DC Statehood Greens Vote April 3

The April 3 ballot in Washington DC will include DC Statehood Green Candidates –

  • Delegate to the US House of Representatives – Lino Stracuzzi
  • City Council At-Large – G. Lee Aiken & Ann Wilcox

On the Presidential line, only Jill Stein submitted signatures to appear on the ballot. However, Roseanne Barr is making a push for a write-in campaign, via Robocalls:

Ronald Hardy

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  1. I’ve been out in D.C. the last few days and ended up volunteering a polling place yesterday. From what I gather Orange isn’t very popular, even amongst many Democrats. Wilcox may be able to gain some votes if she lobbies many of the progressive-Democrats in the area.

    As well, the Greens only need about 25,000 more registered voters to truly be the Second Party in D.C.

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