Arkansas Student to Run for Congress on Green Party Ticket

The Arkansas State University Herald today reports that graduate student Jacob Holloway will be running for Congress in the 1st District. Holloway, 25, worked on Abel Tomlinson’s 2008 campaign for Congress. That year, Tomlinson won 58,000 votes (21%) in a head to head match up with Republican incumbent John Boozeman. There was no Democrat in that race. Holloway ran for Jonesboro City Council in 2010, and was involved with bringing the OWS movement to Jonesboro, AR in 2011.

The Herald article covers some of Holloway’s past, including what motivated his migration from Democrat to the Green Party in 2008:

But the turning point in his political career came four years ago, when Holloway was functioning as the state-wide Vice President for the College Democrats of Arkansas.

At that time, Holloway was a student at University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where he penned an editorial for the University paper that U.S. Sen. Mark Pryor’s campaign and certain members of the Democratic Party found offensive.

“I became vocal about his support of certain Bush administration policies, specifically the telecommunications companies spying on Americans and I was showing support for Rebekah Kennedy, who was the Green party candidate in ’08,” Holloway said. “Then basically, I got a call from the Pryor chief of staff telling me to either support the party’s issues or leave the party.”

Holloway said the fallout from that experience left him questioning his and the core values of the Democratic Party. With more soul searching, community outreach and research he reached the decision of switching his party affiliation, and “going green.”

Later in 2008, Holloway openly helped his friend and fellow U of A student, Abel Tomlinson run for congress in the 3rd District under the Green Party ticket.

Since then, Holloway has had no qualms about changing parties.

Holloway has potential to be a great Green Party candidate to watch this fall. He has a Facebook page for the campaign here: http://www.facebook.com/gogreen4congress

I recommend reading the article in the ASU Herald. I like this line:

“I’m not in this for political gain, power or vindictiveness. No, I am doing this to make people think and talk about issues and things that don’t have voices otherwise,” he said.

Ronald Hardy


  1. So, if by some miracle jacob were to get elected, our district would be without representation for 3 months in Congress, because he wouldn’t be able to serve and be sworn in until he was 25. Really intelligent. I wish he would run for AR House district 74. which is currently being held by Blue Dog Butch Wilkins, who is pro life, and won’t sign or sponsor legislation ratifying the Equal Rights Amendment. Jacob could really make a huge difference in the AR House, but, he’s foolishly going for a much bigger venture. You have ballot access in AR-put it to good use. Jacob would have a much better chance of winning the AR House race than the congressional race. Now the progressives won’t have a voice in the AR house. Thanks a lot.

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