Give Kurds a homeland says founder of Green Party in Norway

In an article by Sabir Qadiri at, Jan Bojer Vindheim explains why he believes the Kurds should have an independent state.

Kurds have the right to have an independent state like Moldova, Kosovo, South Sudan and other countries. Kurdistan has all the elements of becoming a state … Can Kurds defend themselves against attacks by the four countries that surround them? Can Kurds attract the support and attention of the U.S. and Europe?

In addition, Vindheim points out why this is a critical issue for the West, and the US in particular.

The Kurdish issue is one of the most complicated issues in the Middle East. If this issue is not resolved, the Middle East will not experience peace. But the Kurdish issue has not become a dominant issue for the U.S. and Europe yet. The U.S. supports Kurds within the framework of the Iraqi constitution.

  1. Shwan saber mustafa says:

    Greetings – Thanks for your wonderful words – the Kurdish people – they have all the elements of state-building – the land – history – people – Language – Religion – resources – ambition -hopes – dreams – the struggle – a revolution – just we need international support – because we, as you know – are surrounded The four parties – Iran – Turkey – Iraq – Syria – Thanks again.

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