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  1. Hard to believe PBS aired this. They have become a Corporate sponsored MSM outlet in recent years. Wish Stewart or Colbert would put her on over PBS but it’s nice to see Dr. Stein on any media outlet.

  2. And to think DemocracyNow! and Smiley and West still haven’t interviewed her…

    What a shame….

  3. There’s still a long way to go til November, hopefully it happens at some point.

  4. From Ballot access News:
    Arkansas Green Party Nominates 14 Candidates for Partisan Office
    May 6th, 2012
    On May 6, the Green Party of Arkansas held its nominating convention. It nominated candidates for all four U.S. House districts, 2 state legislative districts, and 8 local partisan offices. Also the convention chose a slate of delegates to the national Green Party convention that are all pledged to Jill Stein for President.

  5. bsbafflesbrains, Joe and others apparently aren’t aware that by law PBS (the Public Broadcasting Service) cannot produce shows, and only distributes shows produced by a wide range of private entities to all or many of the nearly 360 local PBS member stations. To the Contrary has been produced for 20 years by Persephone Productions, Inc. With Bonnie Erbe as the host, and per the standard PBS disclaimer “is soley responsible for its content.” I’ve watched the show since its inception and I’m not at all surprised it will have Dr. Stein as a featured guest. The show has always discussed a wide range of controversial issues with diverse guests and a diverse panel of four women that changes from week to week. It is the only nationally distributed show of its type in public and commercial broadcasting—hardly “MSM.” Per its website it is currently funded by 11 or 12 non-profit entities and 3 or 4 for-profit entities, a typical arrangement for most PBS-distributed shows; some like Frontline, P.O.V. and Independent Lens have no for-profit funders. And contrary to bsbafflesbrains, PBS and its member stations have had for-profit funders for decades, with a majority of the funding still being provided by non-profit entities. Every year PBS-distributed news and public-affairs shows win more Emmy, Oscar, Peabody, du Pont Columbia, Television Critics Association and other major awards than any commercial TV entity. This week, with no for-profit funding, my local PBS station has aired the final sessions of the state legislature for over 12 hours each day and distributed them to the other state PBS stations—hardly “MSM.” I’m a retired, longtime staffer of the station and a researcher and writer on global warming/climate changes issues.

    • Funny, when I click on PBS the home page has ads for ExxonMobil, Monsanto, and B of A etc.

  6. I was on the home page 15 seconds ago. I only see banner ads for “Next Avenue” and “Downton Abbey” when I unblock Ad Block for that page. However, alleged “ads for ExxonMobil, Monsant, and B of A etc.” aren’t inconsistent with what I say above.

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