David Steinman for Congress (Video)

David Steinman is a Green Party candidate for the House of Representatives in California’s 33rd CD. He is the author of Diet for a Poisoned Planet (1990, 2007), The Safe Shopper’s Bible (1995), Living Healthy in a Toxic World (1996), and Safe Trip to Eden: Ten Steps to Save the Planet Earth from the Global Warming Meltdown (2007). He hosts the web talk radio program “Green Patriot Radio”.

He has this piece running on cable right now:

Ronald Hardy

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  1. David Steinman,

    I heard you on KABC this morning (Thursday) and you talk like a dumb kid. You must have said “you know” about two dozen times. Well, we don’t know. If you’re looking for more exposure in spoken media, consider dropping the adolescent “you knows” and start speaking like the educated adult which I’m sure you are.

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