors for theft of US taxpayer dollars.
      ___ MILITARY: Return the federal government to constitutional limits.
      ___ MARRIAGE: Equal benefits and rights for Civil Unions in comparison to Marriage.
      ___ MARRIAGE: Remove federal government involvement in marriage.
      ___ INFRASTRUCTURE: A rebuilding of America’s infrastructure with a huge investment in high speed rail, electric cars, windmills, solar panels and any other energy efficient technology. Major R&D research into green tech and find those silver bullet breakthroughs that could create a tech boom much like the evolution of the computer/internet age that’s still evolving. It’s long overdue that America invests in itself and that our government takes a very active role in this. Hiring preferences need to be given to US citizens first and foremost. Also, meaning an increase in the public investments made into the universities of this nation, to encourage leading scientists and high level students to test and work on as much cutting edge research as is possible at the university level with full government support and resources to expedite research.
      ___ INFRASTRUCTURE: Provide incentives for states, local government, corporations and individuals to rebuild and modernize America’s infrastructure.
      ___ FEDERAL RESERVE: Nationalize the Fed, and force it to serve the people, as our servant, just like our government.
      ___ FEDERAL RESERVE: Abolish the Federal Reserve Banking system.
      ___ CONGRESSIONAL LEGISLATION: All Congressional bills must be written by members of Congress, and must be read in entirety by members of Congress prior to voting.
      ___ JURY NULLIFICATION: The right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, according to their conscience, otherwise known as Jury Nullification of the law. Meaning in all case at law before a Jury, the jury must be given detailed instructions and understanding of the meaning of Nullification and its use, and this understanding should be a standard text which everyone can agree explains it fully for any rational human being.
      ___ JURY NULLIFICATION: Re-establish the right of jurors to judge the law as well as the facts, according to their conscience, otherwise known as Jury Nullification of the law.
      ___ CHEM-TRAILS: Out law the poisoning of land, water, air and people by and from any and all possible sources, as we only have one surface to live on. And we must empower the FDA to be able to truly do that job, without crushing our economy, meaning the FDA should actively seek research and ways to make it possible to clean it all up.
      ___ CHEM-TRAILS: Remove legal protections for those governments, corporations and individuals who pollute our common environment.
      ___ A USA PARLIAMENT: We support a constitutional amendment to create a ‘US Parliament which can and will overrule Congress in the case the Congress attempts to overrule any Constitutional Rights. And the Check on this US Parliament is again the same U.S. Supreme court, which by this amendment would be forced to consider the issues put forth by the US Parliament and thereby forced to make a ruling. As a fifth check and balance.
      ___ JOBS: Implement plans and legislation to expand the EDD to actually serve its purpose of employment development, and mandate by law that the government run extremely long term economic expansion projects to create jobs.
      ___ JOBS: Implement a 32 hour work week.
      ___ JOBS: Remove legislation and regulations that stifle job creation. Implement policies that foster job creation.
      ___ ANIMAL RIGHTS: Implement stricter animal rights laws.
      ___ ANTI-BULLYING LAWS: Implement harsher anti-bullying laws.
      ___ NUCLEAR ENERGY: Prohibit nuclear energy in the U.S.
      ___ BARTER: Do not restrict alternative forms of trade that do not rely upon standard currency.
      ___ POLICE: Provide for the election of police officers according to the Sainte-Lague Parliament Seat distribution system.
      * * *

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