Jill Stein Generates Local Media Coverage on Campaign Trail (Links)

Jill Stein is currently campaigning in the Northeast. Her campaign visits have been generating local media coverage and excitement at the local level. Here are a collection of media stories covering Jill Stein’s most recent campaign visits:

3/19/12 Philly Now: “Candidate Jill Stein Addresses Green Party of Philadelphia [Pt. 1]”

Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein met potential supporters and members of the Green Party of Philadelphia today at Crossroads Coffee Shop in Roxborough. The meeting with the local party marked the beginning of a day that included addresses with students at the University of the Arts and an address to the William Way Community Center later on tonight.

3/21/12 Philly Now: “Presidential Candidate Jill Stein Addresses Green Party in Roxborough [Pt. 2]”

“It’s important to get the other side of the story,” she said, “which is, if you don’t vote your values, you’re giving a mandate for more of the same, for the corporate sponsored candidates who will continue to send you over the cliff, which is what they are doing.”

3/19/12 WHYY Newsworks (PA): “Green Party’s presidential candidate working to get on Pa. ballot”

“I come out of the medical profession and people ask me what kind of medicine I’m practicing now,” she said. “I say I’m practicing political medicine because it’s the mother of all illnesses!”

3/21/12 Chestnut Hill Patch (PA): “Green Party Presidential Candidate Makes Case in Northwest Philly”

The candidate devoted a large segment of her talk Monday to her Green New Deal program. Similar to President Franklin Roosevelt’s Great Depression era policy, Stein’s plan is a large-scale, emergency jobs initiative that intends on creating 25 million jobs that are environmentally friendly and sustainable.

3/22/12 Olean Times Herald (NY): “Green candidate for president makes stopover”

“Her platform includes supporting small state and community banks that invest in small businesses, creating non-polluting jobs, forgiving student debt, changing the current policy of corporations being legally considered as people, single-payer healthcare, altering the tax structure so that the wealthy pay a greater share and low-income people pay less, and rearranging the budget in favor of spending less on wars abroad and more for relief at home.”

3/22/12 Observer Today (NY): “Presidential candidate campaigns on campus”

Stein voiced support for a broad range of issues. “We’re not getting there on climate, we’re not getting there on the environment, and we’re not getting there for people and the economy. We’re going consistently in the wrong direction. We need to be able to deal with the political establishment.” On political affiliation, Stein noted, “Most people say they don’t support either political party.”

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