Willie Nelson to Roseanne: I’m not ready to get into politics

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson

Willie Nelson
Yesterday via HootSuite
I see you are speaking to someone else regarding your vice president running mate. I know whoever your choice is they will be happy to serve with you.
I’m not ready to get into politics. I have stayed away from it this long. I am content to sit on the sidelines and criticize everyone else.
Good luck with your campaign.
Love, Willie

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  1. Tricia,

    I am not certain, but as I understand it, Roseanne Barr sent him a message via twitter, he initially said no, thought more and said yes, and finally posted the above message.

  2. These tweets were not yet news and were not ready for prime time. Green Party Watch needs to be a little more selective about publishing.

  3. I disagree, this is certainly news, and it’s directly from the sources, Roseanne Barr and Willie Nelson. If you want mediated media, you’re in the wrong place Bucky.

  4. The USA Parliament has been trying to coordinate with all parties, independents, all voters and non voters for a very long time. Hon Willie Nelson [Teapot] started the Teapot Party several years ago, and we’re trying to unite with his group.

    People just don’t know how to work together across party lines, but now the 8th USA Parliament is making a lot of headway ever since we caught Hon Prime Minister Roseanne Barr’s [Green Tea] attention.

    We love and welcome Willie and we hope he coordinates with us at the Texas Green Party convention on June 9th, 2012 in San Antonio at the Gray Forest community center.

    We just sacked 152 national Deputy Cabinet Ministers and we’re now welcoming new self-nominees from all across the political spectrum, since we’ve got plenty of openings and a speedy election process. Hope you’ll join us!

    We’re powered by votes and self nominations.


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