Wisconsin Greens Local Elections Today

April 3, 2012 is election day in Wisconsin for non-partisan local offices.

Seven Wisconsin Greens are up for election today – 5 are incumbents, 5 are running unopposed:

Leland Pan – Dane County Board Dist. 5
Katheryn Kienholz – Polk County Board Dist. 6 (Incumbent)
Ron Hardy – Winnebago County Board Dist. 17 (unopposed)
Greg David – Jefferson County Board Dist. 3 (Incumbent – unopposed)
David Conley – Douglas County Board Dist. 20 (Incumbent – unopposed)
John Hendrick – Dane County Board Dist. 6 (Incumbent – unopposed)
Kyle Richmond – Dane County Board Dist. 27 (Incumbent – unopposed)

Three more Wisconsin Greens ran and lost in the February 21, 2012 Primary:

Peter Blewett – Milwaukee County Board Dist. 5 (3rd of 7 candidates, 518 votes, 19.88%)
Rick Kissell – Milwaukee City Treasurer (4th of 4 candidates, 2,241 votes, 6.60%)
Brian Benford – Dane County Board (3rd of 3 candidates, 162 votes, 11.34%)

At the Wisconsin Green Party’s Spring Membership Meeting, the Party endorsed Leland Pan & Ron Hardy, both of whom spoke at the meeting. Ron Hardy is running unopposed for an open County Board seat in Winnebago County.

Leland Pan is a 2nd generation Chinese-American and a native of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. After spending time living in Hong Kong, and brief return to Philadelphia, since 2001, Leland has lived in the Madison area and is a graduate of Middleton High School. An early and active advocate for social justice issues, Leland begin working with the Middleton High School Gay Straight Alliance, pushing for LGBTQ rights within the school. He also a took role on environmental issues, volunteering for the Pheasant Branch Conservancy. In 2010 he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin where he joined the Student Labor Action Coalition. As a SLAC organizer, Leland worked to mobilize students against Gov. Scott Walker’s budget repair bill and against the privatization of UW affiliated institutions. Leland also worked with the UW to cut their contract with Adidas, over a pattern of labor violations at Adidas’s affiliated production shops, while also working to promote labor-friendly college apparel from “Alta Garcia”.

Continuing on as an organizer around labor issues, Leland is also a member or the Campus Solidarity Committee, which works to promote unity and activism between campus unions, AFSCME Local 171, AFSCME Local 2412, and the TAA-AFT Local 3220. Leland worked with all three unions on opposition to the budget repair bill and the New Badger Partnership.

Leland was elected to the Student Council of the Associated Students of Madison, as a representative for the College of Letters and Sciences. Leland quickly made his presence felt as a member of ASM Legislative Affairs committee. While with Legislative Affairs, Leland lobbied to City of Madison to change the Alcohol Licensing Density Ordinance for greater 18+ venue opportunities in the downtown area and stopping draconian punishments for kegs and house parties in the anti-nuisance laws.

Ronald Hardy

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