Jason West Welcomes Obama to the 21st Century

This article from the Times-Herald Record talks with Green Party Mayor Jason West about President Obama’s sudden verbal support for gay marriage. Jason West brought national attention to the question of gay marriage in 2004 when he chose to conduct same-sex marriages as Mayor despite state law that prevented it. West was eventually charged with 19 misdemeanor counts of “solemnizing marriages without a license”, but the charges were later dropped.

In regards to Obama’s recent statements about same-sex marriages, West praised Obama’s words, but recognizes them as only words for now:

“I’m happy the president finally joined the 21st century and has recognized the civil rights of these Americans. But until he starts pushing for a federal law, the various Gay-Straight Alliances in any high school in the country are doing more to advance the cause than he is. They’re the ones in the front lines,” West said.

(Thanks to Craig S for the story tip)

Ronald Hardy

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