Jill Stein in Chicago to Occupy NATO/G8 Summit

From Jill Stein for President:

This is your call to action: The leaders of most of the world’s most powerful nations are meeting in Chicago. Their vision is of a world dependent on fossil fuels, a global labor market based on low wages and high unemployment, and a global political system that uses war to maintain order.

Our vision is entirely different. We know we can win the peaceful, just, green future we all deserve.

Join Dr. Stein, Michelle Shocked, and friends on the weekend of Friday, May 18 through the 20th as we march, rally, petition and celebrate the world we intend to win. Join the Green Surge as we make the green movement a visible presence in the streets, and as we signatures to put the Illinois Green Party back on the ballot.


Friday, May 18, 10:30am: March w/National Nurses United – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Friday, Saturday, & Sunday: Gather 1,000s of signatures to get the Illinois Greens on the ballot. – Email Samantha Rocknowski to get going!

Sunday, May 20, 11:30am: Rally to Protest the NATO/G8 Summit – Meet up with Jill Stein and the Green Surge at 11:30am sharp at the Buckingham Fountain in Grant Park. We’ll head to the rally together!

Sunday, May 20, 5:00pm: Michelle Shocked in Concert – CLICK HERE FOR INFO

Dave Schwab


  1. Good luck to all from CA. Have converted several people to Going Green this fall and even more to vote third party down ticket as well. We need to say goodbye to one or both of the Corporate owned parties currently running our lives.

  2. Keep fighting the good fight. Jill Stein definitely speaks to the silent majority who are unbought in this country.

  3. We must abandon the “love it or leave it” attitude, where the general public has rolled over for Corporate America and accepted it’s our job to pay their way. Year after year these companies report record profits so why aren’t they paying record taxes? These companies have the power to not only save our economy but to close the income gap by paying employees more but instead they gut the Middle Class for all their worth. Every single protester is a hero in my book and I even helped create some free posters for the cause which you can download from my artist’s blog at http://dregstudiosart.blogspot.com/2011/11/propaganda-for-occupy-movement.html

  4. My name is Raymond V. Davis III. I am running for West Virginia House of Delegates district 5 as a Mountain/Green Party candidate and I would like to ask people living in my district to vote for me. I would like to as all Greens to donate to my campaign and help elect me. My website is : davisforwvhouse.webs.com

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