Nader Endorses Rocky Anderson for President?

In a somewhat perplexing move, Ralph Nader appears to have endorsed former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for President yesterday in Oregon.  Rocky Anderson so far is only on the ballot in three states: Utah, Mississippi and Oregon, while the Green Party is on the ballot in 21 states and is on task to exceed 42 states.  Anderson was in Oregon with Ralph Nader earning the support of the Oregon Progressive Party and their ballot line – the Oregon Progressive Party was created in 2008 to get Nader on the ballot in Oregon.

From OregonLive.com:

Rocky Anderson, the former Salt Lake City mayor running an independent candidacy for president, on Tuesday received the backing of Ralph Nader as well as the promise of a spot on the Oregon ballot in the fall.

Anderson and Nader appeared at a Portland press conference sponsored by the Oregon Progressive Party, which was first formed to put Nader on the Oregon ballot for his last presidential run in 2008.

Progressive Party officials announced that Anderson will receive their ballot spot in the fall in Oregon.  Anderson has also qualified for the ballot in Utah and Mississippi.

Nader, 78, said it was “time for somebody else to pick up the cudgel” following his three races for president in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

Ronald Hardy


  1. he is much better at publicity than Jill Stein. He also has a better internet strategy, where by he has people advocating for him on facebook and twitter, and on the messegeboards. He also has a messegeboard like obama for america and ron paul does. I wish the greens werent such internet luddites!

    • I think you are victim of what us internet-savvy Greens call a filter bubble (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Filter_bubble). You have decided that Jill Stein and the Green Party are not internet-savvy and Rocky Anderson is. So you search for Rocky Anderson and befriend Rocky Anderson supporters. As a result you will tend to see more support for Rocky Anderson when you are casually visiting the web, and get the impression that he is the only candidate promoting themselves on the web effectively. I think your perspective is deceiving you.

    • Some objective data:

      Rocky Anderson has 3,961 followers on Facebook.
      Jill Stein has 8,001 followers on Facebook.

      Rocky Anderson has 1,413 followers on Twitter.
      Jill Stein has 2,719 followers on Twitter.

      The Justice Party has 1,407 likes on Facebook.
      The Green Party has 30,805 likes on Facebook.

      The Justice Party has 512 followers on Twitter.
      The Green Party has 2,915 followers on Twitter.

  2. It seems like you ran a much more modern campaign when you were lead by Nader than you do now.

  3. Rocky Anderson is on 3 state ballot lines, the Green Party is on 21 heading towards 40+. Big difference.

    • Can either win any state? Or affect the outcome in any way other than the way Nader may have done in Florida in 2000? He may have made a big difference then, one which led to the Bush tax cuts, war in Iraq, etc.

  4. Apparently people are having a problem leaving comments here – I apologize for that.

    From Ballot Access News:

    “Nader said he supports the decision of the Oregon Progressive Party, and also said he supports Rocky Anderson for President. Nader does not endorse candidates, and did not use the verb “endorse” at the press conference. Nader feels that when someone endorses a candidate, that means the endorser agrees with all of that candidate’s positions. Nader feels that the verb “support” does not have that characteristic.”

  5. Nader hasn’t exactly proven himself to be a solid thinker when it comes to third party organizing. Remember “Only the rich can save us” ? That was followed by the Citizens United multimillionaires showing us what the rich will really do to us. Then Nader was going to organize Democrats to run against Obama in the primaries. That fizzled. Now he says maybe Rocky Anderson can do something.

    Ralph has run against the Green Party in the last two presidential elections, and has given almost no substantial help to the Green Party in recent years. The main reason he has distanced himself is not primarily ideological. He seems to feel that the Green Party is just not focused on a practical party-building strategy, and that the Party itself is a stumbling block to any candidate who takes its nomination. He says we’re not serious about fundraising. It’s up to us Greens to prove him wrong in 2012. To do that, we need to jump in right now and get Jill Stein qualified for FEC matching funds. She needs $5000 in each of 20 states (She’s already hit the threshold in about 5 or 6 states.). Then we need to take those matching funds and put them into ballot access drives to get ballot access lines in about 20 additional states. If we do that, the Green Party will be set to emerge as the permanent voice of progressive America. Carpe Diem!

    • good points, john. I think the education part comes in where we get to explain (over and over) how building a political party/electoral organization actually works and what it really takes. Publicity is certainly a good thing, and I am glad for Roseanne Barr’s giving that aspect a boost and offering to pitch in with ballot access where needed. The Stein campaign is a fine example of what a green campaign can achieve and has done amazing work getting us on, or back on, a number of state ballots.

  6. Since Nader is supporting Anderson, as opposed to ‘endorsing’ him, maybe he’ll also support Jill Stein. The three of them are very much in sync on the issues, and as several people have mentioned, Stein is likely to be on the ballot in all but a few states.

  7. as people will remember Nader:
    Nader joined the Greens because of a promise to his late father never to join party

    Raised hundreds of thousands for local green parties

    had two high level greens as VP candidate

    has called Jill Stein a great candidate

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