Green Party Black Caucus Endorses Roseanne Barr for President

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

Roseanne Barr, candidate for President of the United States

The Redding News Review reports:

The following letter of support was issued today in support of Roseanne Barr by black Green Party members to run for president of the United States.

“We are pleased to announce that the Green Party Black Caucus is strongly endorsing Roseanne Barr as the best nominee to represent our party in the run for president of the United States.

“During our teleconference with members of the GPBC we were introduced to Ms. Barr by the powerful voice of the voiceless the former U.S. Congress Member from the great state of Georgia and former U.S. presidential candidate for the Green Party USA, Cynthia McKinney.

“Ms. McKinney emphasized the role Roseanne would play as a candidate by drawing world attention when speaking to the issues that represent the strong ten key values of the Green Party.  She also emphasized the fact that Ms. Barr’s integrity and good will are known far and wide and will therefore make a tremendous difference and impact on the Presidential campaign 2012 besting whatever the Republican and Democratic candidates have to offer.

“Following Ms. McKinney’s introduction Ms. Barr confirmed her tremendous praise and support for Cynthia McKinney emphasizing her many acts of courage and her moral integrity, as well as her tenacity in speaking ‘truth to power’. Roseanne spoke of the terrible price Cynthia has had to pay for this unstoppable courage in the face of terrible odds and even death like venturing to supply food, toys and medicine to Palestinian families in Gaza . Ms. Barr went on to insist on the need for the Green Party and other US citizens to unify against the horrific political reality that grips the nation.

Read the full story at the Redding News Report.

Dave Schwab


  1. Everyone, Hon Prime Minister Miss Joy Waymire [Libertarian] will be
    hosting a “Talkshoe” episode tomorrow at 2 pm, PST.


    In today’s show we discussed the 84 departments in the US Government,
    the 15 linked to the White House web page (executive branch) and the
    69 linked to the site USA.gov (legislative branch).

    The two links are below;



    Hope you like this information. PM Waymire and I are
    going to start writing a new rule, which will help the
    USA Parliament’s 60 full Cabinet Ministries move into
    the direction which will be more realistically following
    the make-up of the 84 departments covered in the links above.

    Please feel free to call or email if/when anyone has
    any comments.

    –James Ogle
    (415) 686-1996

    • USParliament.org April 2012 Bulletin

      1. Cabinet Elected 4/1/2012
      2. The 8th USA Parliament Election of 2012
      3. American Parliament’s Three Goals in Next 120 Days
      4. Great Lakes Super-state Parliament (ss7)
      5. North Atlantic Super-state Parliament (ss3)
      6. New England Super-state Parliament (ss1)
      7. PacificNW Super-state Parliament (ss12)
      8. SouthWest Super-state Parliament (ss10)
      9. South Super-state Parliament (ss6)
      10. Foreign Ministry
      11. California Super-state Parliament (ss11)
      12. South East Super-state Parliament (ss5)
      13. Mid-West Super-state Parliament (ss8)
      14. New York Super-state Parliament (ss2)
      15. Texas Super-state Parliament (ss9) “Call for Nominations!”
      16. Joshua-Paul Angell [Communist] Elected to USA-PAR’s “PDC”
      17. Constitutional Law Ministry; Fourteen Directors Self Appointed
      * * *

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