Muslim Americans, shunned by political establishment, attracted to Green Party

The Florida Independent has published an article on how Muslim Americans, shunned by the Democratic and Republican parties, are increasingly drawn to the Green Party. Here is an excerpt from the article, which features quotes from Florida Green Party co-chair Muhammad Malik and Green Party US co-chair Farheen Hakeem:

Farheen Hakeem, the national co-chairperson of the Green Party U.S., is the currently the highest ranking Muslim woman in any political party in the country. She attributes her success to a shift away from both major parties. “Many Muslim-Americans are turning away from the two party system,” Hakeem says.

She says that the Democratic Party has been dismissive of Muslim-Americans and does not have a clear agenda on how to address their values and interests. But the party’s continued disinterest in addressing the Muslim population, she says, could be “a big mistake.”

Read the full article at the Florida Independent.

Dave Schwab

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  1. I’m glad to hear Muslims are running in the political party with integrity, the Green Party. It seems to me that sometimes the world doesn’t care about discrimination till it’s history. We know that there have been a few powerful people targeting the Muslims and their countries in order to control resources, not that unlike the U.S. did and to some degree still does with the Native Americans. The U.S. is holding Leonard Peltier in prison and I don’t believe an FBI agent had the right to go on their reservation without permission and at least without announcing it. Also the U.S. is holding 2 African American men in solitaire for 40 years, this is inhumane. Of course we can look at the U.S. concentration camp in Guantanamo Bay and see that the Bush-Obama administration had only Muslims in that facility, including 22 children and a man in his mid to late 80’s, almost all of them innocent of any wrong doing. Pres. Obama authorized the killing of 100 civilian in Yemen & then declared it was too violent in that country for the innocent Yemeni’s in Guantanamo to return home; he has requested the Yemen leader to imprison the journalist Shaye who had photos of the bombing and he has held U.S. Pvt. Manning naked in prison for almost a year for releasing the documents showing the crime against the bombed Yemenis. Fifteen of the British victims in that prison were given millions of dollars in retribution for their torture, and the U.S. continues to hold the innocent U.K. father Shaker Aamer for going on 11 years or more than a decade. I don’t really understand why anyone wants to be in the other party, Republican-Democratic, that follows the same violent and destructive policies. Those policies, which includes the bill they signed known as the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) is even in contrast or against our countries main contract, the U.S. constitution.

    In Colorado both of our Democratic senators voted the NDAA it & 3 of our congressmen, Gardner- Dist 4, Lamborn- Dist 5, & Perlmutter- D7. The Green Party does have a congressman running against Dist. 5’s Doug Lamborn, but we need support. The Green Party has a candidate for Dist. 1, 2 & 5. I’m Susan Hall and I’m running in Dist 2 against Jared Polis and he did sign the HR 740, which is a bill that could be the beginning of a threat to war with Iran, and he signed the HR347 which silences the right to protest.

    We need support to get the word out that we are running and volunteers to help us with campaigns.

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