South Carolina Greens Vote for Jill Stein

The South Carolina Green Party this weekend voted to allocate 7 of their 8 Delegates to Jill Stein. The eighth Delegate was allocated to Roseanne Barr. Jill Stein has now won 11 of 11 State Green Party primaries and conventions. From the South Carolina Green Party:

Presidential delegate count, of 8 delegates to GPUS National Convention:
Jill Stein: 7
Roseanne Barr: 1

Nominated for other offices:
Second Congressional District: Jeff Sumerel
Sixth Congressional District: Nammu Muhammed

State Senate District 20: Scott West
State Senate Seat 41 (special election): Sue Edward

State House Seat 24: Joseph Martin
State House Seat 114: Larry Carter Center

James Island Public Service District (non-partisan): Eugene Platt.

Congratulations to all the candidates and especially many thanks to Dr. Stein and Farheen Hakeem, who represented the Roseanne Barr campaign, for personally appearing at the convention. Video of the speakers is being edited and will be posted to the South Carolina Green Party website and facebook page shortly.

Ronald Hardy


  1. This is good news on many levels not the least of which it shows there are at least 8 progressives in South Carolina. Keep the faith and truth will win through.

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