Stein Wins Green Party of Virginia Primary

The Green Party of Virginia met last weekend, and the Jill Stein campaign reports today that Stein won 69.4% of the vote, for 3.5 of Virginia’s 5 Delegates to the Presidential Nominating Convention in July.

Jill Stein has won a strong majority of the vote in every Green Party primary to date. Of the six states that has determined presidential delegates to date, Stein has won 53.5 Delegates of 68 allocated, 78%. The other 14.5 delegates have been allocated to Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, & Harley Mikkelson, in that order.

From the Stein Campaign:

Dr. Jill Stein is now eight-for-eight states in the Green Party presidential primaries. Stein said she was “overjoyed to hear this news” that she had won 69.4% of the vote in a five-way online and mail primary. Dr. Stein, together with her campaign team, addressed the Green Party of Virginia’s state convention this past Saturday. She has visited Virginia twice so far this year.

The Green Party of Virginia’s results were as follows:

Jill Stein 69.4%
Roseanne Barr 12.3%
Kent Mesplay 5.2%
Harley Mikkelson 4.5%
NOTA 4.4%
Other 4.2%

The Green Party of Viriginia awarded its five delegates as follows:

Jill Stein: 3.5
Roseanne Barr: 0.5
Kent Mesplay: 0.5
Harley Mikkelson: 0.5

Ronald Hardy


  1. How can you have half a delegate? Which half? Right half? Left half? Upper half? Lower half? Front half? Back half? One delegate has multiple personality disorder and they and their demon are divided on the vote??

    • half votes are common in many parties, when delegates vote in committees or on the floor of conventions, whole persons are tallied with half votes… this is also common way to prevent “tie” voting of even number committee membership or convention delegations… Fountain, I have a question: Are you a plural personality located in two or more gardens? How many ministers are you? Join the Green Party with a hands on approach rather than semantic silliness.

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