Illinois Greens Advocate for “Move to Amend”

Several Illinois Greens were among a group petitioning the Naperville City Council to adopt a Move to Amend Resolution yesterday, hoping Naperville will join a growing movement of communities speaking out against the Citizens’ United Supreme Court ruling. From the Naperville Sun:

At issue for Klingeman, and the six other people who addressed the council on the subject, is the 2009 Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission,” which overturned part of a federal election law and held that corporations and unions are allowed to spend an unlimited amount of money on electioneering activities due to First Amendment guarantees.

“Money is not speech,” Klingeman said, “and corporations are not people.”

Klingeman spoke against the “gift-giving mentality in Washington, D.C,” and likened the money donated to campaigns and politicians as “quid pro quo bribery.”

Klingeman’s group of supporters echoed his sentiments.

“Money dominates and perverts our political process,” Steve Macek said.

The group claims many other communities have expressed support for the movement, including New York City, Madison, Wis., and 64 cities in Vermont.

Ronald Hardy

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