Grist interview with Jill Stein

Environmental website has published an interview with Green Party presidential candidate Jill Stein. From the interview:

Q. Your website today says Mitt Romney has invited you to debate him. It’s an April Fools’ joke, right?

A. Well, that part of it is a joke. He did not invite us. But the rest of it is actually true. I have debated him [during the 2002 race for Massachusetts governor], and I was declared winner by more than one objective source.

Q. Did someone really say you were the only adult in the room?

A. Yes, that was an editorial in the Boston Globe, and if you watch the debate you’ll see why.

Q. Doesn’t a sense of humor automatically disqualify you from the presidency?

A. A sense of humor and lack of corporate funding are substantial obstacles. But I think that we’re part of a very large movement to change the way that politics works — so that the joke is no longer on us.

Read the full interview at

  1. Richard Kuszmar says:

    Stein is a great candidate for the Green Party. Lets help her get her message out by donating at She already has reached the FEC threshhold in 5 States. Lets get her there in at least 15 more.

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