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  1. Censored today on post in today’s Ballot Access News (3/28/2012) about Missouri presidential primary.

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    I spent $35. to access the ballot and the I won the Missouri state presidential primary for the Libertarian Party, was able to promote the Libertarian Party’s philosophy of the non-initiation of force, smaller government and more liberty.

    I hope to speak at the Libertarian Party’s national convention for a few minutes to explain how my name was able to win with 52.7%.

    Hon Gary Johnson was on the Missouri ballot too as a R, had spend more than $150,000. and yet he could barely reach 2/10ths of 1% of the total votes.

    I hope that by the May convention my team will pull together and help advocate for the reform of the political system, and elect the first woman as president. A truly revolutionary idea, and probably part of the reason why my name won 52.7% in the Missouri primary since the story in the Missourian revealed my plan to be vice president on a woman’s ticket.

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