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Third Party Candidate Forum Saturday April 21

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The Maggie Phair Institute is hosting an American Third Party Presidential Debate tomorrow (Saturday) April 21 in Los Angeles, CA.

Confirmed Presidential Candidates appearing at the event include the Green Party’s Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, & Kent Mesplay; Socialist Stewart Alexander; Rocky Anderson (Justice Party); Stephen Durham (Freedom Socialist); Peta Lindsay (Socialism & Liberation) & James Ogle (Libertarian).

This Presidential Debate will be recorded, distributed and broadcast by Pacifica Radio. Current TV and other media are expected to provide television and print coverage of this event.

Date: Saturday, April 21, 2012

Time: 2:00pm until 5:00pm
 (Pacific Time)
Where: Echo Park United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA

North Carolina Greens Meet Next Weekend

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The North Carolina Green Party is holding their Spring Gathering & Convention next weekend, featuring Presidential Candidate Jill Stein in person and Presidential Candidates Roseanne Barr & Kent Mesplay via Skype. North Carolina will also be selecting their Delegates to the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention. North Carolina has four Delegates.

From the NCGP:

The NC Green Party invites you to the semi-annual gathering of statewide Greens Friday April 27th and Saturday April 28th.

Friday April 27th at 7:00 p.m, national Green Party Presidential Candidate JILL STEIN will be speaking at the home of our own Jan Martell. Ms. Stein will then do a meet and greet/Q&A with our attendees. This will be a POTLUCK EVENT + BYOB, but if you can’t bring anything, bring yourself! All Greens in NC are invited!

Saturday April 28th from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m. we will hold our Spring Gathering/Convention. As part of this event, our other two presidential candidates, ROSEANNE BARR and KENT MESPLAY will be making seperate appearances to our members via Skype at the Dan Pollitt Conference Center in Pittsboro. Both will be speaking and taking questions of our membership.

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Green Party Presidential Candidate Roseanne Barr is aligned with the Green Party Platform on Israel and Palestine

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From the Roseanne Barr Campaign:

Achieving Peace in Israel and Palestine
Roseanne for President 2012
April 17, 2012

Roseanne’s solutions for Peace in Israel and Palestine are deeply rooted in her own spiritual traditions, common sense thinking, alignment with the Green Party platform and a sincere desire to see equitable and humane resolutions for the benefit of all the people that live in the region.

Since 1948 each American president has “guaranteed security” for Israel by giving them a blank check for American dollars and military hardware. Congressmen and Senators fall all over themselves to offer more money and weapons.

“I hold to nothing but envisioning international peace and utopia. We all have many more things in common than not. I’ve tried to get to the very bottom of the whole subject, and I say it’s the entire world’s fault, not just Israel’s and not just the Jews for allowing the terrible crimes against humanity, the ethnic cleansing that is happening in Gaza right now. No government in the Middle East is innocent. Wars make the stock market go up, so no one in America is innocent either, nor anyone anywhere where capitalism reigns.” Roseanne Barr on NoLiesRadio in 2010. See:

Foreign policy, wars, cease-fires, assassinations, conflicts, bombings, peace talks, walls, settlements, land grabs, flotillas, piracy and hijackings at sea, and “which side are you on” have been discussed and debated for decades regarding peace in between Israel and Palestine. The information has been read about on the front pages of every newspaper, been rotated on every news website, and viewed on the evening news programs.

After getting the presidential nomination in 2008 the first speech Barack Obama gave was to AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) where he pledged his continued support for the apartheid regime. See:

Currently the blockade situation for the people of Gaza has become dire. The people that live there are incarcerated in an open air prison. There is little sanitation, dirty water, no safe food, no medicine, little medical care, continued attacks by land and by air, few necessary supplies being smuggled in and few people going out. These are crimes against humanity and this is apartheid.

In the most recent news, Israel has severed tied with the UN’s Human Rights Council. See:

Peace in Israel and Palestine will happen when there is self determination for all and a “right of return” for the Palestinians who have had their land stolen from them. When the US government stops funding the Israeli war machine, when the Wall comes down, and when the people living there organize their own discussion of how to govern themselves they will be able to work out their differences. Their land is small, the resources scarce and a one state solution, with real democracy and justice for all seems the best approach towards a true and lasting peace.

“Peace starts in the Middle East with people speaking to each other intelligently about solutions.” Roseanne Barr on the Wise Women Media Radio Show, March 2012.

See more about the Green Party’s Platform at

Connect with the campaign:

Jill Stein on AlterNet

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“I entered into this race in order to really build an organization for the long haul.”

Joshua Holland interviews Jill Stein on this week’s AlterNet Radio Hour. You can listen to it there or read the transcript.

We’ve been told that we had to be quiet and sort of hold our noses and vote our fear or terrible things would happen. What we find 10 years later is that political silence has not been an effective strategy. The politics of fear has delivered everything that we were afraid of. I think there’s a whole new openness, considering new solutions and acknowledging that the politics of fear leads to more fear. We need to answer that fear with the politics of courage. Look back over history, because while independent parties have been small, they have served a critical role in driving a progressive agenda into the dialogue.

Illinois Greens Advocate for “Move to Amend”

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Several Illinois Greens were among a group petitioning the Naperville City Council to adopt a Move to Amend Resolution yesterday, hoping Naperville will join a growing movement of communities speaking out against the Citizens’ United Supreme Court ruling. From the Naperville Sun:

At issue for Klingeman, and the six other people who addressed the council on the subject, is the 2009 Supreme Court ruling “Citizens United v. the Federal Election Commission,” which overturned part of a federal election law and held that corporations and unions are allowed to spend an unlimited amount of money on electioneering activities due to First Amendment guarantees.

“Money is not speech,” Klingeman said, “and corporations are not people.”

Klingeman spoke against the “gift-giving mentality in Washington, D.C,” and likened the money donated to campaigns and politicians as “quid pro quo bribery.”

Klingeman’s group of supporters echoed his sentiments.

“Money dominates and perverts our political process,” Steve Macek said.

The group claims many other communities have expressed support for the movement, including New York City, Madison, Wis., and 64 cities in Vermont.

No Holds Barr: The Co-opting of the Green Party?

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The following article was sent to us by Lauren Windsor, a self described civil libertarian and registered member of the California Green Party, and author of the website Lady Libertine. We are publishing it in its entirety, without editing. Green Party Watch does not necessarily share the views expressed by authors of articles we share here.

No Holds Barr:  The Co-opting of the Green Party?

Firebrand comedian and aspiring politico Roseanne Barr is running for the Green Party’s nomination for president of the United States in a move characterized by many as a publicity stunt à la Donald Trump. But with Barr the situation is not entirely as it seems. Yes, she sought to be recognized as an official candidate just as NBC picked up her comedy pilot “Downwardly Mobile,” but Barr has been talking about running for POTUS — and also for prime minister of Israel — since at least 2010. Her progressive persona is no act: Her 1988-’97 “Roseanne” sitcom examined working-class socioeconomic issues, as will her new show, and she has been a vocal supporter of Occupy, having addressed the Zuccotti Park assembly on the day of the movement’s inception. No one questions her progressive bona fides, but many question her motives.

At contention is whether rules were innocently skirted — or intentionally broken — to allow Barr to be officially recognized by the Green Party of the United States (GPUS) in time for an important California ballot deadline. With 65 delegates out of a convention of 400 and a majority of state parties with fewer than ten delegates, the California primary is an important win for Green candidates. Also at issue are apparent conflicts of interest for voting members of the national party’s Steering Committee, whose duties include the oversight and coordination of other GPUS groups like the Presidential Campaign Support Committee. Note that the national and state parties are different entities under the same Green umbrella.

On Barr’s presidential campaign and personal websites, she advocates the “Green Tea Party” and enjoins viewers to “Occupy the Green Party.” This language irks many party members, who feel that they are complicit in a ploy for comeback publicity, rather than part of a serious campaign; they are wary of being co-opted. Nationally, Greens are divided. On one hand, a celebrity like Barr gets people talking again about the Green Party, which suffered when Ralph Nader’s campaign was widely blamed for Al Gore’s loss in 2000. On the other hand, many feel that front-runner Jill Stein is doing the bulk of the heavy lifting in rebuilding the party, and that Barr’s charged rhetoric may ultimately damage the party’s credibility with independents and progressives.
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Segneri: No Third Party?

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Illinois Green AJ Segneri has this piece up at Dissident Voice: “No Third Party?”

Towards the end of 2010, I listened to radio shows and TV shows where hosts have asked where is the next third party? When are we going to see another party go against the Republicans and Democrats? I do not understand these questions because there are many “third” parties in our nation. From the Green Party to the Constitution Party and from the Socialist Party to the Libertarian Party, plus everything in between. These organizations have been in existence; however, the major media outlets have failed to expose them. None of the media sources have brought the rank-and-file of these organizations into their respective studios to talk about the issues. Day in and day out, nothing but the same two major party voices are shown speaking in monopoly media about how to solve the issues at hand. Why not bring in someone on TV like Rich Whitney of the Green Party, who in 2006 received 10.7% of the general election vote in the Illinois Gubernatorial race? That was the first time a third party has done so well in Illinois for over 40 years.
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Pennsylvania Greens Need Your Help!

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Greens in Pennsylvania are off and running, seeking over 30,000 signatures to get the Green Party’s candidate for President on the ballot. If you live in or near Pennsylvania – you can help!

From the GP of PA:

Green Party Petition Update – April 10, 2012

If you want to help get the Green Party on the ballot for this November, please contact Hillary at

Upcoming events

Please send me information about any events that might be good for collecting signatures. This is what I know about so far. More details are in the GPPA Events Calendar.

Philadelphia – Sat, 4/14 – 99% Action Training at Arch Street Methodist Church
Altoona area – Sat. 4/21 – Logan Township Mall event
Philadelphia – Sat. 4/21 – Clear Air 5K and 4th Annual Earth Uprising
Wilkes-Barre – Sat. 4/21 – Restoring Freedoms event
Altoona – Sun, 4/22 – Penn State Altoona Earth Day
Statewide – Tues, 4/24 – Primary Day

Primary Day is one of our best petitioning days of the year. Please plan to take off work or do whatever you can to spend some time at the polls on election day. This is also great practice for our Get Out the Vote efforts in November.

We’re also planning a big weekend in Philadelphia May 5-6. There are two big events in NW Philly that weekend — Mt. Airy Day on Sat., May 5, and the Chestnut Hill Garden Festival on Sunday, May 6. We can arrange for home stays for anyone who can come to Philly and spend the weekend petitioning. Might also get together a fundraiser on Sat. night…stay tuned for details.

Your local Presidential Caucus is also a great place to petition — and more importantly, recruit attendees to join you as petitioners. Bring plenty of blank petitions to your caucus and even do a mini petition training after the caucus if you can. Read more about the caucuses here:

Going Door-to-Door

Going door-to-door with street lists is a great way to petition and campaign at the same time. If you’re able to knock on doors in your own neighborhood, let me know so I can email you a street list. A street list has the names of all registered voters in a particular area and is sorted by house number so you can just walk up and down the street with it and know whether you’re talking to registered voters or not.

Getting more petitioners

We’re up to 69 people actively collecting signature (or planning to) and we need many more people to make this a success. Can you help reach out to Greens and other potential volunteers in your area? Please let me know. Please also forward this email to your local lists.


Just a reminder as to why we’re doing this…

Thanks and Happy Petitioning!

Roseanne Barr: For the Youth

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From the Roseanne Barr Campaign:

“As POTUS I will forgive all student loans and ALL HOMEOWNER DEBT AND ALL CREDIT CARD DEBT,” Green Party Presidential Candidate Tweeted shortly after her candidacy was announced. She would do this by ending the wars.

On April 1st, Roseanne Barr, the Green Party Candidate for President in 2012 announced via YouTube that she is “for the youth” and that she would never betray them. Roseanne is speaking out to the next generations. She has put her own children through college and was a job creator with her production company and award winning show, therefore helping others put their own kids through college. That was important to her, one of her priorities and a way for her to help others.

But that was then and this is now.

As millions of American families struggle to cope with foreclosures, loss of jobs, medical costs and other economic calamities, school loans are rising at twice the rate of inflation and this system encourages widespread borrowing — often with little regard to a student’s credit or ability to pay. This leaves the average college graduate with tens of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. Anyone attending college right now can count on spending anywhere from $80,000 to $100,000 and even more in order to achieve a 4 year degree.
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The Urgency Is Now For Greens!

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This is an urgent time for the Green Party. Specifically, right now is a time of great urgency for achieving ballot access and matching funds in 2012. Yes, the general election is more than seven months off, and even our national convention is three months off. But the urgency is here, and Greens need to understand that NOW is the time to get fired up about making a difference in 2012.

The following was sent to us from Phil Huckelberry, Chair of the Green Party’s Ballot Access Committee. Every Green should read this and take action.

This is an urgent time for the Green Party. Specifically, right now is a time of great urgency for achieving ballot access and matching funds in 2012. Yes, the general election is more than seven months off, and even our national convention is three months off. But the urgency is here, and Greens need to understand that NOW is the time to get fired up about making a difference in 2012.


Merriam-Webster defines URGENCY as “the quality or state of being urgent”, and URGENT as “calling for immediate attention”. An EMERGENCY is “an urgent need for assistance or relief”, or “an unforeseen combination of circumstances or the resulting state that calls for immediate action”.

The distinction between an urgent situation and an emergency situation, then, is what attention is needed. If it’s truly an emergency, the “attention” needed is generally fast action, often in the form of some kind of “relief”. Think of the difference between going to Urgent Care and going to an Emergency Room. The situation doesn’t need to be an emergency to warrant a state of urgency. And, often times, a situation becomes an emergency because the prior urgency of the situation wasn’t sufficiently regarded. Everyone knows of a story where someone put off medical care, only to have the situation turn into an emergency.

I go through this long semantic distinction because we are experiencing a phenomenon right now which I have seen repeatedly in our party. At a time when we are confronting a series of urgent situations, the urgency is disregarded, because it does not feel like an emergency.


Every state has different laws about how parties and candidates can get on the ballot. In some states ballot access is very easy, or the Green Party has had it for so long that people don’t ever think about it. But in other states, oppressive laws designed to keep parties like ours from existing have meant that no Green Party candidate has ever been on the ballot in those states. The Green Party is more experienced than ever before, though, and we have the potential to put our presidential ticket on the ballot in states where people have never been able to vote Green. To accomplish this, we’ll need a lot of hard work, and a lot of money. And we need to be acting NOW.

The problem is that across the country there is an absolute lack of urgency on the part of state parties in achieving ballot access. Sure, there’s more activity in some states than others. But as of right now – I’m typing this on April 11 – there are about 15 states where we could be collecting signature right now, and yet the petition has not even been prepared yet!

Think back about the person who put off medical treatment and wound up in the Emergency Room. In the long run, that person probably absorbed far more expenses, and worse overall health, by not taking care of the situation early on. In much the same way, when state parties drag their feet on ballot access drives, it often sets up emergency situations down the road which cost more to fix than it would have cost if there was effective collaboration from the outset.

So achieving ballot access right now is truly an URGENT situation. In the majority of states, there are ballot drives which require immediate attention. That means that Green Party leaders everywhere have the responsibility to lead by example and prioritize these ballot drives – and not just the ones in their own states.

A common, gigantic misconception is that we can’t really think about ballot access in most places until we hold our convention and formally nominate a presidential ticket. The reality, though, is that several states impose deadlines which precede our national convention, or which are so soon thereafter that we couldn’t possibly start after the convention. BALLOT ACCESS CANNOT WAIT!

Our credibility as a party in the eyes of the electorate hinges largely on our being on the ballot across the vast majority of the country. In 2000, Ralph Nader made it onto 44 ballot lines. But since 2000, we haven’t been on the ballot in more than 32 ballot lines in any given year. Some state parties which failed to achieve ballot access in 2004 have not run a single candidate for any office in the last eight years. That’s how huge this issue is for the Green Party. Where we do not have ballot access, to a very real extent, we do not exist as a political party – even in the eyes of our own members.

2012 is shaping up to be different. We can be on 45 or more state ballot lines for the first time ever. Doing this would be the biggest accomplishment of the party as a national political force that we’ve experienced since 2000. For this to happen, we must all accept the inherent urgency of the situation!


In order to reach and exceed 45 ballot lines, we absolutely must achieve federal matching funds. And we must achieve matching funds as soon as possible. You can read here [a link will go here] an explanation of some of the rules of how federal matching funds work. Here is a short version:

There are two types of matching funds. There are primary matching funds and general election matching funds. General election matching funds, which could mean several million dollars for the Green Party come the year 2016, can only be achieved by our presidential ticket winning 5% of the vote this November. But winning 5% of the vote is not realistically possible unless our ticket is on at least 45 ballot lines. So before we can really talk about general election matching funds, we’ve got to get on the ballot everywhere first.

The goal right now, then, is to achieve PRIMARY MATCHING FUNDS. This is achievable not by the party itself, but instead by individual presidential campaigns. A campaign can achieve primary matching funds by receiving aggregate qualifying contributions of $5,000 or more in at least 20 different states, if this is done before the Green Party Presidential Nominating Convention (July 12-15 in Baltimore).

This is the most important thing for people to understand: ONLY DONATIONS GIVEN PRIOR TO THE NOMINATION COUNT! Donations after the convention are great, but they won’t count toward the threshold, and they won’t be matched! So for Greens, NOW IS THE URGENT TIME FOR FUNDRAISING!

And it’s not just about receiving the donations before the convention. The Federal Elections Commission has to verify that the threshold has been reached. So realistically, all of these contributions need to come in weeks in advance – probably no later than mid-June!

Besides that, the earlier we get over the top, the better, for three huge reasons. First, the earlier we get there, the longer a period of time we have in which donors can be told that funds are already being matched – that will make fundraising that much more effective at that point. Second, it only stands to reason that if you hit a fundraising threshold earlier, you’re going to do even better for fundraising along the way because there’s more time involved.

But the other reason for heightened urgency is this: the sooner we hit the threshold, the sooner the FEC will send tens of thousands of dollars in matching funds, a great deal of which will be applied to ballot drives which will end before the national convention. The difference between achieving matching funds at the end of May and the end of June is literally that the first $100,000 in matching funds will arrive a month earlier, in time for the last month of critical ballot drives in Illinois and Indiana. Indiana is one of those states in which the Green Party has never been on the statewide ballot – their only realistic shot lies in achieving matching funds as soon as possible!

The lesson here is that we cannot wait on ballot access, and that means that we cannot wait on matching funds. State parties simply have to get moving now.

Phil Huckelberry is Chair of the Illinois Green Party and Co-Chair of the Green Party of the United States Ballot Access Committee.


Jill Stein’s campaign has made a huge priority of ballot access and matching funds. These pages include maps showing state by state breakdowns of party ballot access and the campaign’s quest to reach the 20 state threshold for matching funds:

At this point the Stein campaign is the major force in establishing Green Party ballot lines across the country. The Utah ballot drive was entirely funded and administered by the campaign, and the New Mexico drive was largely funded and organized by the campaign.

Roseanne Barr’s campaign has also declared a priority of achieving Green Party ballot access across the country. Because of a self-financing limit her campaign may not be seeking matching funds. Her campaign website is:

New York 24th CD: Ursula Rozum Enters Race

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YNN reports on Ursula Rozum’s candidacy for House of Representatives in New York’s 24th Congressional District in Syracuse: (Video included at this link)

SYRACUSE, N.Y. — She is not your typical candidate for Congress. Arriving for her announcement on a bicycle, preparing to board a train to Albany to file her nominating petitions. Ursula Rozum says it all ties in to a key plank in her campaign platform.

“We need really good mass transit that’s more convenient and more affordable than taking a private car,” Rozum said.

Rozum enters a field that offers a rematch between republican incumbent Ann Marie Buerkle and the democrat she ousted from office two years ago, Dan Maffei.

The Green Party contender claims Buerkle refuses to consider the positions favored by constituents on a host of issues ranging from defense spending to climate control.

Four years ago, she was a Dan Maffei supporter. That has changed.

Rosum said, “I worked on a get out the vote effort in 2008 that helped Dan Maffei get elected. And I found him, as a congressperson, to be uninspiring. And as a candidate this time, to be uninspiring.”

The Green Party is already bracing for the expected criticism about offering up candidates in races like the 24th Congressional District. Criticism that it’s serving as a spoiler.

The theory being that, in a close race, Rozum could pull needed votes from Maffei in his challenge to Buerkle.

“The whole system is spoiled, for the people, when you have two corporate parties and you’ve got a choice between bad and even worse. We’re providing a progressive alternative,” Green Party member Howie Hawkins said.
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Moscow Times: Russian Greens “torn between ballots and barricades”

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The Moscow Times has published an article on Russian environmentalists’ plans to form a new green party:

Later this month, the small Moscow region town of Mozhaisk will witness the birth of a new political party.

Or at least, that is the plan. Oleg Mitvol — a former environmental inspector who made a name for himself exposing infractions by Shell and other foreign companies investing in Russia’s natural resource sector during the mid-2000s — announced the creation of his Green Alliance party in March.

Taking advantage of reforms introduced by President Dmitry Medvedev in response to mass demonstrations in December, Mitvol envisions the new organization as the country’s first real green party, forging disparate environmental movements into one mighty lobby group. read more »

Nader Endorses Rocky Anderson for President?

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In a somewhat perplexing move, Ralph Nader appears to have endorsed former Salt Lake City Mayor Rocky Anderson for President yesterday in Oregon.  Rocky Anderson so far is only on the ballot in three states: Utah, Mississippi and Oregon, while the Green Party is on the ballot in 21 states and is on task to exceed 42 states.  Anderson was in Oregon with Ralph Nader earning the support of the Oregon Progressive Party and their ballot line – the Oregon Progressive Party was created in 2008 to get Nader on the ballot in Oregon.


Rocky Anderson, the former Salt Lake City mayor running an independent candidacy for president, on Tuesday received the backing of Ralph Nader as well as the promise of a spot on the Oregon ballot in the fall.

Anderson and Nader appeared at a Portland press conference sponsored by the Oregon Progressive Party, which was first formed to put Nader on the Oregon ballot for his last presidential run in 2008.

Progressive Party officials announced that Anderson will receive their ballot spot in the fall in Oregon.  Anderson has also qualified for the ballot in Utah and Mississippi.

Nader, 78, said it was “time for somebody else to pick up the cudgel” following his three races for president in 2000, 2004 and 2008.

Stein calls for elimination of racist violence

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From Jill Stein for President:

Dr. Jill Stein, Green Party presidential frontrunner, called this morning for a concerted national campaign to eliminate hate crimes and racist violence once and for all. On Saturday, five people were randomly shot on the streets of Tulsa, Oklahoma, allegedly by two men apparently targeting them because they were Black. This follows on weeks of protests following the killing of an unarmed teenager, Trayvon Martin, by George Zimmerman.

Returning from a protest held this weekend in her home state of Massachusetts calling for justice for Trayvon Martin, Dr. Stein said that “This terrible tragedy reflects the dire convergence of injustice and fear in many parts of our society. African American men have been demonized on multiple fronts, by the racist war on drugs, the violence wracking impoverished communities, and the prison-industrial complex. Fears have been intensified by the climate of economic insecurity that makes some people vulnerable to racist ideologies in the first place.” read more »

Green Party Vice President Poll

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Who do you think would be the best Vice Presidential candidate on the Green Party ticket?

By request, we have put together this informal, non-scientific poll using Instant Run-off Voting, hosted by IRV advocates DemoChoice. With this poll you can rank the candidates from 1 to whatever, cast your vote, and then click through the results round by round as the votes are transferred from first choices to second choices until there is an eventual single candidate with a majority of support.

The poll works best if you rank many candidates, not just one or two.  Besides telling something about people’s preference, it is interesting to see how IRV works in practice, although you would not typically see this many candidates on a single ballot for a single seat.

This is just for fun – please don’t take this too seriously!

Click Here to Take the Poll

PLEASE NOTE: None of the names included have given any indication that they are interested in being the Green Party Vice Presidential Candidate, and none of the current Presidential Candidates have been consulted. Also – we have chosen to NOT include any of the current candidates (Jill Stein, Roseanne Barr, Kent Mesplay, Harley Mikkelson). We don’t want this poll to be a poll comparing them.

The names included (so far) are those suggested by you on our Facebook page and some of our own favorites. A few more can be added to the poll, so if you don’t see your favorite here please leave a comment.

Also note: I shouldn’t even have to say this, but this poll is not how the Green Party VP candidate is selected!  The Green Party will nominate its candidate at the Presidential Nominating Convention this July in Baltimore, Maryland. The candidate nominated will select their Vice Presidential candidate.

Initial poll includes: