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US Senate Candidate Colia Clark on Indian Point Nuke Plant (Video)

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Colia Clark, Green Party candidate for US Senate in New York, spoke at an NRC meeting about the Indian Point nuclear reactor.

Roseanne Barr Interview on AlterNet

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Joshua Holland interviews Roseanne Barr on AlterNet. Read it all there, here is an excerpt:

JH: Roseanne, whenever I talk to Green Party members I hear that we just have to overcome our fear. Jill Stein said that during our interview. I guess the idea is that if progressives — or whatever you want to call us — voted for the candidates who best reflected their positions they’d vote Green.

One thing that strikes me about this is the idea of lesser-evils. What’s wrong with the idea of voting for the lesser of two evils if the alternative is electing the eviler of two evils? When I look at what the GOP is doing in terms of domestic policy, from the Ryan budget, to all of these insane anti-woman laws, to voter disenfranchisement, and harsh anti-immigration legislation. Should one not be frightened of Mitt Romney appointing a couple more right wing justices to the Supreme Court?

RB: What we should all be afraid of is that both the Democrats and the Republicans went for the same guy, so let’s not BS ourselves. Let’s put the blame on both parties and everybody in this government. They both work for the elite bankers of the Federal Reserve. They do not work for the American people. That is a sad fact. You are indeed voting for the lesser of two evils because you’re voting for the exact same party. The money party which has two faces – we should throw the bums out.

Obama is not a populist and he never was. He’s masquerading as one. Obama is Wall Street’s favorite candidate, and make no mistake: they’re going to yank everybody and work everybody so that we think there’s a real chance Romney is going to win, and he isn’t. Nobody is going to vote for Romney. This is just all theater, and at the end Obama will win by a landslide — unless I win which would be fantastic for this country. It’s all just a charade. They all work for the same guys.

Obama signed the NDAA [National Defense Authorization Act]. He doesn’t want to get rid of DOMA [Defense of Marriage Act]. He says gay rights are a state’s rights issue. His healthcare program is Romneycare, so what’s the difference? I’ll tell you what the difference is. Obama is the hand-picked person from his masters at Wall Street whose job and task is to tell the American people that their jobs and money are not ever going to come back. The American people will be pacified hearing that from a face that looks like Obama far more than a face that looks like Romney. It is all a scam from top to bottom.

Jill Stein on CNN (Video)

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Jill Stein appeared on CNN on Sunday:

Stein & Barr Enter Final Stretch of Primary Campaign

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After winning nine of ten Delegates in Delaware and Maryland on May 12, Jill Stein picked up 30.5 Delegates last weekend out of 42 available, from six states. The other 11.5 went to Roseanne Barr.

Our unofficial Delegate count now shows Jill Stein has secured 138 Delegates out of the 185 that have been determined, 74.5%. Roseanne Barr has been increasing her numbers, and currently has secured 32 Delegates, for 17%. Kent Mesplay has 6.5 Delegates, Harley Mikkelson 1.5 Delegates, and there are 7 uncommitted Delegates.

The breakdown from the weekend of May 19:

  • Hawaii – 2 delegates for Stein, 2 delegates for Barr (THIS IS A CORRECTION, PREVIOUSLY STATED 4 DELEGATES FOR STEIN – RKH)
  • Minnesota – 4 delegates for Stein, 3 delegates for Barr
  • Mississippi – 4 delegates for Stein
  • New York – 14 delegates for Stein, 2 delegates for Barr
  • Pennsylvania – 4 delegates for Stein, 3 delegates for Barr
  • Tennessee – 2.5 delegates for Stein, 1.5 delegates for Barr

Given that Jill Stein has a 100 delegate lead in a contest that has a maximum of 400 delegates, is she now the presumptive nominee? That would depend on who you ask.  On the one hand, there are a number of states and territories that have been assigned delegates that have no active Green Party chapters, and will likely not be sending Delegates. I would include in this list  Alaska, Idaho, South Dakota, Wyoming, Puerto Rico, Guam, Northern Marianas, and the US Virgin Islands – for 24 total.  There are another group of states that are wild cards – we know there are Greens there, but we can’t find any indication of when and how they will select their delegates.  Those states hold an additional 48 Delegates that may not be allocated.  If those states and territories fail to allocate Delegates, then the total number may drop to as low as 330.  However, there could be surprises, there is word out that a Green Party will be meeting in North Dakota soon, a state that has been difficult to organize in the past.

There are four tests coming up for both Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr.

First, this coming weekend we may hear delegate results from Iowa (4), Florida (8), North Carolina (4), and Washington (4).

Second, Michigan’s state convention is June 2-3. Michigan has 16 Delegates, one of the five largest delegations. Also meeting that weekend is Georgia (4 delegates).

Third is California, which not only has the largest delegation size (65), but has a state run primary on June 5.  Roseanne Barr has been on CNN asking voters to change registration to vote for her, and may very well give Jill Stein a run for her money. 65 Delegates could be a “game changer”.

Fourth, the great state of Texas holds their state convention on June 9-10, possibly the last state to determine their delegates before the July 15th Presidential Convention. Texas has 12 Delegates.

So on one hand, based on a realist perspective on the total possible number of delegates, Jill Stein may only need to secure a few dozen more to get the nomination. But on the other hand, there are 117 Delegates that will be determined over the next four weeks, and Greens can be an unpredictable lot.

Green Party Stands With CTU

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In advance of the Chicago Teachers Union rally downtown on Wednesday, May 23, the Illinois Green Party has issued the following statement:

The Illinois Green Party is proud to stand in support of the Chicago Teachers Union. The CTU is on the front line of bipartisan attacks against the public sector. The committed teachers in the City of Chicago deserve widespread support, not just in Chicago but across Illinois, for refusing to back down in the face of this unprecedented campaign to destroy public sector unions.

What group of people worked their way through college and took on a career track dedicated to educating and uplifting America’s youth? It’s not business leaders or politicians. It’s teachers. Teachers are the ones who know best how schools can be better serving our children. They are hard-working, highly-educated professionals who deserve to be treated as such. The people who attack them, of course, know this. They feign contempt because they are upset that they cannot make money by busting unions, depressing wages, and generally treating children like exploitable commodities.

The war against teachers and other public sector employees is not new, and it is hardly limited to Illinois. The shameful actions of Scott Walker in Wisconsin have helped bring these attacks against the public sector to the front page across the country. But in Wisconsin, as in other places, the attacks have been portrayed as merely the actions of right-wing anti-government extremists. Those of us in Illinois know better. Here it is Democrats, the supposed champions of labor, who are leading the attacks.
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San Fernando Valley Green Candidate Mike Powelson Thrown Out Of Debate

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Further Reading, including Editor of the School Newspaper Bashing the Cal State Northridge Greens and follow up by Green members on campus:

Complete Debate Video with Greens using the “Occupy-Like” Tactics MIC Check:

Right-wing Moderator calling for the “assassination” of a Green by saying to Green Party member Michael Mccue “Shoot Him In The Heart” after MIC Check.

Green Party congressional candidate Michael Powelson was excluded from a congressional candidates debate on the Cal State Northridge (CSUN) campus on April 30. Cal State Northridge is attended by 35,000 students.

Despite pleas by students and community members, the CSUN External Affairs Committee of the Associated Students – which hosted the event – issued a statement that it excluded Powelson because “The Committee felt that an over abundance of candidates took away from the substance and quality of the discussion.”

Protestors arrived at the Valley Arts Performing Center on the CSUN campus an hour and a half before the debate and according to The Daily Sundail, set the tone of the debate early on. “Angered by the exclusion of third-party candidate and former CSUN professor Michael Powelson, audience members began heckling the candidates and moderators within the first five minutes of the event, resulting in the removal of two audience members, one of which was Powelson himself, and the threat to remove a third.” Featured in the debate were two Democrats and two Republicans.

Speaking at the protest preceding the debate, Powelson said “there is no downside to including someone such as myself. In a democracy you allow all voices to be expressed. If you don’t allow them to be expressed, they don’t go away they just get pushed underground.”

Cal State Northridge Professor Running for Congress Against Howard Berman, Brad Sherman

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The San Fernando Valley Green Party endorses Mike Powelson for the June 5, 2012 Primary Election for the 30th Congressional District. Powelson will run against Democratic incumbents Rep. Brad Sherman and Rep. Howard Berman as well as Republican candidates Mark Reed and Susan Shelly.

Mike Powelson’s Background and Platform for Congress

A former laborer and carpenter, Mike Powelson has a Ph.D. in history from Columbia University and has taught at L.A. Valley College, Cal State Northridge, and Cal State Channel Islands. Mike is a native of Los Angeles, attended Grant High School, and has deep ties to the San Fernando Valley. Mike has worked throughout the Los Angeles area, from boxing clothes in downtown Los Angeles to construction labor in the Santa Clarita Valley. Mike speaks English and Spanish and has traveled to India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Iran, Turkey, and throughout Latin America. He is a strong advocate of immigrant rights for the people in his district. Powelson has also lived and worked in New York, Florida, Wisconsin, and Louisiana. In 2002-2003 he taught at Omsk State University in Russia, an experience that provided him, along with his knowledge of Latin America, with an international perspective that is crucial for a national office holder.

Roseanne Barr on CNN (Video)

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Roseanne Barr, seeking the Green Party nomination for President, appeared on CNN over the weekend. In her interview she encourages California voters to register Green and vote for her in the Green Party primary in June, and describes how the Green Party is the Party of solutions, small & efficient government, and starting over the right way.

Georgia Greens Back Cynthia McKinney for Congress

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Following weeks of rumors and media reports about her intentions, Stone Mountain, Georgia resident Cynthia McKinney, a six term member of the U.S. Congress and the 2008 Green Party nominee for President of the United States has filed an FEC-1 “Statement of Organization”. In this filing she declares her intention to seek the nomination of the Georgia Green Party for Congress of the United States.

“Greens welcome Ms. McKinney’s entry into the race,” said Adam Shapiro, chair of the Georgia Green Party. “We hope we can work together to restore to the Fourth Congressional District leadership committed to expeditiously ending this nation’s illegal and immoral wars.”

The Georgia Green Party will convene its Nominating Convention on Saturday June 2nd, 2012, from 10am till 4pm at the Tucker-Reid H. Cofer Public Library; 5234 LaVista Road; Tucker, GA 30084. This Convention is expected to consider endorsing former state party cochair Denice Traina in her bid for election to the nonpartisan Augusta-Richmond County commission. In addition, the Party anticipates considering the nominations of both Ms. McKinney in her bid for Georgia’s Fourth Congressional District and Kwabena Nkromo who has announced his intention to seek the Party’s nomination for the State Assembly in District #57.
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Jill Stein in Chicago to Occupy NATO/G8 Summit

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From Jill Stein for President:

This is your call to action: The leaders of most of the world’s most powerful nations are meeting in Chicago. Their vision is of a world dependent on fossil fuels, a global labor market based on low wages and high unemployment, and a global political system that uses war to maintain order.

Our vision is entirely different. We know we can win the peaceful, just, green future we all deserve.

Join Dr. Stein, Michelle Shocked, and friends on the weekend of Friday, May 18 through the 20th as we march, rally, petition and celebrate the world we intend to win. Join the Green Surge as we make the green movement a visible presence in the streets, and as we signatures to put the Illinois Green Party back on the ballot.

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Melissa Schlag, Connecticut State Senate District 33 Green Party candidate, petitions to get on the ballot

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According to Cassandra Day and Wendy Vincent, CT Green Melissa Schlag of Haddam will have to gather 8000 signatures just to find her place on November’s ballot. Further details of Schlag’s run are found at Haddam Bulletin

Schlag is credited with playing a vital role in opposing the Haddam Land Swap.

In a letter from their lawyer, Riverhouse Properties LLC, the corporation that was to swap their 87-acre wooded parcel in Higganum for the 17-acre Wildlife Management Area overlooking the Connecticut River in Haddam, informed the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection (DEE P) in mid-April that they will not be pursuing the swap as it stands now.

Roseanne Barr and Jill Stein debate in San Francisco

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As was reported here at Green Party Watch May 12th found the San Francisco Green Party host to a presidential debate between Jill Stein and Roseanne Barr. Ann Garrison covers the debate at Fog City Journal, a widely read news website based in San Francisco.

Where Obama and Romney see a world full of terrorists requiring an ever-heightened state of military positioning with Homeland and National Security, Stein and Barr see further militarization of the police, an empire of military bases in need of dismantling and a need to redefine national priorities and security.”

The full debate can be seen at the linked article.

Give Kurds a homeland says founder of Green Party in Norway

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In an article by Sabir Qadiri at, Jan Bojer Vindheim explains why he believes the Kurds should have an independent state.

Kurds have the right to have an independent state like Moldova, Kosovo, South Sudan and other countries. Kurdistan has all the elements of becoming a state … Can Kurds defend themselves against attacks by the four countries that surround them? Can Kurds attract the support and attention of the U.S. and Europe?

In addition, Vindheim points out why this is a critical issue for the West, and the US in particular. read more »

New York Times covers Green Party congressional candidate Colin Beavan

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In an article by Elizabeth A. Harris, the New York Times reports on Colin Beavan’s congressional campaign in New York.

In the name of living his New York City life with as little environmental impact as possible, embarked on a punishing project five years ago. He and his family stopped taking the elevator to their ninth-floor Manhattan apartment; they did their laundry by stomping on it in the tub; for about six months, they even went without electricity at home. Mr. Beavan called the project No Impact Man, scored a book deal and became the subject of a documentary.

Now, Mr. Beavan is engaged in an endeavor that may be even more punishing: a run for Congress on the Green Party ticket.

Green Party of England and Wales to find new leader as Caroline Lucas announces her resignation

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In some of the most widely reported Green Party news, Member of Parliament and Green Party leader Carolina Lucas has announced that she is resigning her post as top party leader to help push back against the Liberal Democrats, the junior partner in the current Conservative lead coalition government.

According to The Independent, Lucas is leaving her party post in hopes of raising the profile of other party stalwarts in their races.

Ms Lucas, the MP for Brighton Pavilion, wants the party leadership to be used as a vehicle to boost the profile of other potential Green MPs. The Greens think they can win more Westminster seats in 2015, especially through the disenchantment of Lib Dem voters unhappy with measures Nick Clegg and his party have supported in the Tory-led Coalition, such as tuition fees.

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